Monday, December 30, 2019

A Number of Books Promote Confusion.

I still come across a number of books wherein authors display their confusion concerning the distinction between the Boers & the Cape Dutch. The judgment  against the Boers during the Slagters Nek Rebellion led some authors to call it a case of "Afrikaners of the town" sentencing the "Afrikaners of the frontier" without realizing the the former were often from the Cape Dutch group [ who were sent out to the frontier to administer the courts ] while the latter were in fact Boers. Which in reality are two distinct ethnic groups with different outlooks stemming form their different origins which shaped them into two distinct peoples with different aspirations. Further complicating matters is the salient fact the the term Afrikaner was not even in wide use during the era in question.  This further demonstrates how this term obscures Boer identity [ as well as Cape Dutch for that matter ] & history & tends to hide the various struggles the Boers have had with the Cape Dutch who were historically aligned with the British colonial power who were at the time administrating the Cape region. The promotion of the Afrikaner designation coupled with prominent attention to some key aspects of Boer history [ such as the Great Trek & the second Anglo-Boer War ] & a lack of attention to the Cape Dutch [ outside of their prominent promotion of the Afrikaans language ] at least by name, has led to a mass misunderstanding in which some authors fail to recognize aspects concerning the Afrikaner Colonization of the Boer Nation.