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Map of the First Boer Republics of the Cape Frontier.

The first Boer Republic was established in 1795 out of the district of Graaff-Reinet followed a few months later when the district of Swellendam declared itself a republic. Both republics were later conquered after the British took control of the Cape from the Dutch power. A lot of folks often have no awareness of this important fact often erroneously presuming that the first Boer Republics arose during The Great Trek. This fact is important because it is a stark example demonstrating that the Boers have had a long running desire for independence in Africa while the Cape Dutch did not. I have mentioned these first Boer Republics before, but recently found a map outlining the areas where they were as someone made a map of the Graaff-Reinet & Swellendam districts during the era of Dutch / VOC rule up to 1795. Theses districts were on the Cape frontier where the Boers emerged [ from the Trekboers ] starting just a few decades after the initial arrival of the VOC at the Cape & where the Boer people lived until the Great Trek of the early to mid 19th cent took them across the Orange [ Gariep ] River & then the Vaal River. 

The red / white & blue horizontal tri color flag was used for both republics of the Cape frontier. 

For further reading: The First Boer Republic.

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Michael Lawson said...

Man, its been forever since we last read from you . Great to have you back.

Ron. said...

I am glad to see continued interest in this blog even though it is not as updated as it once was. Here is another excerpt pertaining to the first Boer Republics from Professor Wallace Mills - getting back to the topic of the post. Quote: [ when the British invaded in 1795, a number of trekboers were in rebellion and had declared themselves a republic. It is important to remember that this tradition predated the coming of the British. Trekboer political notions were not too far from anarchy. ] The term anarchy as used is defined in its classic sense ie: absence of centralized political control or power. The VOC had regular difficulty in controlling the Boers through the towns they established on the Cape frontier.

A quote I found a long time ago encapsulating this outlook is found within the following: Quote: [ When, in 1806, the British returned to stay, the stage was set for confrontation with the Boers, who had grown into a tough, independent frontier volk that resented even Dutch government. Even the first mild British legislation filled the Boers with horror, leading to small revolt at Slagters Nek in 1815, when Boers resisted service of legal papers on a farmer. One defendant said: “I am a young man who does not yet know what a Government is, as I was never near one.”6 (He was not among the five Boers hanged for rebellion.) That comment reflects the practical anarchism of Boer life on the edges of the Colony. The Boer ideal was maatskappy, “a society of free and independent men.”7 ] From Page 5 of Maatskappy, State and Empire from Joseph R Stromberg.

I will be posting some articles of more Boer quotes sometime as well.

Ron. said...

The following is the link to Mills' quoted excerpt: & this next link: is the source of the quote from Joseph R Stromberg. Among the comparatively fewer sources that mention the history of the Boers prior to The Great Trek. A name for the 19th cent trek that was coined & applied during the 20th cent as part of a process of political appropriation of the Boer Nation.

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