Monday, March 10, 2014

Kill the Boer – Kill the farmer

Those visiting this blog for a while know we have posted a few articles on farm murders, or “plaasmoorde” in Afrikaans, in the past.  You will also know that we have never proclaimed that white people bear the brunt of crime in South Africa.
What we have indicated is that if you look at crime statistics in terms of specific demographics, white people and specifically farmers, are more targeted per capita than any other group.  Farm murders and attacks also tend to be more violent than other crimes.
We have even exposed the flawed logic and statistics of the South African Institute of Race Relations here:

Back-tracking faster than you reverse
So here is a video clip with various views on farm murders.  It is the best part of 35 minutes, but I think it provides some objective views.  It also acknowledges that where white farmers are attacked and murdered, their black staff are also attacked if they dared to assist the farmer or his family.
Don’t you think it is time the world takes as much notice as it did with Apartheid?

Kill The Boer Kill The Farmer from Marek Ranis on Vimeo.