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Response to What is a Boer at the ToxiNews Blog.

Now & then I come across some obtuse or one dimensional articles on the Boers & often try to post a response to the author. There is this one at the ToxiNews blog entitled: What is a Boer? that at first looked like it was trying to clarify the issue but only promoted lies / distortion & deliberate confusion. I posted a response but it was never posted for whatever reason so I expanded my response adding numerous excerpts to back up my points & decided that it would make for a good article on its own as it clarifies the erroneous assertions made in the article. There is just too much deliberate confusion and misrepresentation in it and no mention of the Cape Dutch. For example: the article states that Jan Smuts was a Boer when he was in fact not a Boer! He was from the Cape Dutch population. So was JBM Hertzog. A lot of folks from around the world fought with / on the side of the Boers but that did not make them biological Boers. The Trekboers coined the term Cape Dutch to describe the Western Cape Afrikaans speakers back in the late 17th cent when they started to move inland into Africa to get away from the VOC rule. A Boer is not some nebulous undefinable quasi political concept as the article outrageously asserted via its rhetorical tone, but rather a people / nation that was derived from the Trekboers of the 1700s who developed on the Cape frontier and have virtually nothing to do with the Cape Dutch population.  

                                                                 Graphic from the Boerevolkstaat site.

The following is from Arthur Kemp. Quote:

 [ Those who stayed behind in the Cape became known amongst the independence minded Boers as the "Cape Dutch" - symbolizing their attachment to Europe. This group loyally supported any European colonial government, and vehemently opposed all attempts by the fledgling Boer population to break ties with the colonial governments. ] From: The Boers of Southern Africa. Also titled: Who Are The Boers? By Arthur Kemp. [ ]
Robert van Tonder did not "invent" the modern Boer. [ as the article further outrageously suggests ] The term Boer was used massively when the Boers were calling for the restoration of the Boer Republics during the 1940s!!!!! Later Prime Minister Hans Strijdom [ one of the fewer full ethnic / biological Boers who governed South Africa ] called for the restoration of the Boer Republics and died [ likely killed ] just a few months later. All this LONG before Robert van Tonder left the National Party in 1961 to advocate for the restoration of the Boer Republics. 

The article ludicrously asserts that the Boers are "a creation of the Afrikaner Broederbond" I kid you not. Anyone having done a just a little research would know how ridiculous that erroneous assertion is as the Afrikaner Broederbond tried to stamp out Boer identity & routinely suppressed Boer self determination. The Afrikaner Broederbond was started by Henning Klopper [ among many others ] who was influenced by National Party leader JBM Hertzog in the adoption of the dispossessing Afrikaner designation. The Broederbond was an enemy of the Boer people as it sought to conflate them with the Cape Dutch under a false political dialectic. The Cape Dutch were historically pro-British & were the ones who coined the term Afrikaner to describe themselves after the language they named Afrikaans. The Cape Dutch control the Afrikaner designation.

The author conflates the misplaced pro Verwoerd sentiment some appear to have as having anything to do with Boer identity when in fact Verwoerd promoted an Afrikaner agenda that subjugated the Boer people & the National Party hardly ever mentioned the term Boer. Verwoerd was not a friend of the Boer Nation. Listen to Theuns Cloete [ of Boervolk Radio & the Transvaal Separatists think tank ] himself note in brief detail how Verwoerd was a dire threat to the Boer Nation and did great damage to them. Click here for the link. Robert van Tonder was a public opponent of Verwoerd as Verwoerd's policies were a betrayal of the Boers & sold out the Boer Nation.

The following is from the Independent Online news article on the death of Robert van Tonder. 
Quote: [ Van Tonder broke away from the National Party in 1961 because of what he described as its betrayal of the old Boer republics. ] From: [ ]

                                                                        Robert van Tonder.

The following is from journalist Adriana Stuijt within a post at the African Crisis forum posted on Sunday Oct 7 2007. Quote:  
[ For a while people in the Transvaal and Orange-Free State Republics were independent and referred to themselves as "Boers' even though many weren't farmers. Many also referred to their language as die Taal or Boertaal. The Boers have always viewed themselves as different from the Afrikaners at the Cape. After they were defeated by the British, the Boers suddenly were no longer allowed to refer to themselves as Boers, but were forced to join the ethnic-identity of the Afrikaners of whom many had fought with the British and many of whom were given farms as a reward. These Afrikaners generally dominated in the Afrikaner-Broederbond and were very insistent on always suppressing the Boer identity and also the Boers' history. ] End of quote. From: [ ]
The following is from Professor Tobias Louw of the Cultural Justice Foundation. Quote: 
[ Another point of grotesque confusion that we need to clear up, is that Boers are not "Afrikaners". None of your co-workers seem to have any understanding of this. All Boers are aware of the systematic subterfuge and distortion of "identity" that has been the result of the makings of the Broederbond and the National Party, based upon the then image of the British imperialist gentleman. This artificial identity was meant to wean away the Boers from their strong identify, from their history, from their nationalism, and thus weaken them. ] From: [ ]
The following is from Theuns Cloete of Boervolk Radio from an interview from December 2007.

[ And so it's actually a farce because today when you ask people what happened to the Cape Dutch. Where are they? Where have they gone? Did they become like the dinosaurs? Just wiped out. Did some meteorite hit the Cape province & destroy them? Where did these Afrikaners come from? You know. What happened to the Boers? They can't answer you. You know because the Boers are there... The Cape Dutch have disappeared... Although they say the Afrikaners are there.
Which means the Boers have disappeared and the Cape Dutch have disappeared. So somehow the two became "one". They never became one as a nation. Never at all. They became one as a myth of the politicians to form a new nation. As Milner said: to destroy the Boers there is only one way. Do not ever try to go to war with them again. Britain will lose. Because Britain was nearly bankrupted at the end of the Anglo-Boer War. It was the most expensive war they ever fought.
And Milner said "the only way to destroy the Boers is to destroy their identity". And that's exactly what they did the politicians. They removed our identity from our souls from our nation. And they started calling us Afrikaners in our schools / education systems in our churches and you name it. People started calling themselves Afrikaners. And today a lot of them still don't realize that they're actually Boers because of the propaganda. ] End of quote.
The notion that no one can be a Boer simply because their Boer Republics were conquered [ as the article further ridiculously asserts ] is a lot of absolute dispossessing nonsense! Did the Scots stop existing just because Scotland was conquered for hundreds of years?! What nonsense! The Boers might live in the same South Africa as the Xhosas / Zulus & Griquas etc. but... those groups STILL exist! Just as the Boers still do. They are not all now JUST South Africans as the author disingenuously implied. The author appears to put stock in the mythology of a "South African" when in reality that is a civil term used to describe the citizens & inhabitants of the macro State of South Africa as created by the British in 1909 from an act of British legislation. The Boers will continue to exist so long as they continue to reproduce. The Boers emerged from the Trekboers of the late 17th cent. [ just a few decades after the arrival of Van Riebeeck ] and have existed throughout the era of the Boer Republics [ named after the Boers! ] and throughout the 20th cent despite Broederbond attempts at stamping out Boer identity! Read up on how the Afrikaner Broederbond attempted to stop Robert van Tonder from reporting the Boers' own POST Anglo-Boer War history! The Broederbond tried to eradicate the identity of the Boer people in much the same way the ANC is today trying to eradicate ethnic identities across the board.

The following is another quote from Adriana Stuijt from Wednesday, July 2, 2008. Quote: 
[ Robert van Tonder merely propagated his Boerestaat idea - and, realising that most people had been deliberately denied much knowledge about their own post-Anglo-Boer war history, most of his time was spent trying to teach people about their own history. His opponents inside the Nationale Party also were tireless in discrediting him as much as they could - and they had all of the state's machinery to do this with. ]  From: [ ]
Another horrendous lie perpetrated in the article is the erroneous notion that the Boer folk got started during the Great Trek. I have seen this lie promoted in a few other places but this lie is ITSELF the true making of Broederbond propaganda because the Boers existed LONG before the Great Trek. The Boers got started from the Trekboers of the late 1600 & 1700s. The Boers existed for 150 years BEFORE the Great Trek. I think this erroneous notion must have been promoted by the Afrikaner Nationalists [ Afrikaans Collectivists who were directed by the Afrikaner Broederbond ] in order to deny the anthropological distinction of the Boer Nation.

                                Trekboer migration map: start of Boer Nation.
                                                       Source of the map.

Then there is the misnomer that they were all originally Dutch speakers when in fact the ancestors of the Boers spoke many different languages & Dutch was at the bottom of the list as very few ancestors were outright of Dutch origin. Once the ancestors began to reproduce & amalgamate among one another on African soil: they began to adopt the patois spoken at the Cape which was a blend of Dutch / Malay / German / Portuguese & Nama: a Khoi dialect.

The Boer people emerged from the Trekboers of the 1700s & speak their own Afrikaans dialect that historians have classified as Eastern Border Afrikaans. The term Afrikaans was coined by the Cape Dutch [ & two Hollanders ] when they started a nominal language rights movement in 1875 for which they began calling themselves Afrikaners for the first time ever in their nebulous history of which virtually nothing was heard from them prior.

I am flabbergasted that the author of the ToxiNews article could write such an offensive anti-Boer hit piece because he was openly implying that the Broederbond created the Boers [ wtf? ] when they were in fact specifically trying to eradicate the Boers! The Afrikaners suppressed Boer identity and oppressed the Boers in the process. Theuns Cloete rightly noted [ in the first interview he did with The Right Perspective ] that the Boers were "also under Apartheid" as they were prevented from obtaining any form of self determination.

The following is from From: Boer, Afrikaner Or White - Which Are You? By Adriana Stuijt. Quote:
[ It's a little-known part of history which started shortly after the end of the Anglo-Boer war in 1902, when the Boers were a defeated, poverty-stricken people who had been chased off their farms and whose towns had been destroyed by the British. They were dirt-poor and plunged into an unprecedented famine. Many had to flee to the cities to survive - places which were totally alien to them, places were only English was being spoken, places where their churches were being run by people who referred to themselves as Afrikaners.
After this first genocide to target the Boer nation, their descendants still managed to cling to their identity for at least another generation - until the secret cabal of wealthy Afrikaners called the Afrikaner Broederbond gained hegemony -- and then took away their identity from about 1933 onwards.
Thus all the history books were rewritten and Boers with too-long memories such as Robert van Tonder of the Boerestaat Party and Eugene Terre'Blanche (of the incorrectly-named) Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging were persecuted publicly by the regime, aided and abetted by the Afrikaans-language news media. Eugene's heart is in the right place: he bears the flag of the old Boer Republic and he refers to himself as a Boer. But his organisation's name bears witness to his ethnic confusion, caused by the Afrikaner Broederbond's rewriting of his own history.
The old Voortrekker Streets all over South Africa are now being renamed to Chris Hani and Nelson Mandela streets and other names of people who, unlike the old Voortrekkers, actually have contributed absolutely nothing to the development of those streets whatsoever.
Thus the ANC is proving itself to be just as fascist in its nature as the old Afrikaner Broederbond they had replaced.
Both organisations are still hell-bent to wipe out all evidence of the Boer history.
They even continue to persecute and jail anyone who wants to rekindle Boer history such as Eugene Terre'Blanche and the Boeremag-15, undergoing their hyped-up, trumped-up treason trial in Pretoria High Court. ] End of quote. From: [ as well as ]
More from Stuijt from a post within the Stop Boer Genocide site. Quote:
[ Small wonder these people are confused about their own identity! A "trekBoer", a "grensBoer", a "Voortrekker" and a "Boer" all refer to exactly the same people who had founded and supported the Independent Boer Republics of Natalia, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal (ZAR) and who were independent citizens in their own democratic republics for about fifty years before the British destroyed them in their ethnic-cleansing campaign.
History records that the British, the Dutch, the Germans, the French, the Americans and indeed many other foreign governments during those years invariably referred to the voters of these republics as "Boers." After they were defeated, they suddenly weren't allowed to call themselves Boers any longer by the British victors -- and the elitists Afrikaans-speaking collaborators who had worked with the British to defeat them and who had always referred to themselves as "Afrikaners" - after the language they spoke -- then started calling the former, defeated voters of the Boer Republics "Afrikaners."
One can generally still identify people who call themselves Boers these days as those Afrikaans-speaking paler-skinned people in South Africa who are mainly descended from working-class Afrikaans-speakers; many of those were mineworkers and technical workers at the former State-owned companies such as Telkom, Sasol etc. It's actually amazing how many of these people still privately refer to themselves as Boers even though they are being derided and sneered at from all sides. ] From: Journalist Adriana Stuijt at Stop Boer Genocide Forum. [ ]
I would highly recommend that if anyone really wants to know who the Boers were and are:

That you visit my Boer history & information blog: Republican Trekker Volk. Click here for the link. So named as it is specifically about the specific folk who developed a sporadic trekking / semi nomadic lifestyle as Trekboers & would soon be known as Boers who in turned adopted a republican outlook & established numerous Boer Republics. Unlike the meanderings of the article I am responding to: my humble blog dispenses with all this confusing & divisive claptrap and goes straight to the heart of who the Boer people are & their general outlook. The Boers were lumped in with the Cape Dutch under the dispossessing Afrikaner designation which was a designation promoted by the politicians / press / churches & the British in particular for the express purpose of destroying the identity of the Boers so that there could never be a rerun of the Maritz Rebellion of 1914 which almost restored the Boer Republics.

The Afrikaner establishment does not want the Boer Republics to come back as it would threaten their control over the region and their access to its resources. The notion that the Boers "do not exist" or are a nebulous fringe political concept is dispossessing and damaging anti-Boer nonsense designed to further subjugate & destroy the Boer Nation.

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