Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mantashe backs Zuma on Apartheid blame

Now there is a surprise.  The ANC still using the “blame Apartheid” card.  But this buffoon has stooped to a new low by comparing the legacy of Apartheid to that of the Holocaust.

Millions were killed in the Holocaust.  21,000 people died in South Africa due to political violence during the whole Apartheid area.  Of those 21,000 deaths, 14,000 were a result of black-on-black violence during the transition period, when the ANC and specifically Nelson Mandela refused to end violent struggle.  When the National Party government wanted to discuss solutions, Mandela and his ANC thugs planted bombs and limpet mines in shopping centres.  They also killed thousands of IFP supporters.

I don’t exactly remember Jews killing each other during the Holocaust.

Zille Zuma Mantashe high res XXX from News24:

Johannesburg - ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe (right in photo) has added his voice to the debate on whether apartheid can still be blamed for South Africa's problems.

Mantashe appears to have thrown his weight behind President Jacob Zuma's (left in photo) comments on Wednesday that "we can't stop blaming those who caused it".

Zuma's comments were an apparent reference to Planning Minister Trevor Manuel, who told public servants last week that it was time to stop blaming apartheid for the country's problems, and take responsibility for solving them.

Mantashe told Talk Radio 702 on Thursday that he asks a historical question when this debate comes up.

"When did the holocaust happen? And I ask the question: Why is it as fresh as if it happened last year? Because it was such a major injustice against a particular community.” 

Mantashe said economic apartheid still affects the life chances of young black people, even though they were born after the end of apartheid.

"If you are a young white graduate you are likely to have an uncle in the furniture business. If you are a young African graduate you’ll battle at the labour market."

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