Sunday, January 27, 2013

Curious anti-Boer Google algorithm / search text.

While I was doing a search to see if one of my videos would show up on Google by typing the phrase: The Boers are not Afrikaners... I discovered a startling & most telling algorithm / search suggestion. Before I got to the word "not" right as I reached the word "are" the very first & only suggestion that Google supplied was the outrageous following sentence / text. "The Boers are now called the Afrikaners"! This is most suspicious on many levels. For one thing the sentence is somewhat ungrammatical, but the most alarming thing about this phrase is that it could have only become a suggestion if NUMEROUS people were typing it into the Google search box. Since most people searching for information on the Boers are not likely type such an odd anti-Boer agenda driven phrase into the search box... once can only conclude that the reason why this peculiar & improbable search phrase became a suggested phrase was the result of a concerted effort by a network or those who have an agenda in obscuring the distinction of the Boer people from the bulk of the Afrikaners: who are by definition & by the math mainly of Cape Dutch decent. 

This raises some serious questions. Namely: who or what would go out of its way to Google-bomb [ the prolific typing of a particular phrase by numerous people until it becomes an automatic suggestion part of a Google algorithm ] a particular & lengthy sentence which espouses an anti-Boer sentiment? Most folks searching for information on the Boers are not likely to type such a long & agenda driven phrase as that. Somehow I doubt that this is just the work of some pranksters but rather that of those who would rather maintain an ignorance on the distinct identity of the Boer Nation.

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Ron. said...

The only logical solution to counter this type of anti-Boer propaganda is to Google-bomb the phrase: The Boers are not Afrikaners. I am sure our hard working friend & ally at the excellent Boerevolkstaat website would agree that this phrase & the mentality behind it is part of the Boer genocide. The act of inferring that the Boers are now erroneously part of a larger collective which works against their aspirations is certainly fostering the genocide - & in particular the ethnocide - that they are facing. The rewriting of the Boers out of existence is not only an act of literary based genocide but also a political stunt aimed at subjugating an entire nation.

Para Bellum said...

I think you need look no further than the Broederbond Ron. They have had no interest in the Boers and their aspirations for over 100 years. Nothing has changed. It suits their agenda of money-making and the exercise of power at all costs to usurp the Boer identity and history as "Afrikaner". Furthermore they KNOW that if the Boers ever achieve a free state they will be out of their money positions and be excluded from the power that follows money around.

This is nothing new to us. The assimilation of the Boer into the Afrikaner has worked. Many Boers do not know who they are... I was one of them. For years I thought I was Afrikaner until I did some research into my family...

I am not an Afrikaner - I AM A BOER. The son and father of BOERS. And as a Boer separatist, I want nothing less than my own free state with limited governance unfettered by the chains of the Broederbond and their lackeys, political correctness and the loss of God.

Ron. said...

That's about what I thought. It's the only explanation that makes sense. Though today the Broederbond calls itself the Afrikaner Bond [ just like the old Cape Dutch based Cape political party of the 19th cent. & while not directly related - share a common political outlook ] but it is essentially the same group. I got called "a conspiracy theorist" here in the past [ most probably by folks engaged in or certainly favorable to the conspiracy ] for simply pointing out related facts concerning this topic.

How ironic. If there is supposedly no conspiracy to keep the Boers on the Afrikaner reservation: then how could one explain such a telling & peculiar algorithm which is designed to misdirect people away from the truth & to convince Boers [ & outsiders doing research on the internet especially ] that they are Afrikaners? I see this as a bit of a slip up on their part because their zealousness in obscuring the truth only exposes the lengths that they appear willing to go to - which betrays the fact that they are engaged in actions which can be certainly described as conspiratorial.

The absurdity that one in particular expressed when he exclaimed on this blog that "the Boers do not exist" [ which he has somewhat backtracked on but still views them as part of the Afrikaners ] when all that petulant protest does is wake the Boers up even more that their identity is being usurped. That is probably why he tries not to deny the existence of the Boers too much anymore but still tries to woo them to work with the Afrikaners in general. Though I tired from following his work.