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The Curious Design of the AWB Flag.

There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the design of the AWB flag. It seems to have been cynically designed with the aim of repelling folks away from the organization in the aggregate / radicalize those who joined & to perpetuate an unflattering image of the cause of Boer independence in general. When considering who designed this flag - it becomes apparent that that was indeed the goal all along. A lot of folks have been deterred from or were given a misleading impression of the Boer independence movement due to the flag of this compromised organization [ which became a highly visible organization advocating Boer independence but did not start out that way & was still largely under an Afrikaner based ideology & heavily infiltrated & controlled by intelligence agents ] which only began to call for the restoration of the Boer Republics - due to the influence of Robert van Tonder who was advocating for the restoration of the Boer Republics since 1961 - about five years after adopting this curious & damaging flag. I have always suspected that this flag was designed for the purpose discrediting & marginalizing the Boer Republican movement [ & conservative political resistance to the government in general ] & further research clearly suggests that it indeed was. The flag was designed by the number two - the deputy leader of the organization: Jan Groenwald who was exposed in the book Sell Out as being a government informant / agent. The book further states that a secret government document was leaked to The Weekend Star in April of 1995 which outlined how the AWB was formed by the Vorster government. 

The book Victory or Violence: The Story of the AWB notes that Groenwald was the one who recruited Eugene Terre'Blache.

[ After school Terre'Blanche served in the South African Police where he reached the rank of warrant officer. Rumours have abounded that he was in fact ex-prime minister John Vorster's bodyguard, but this is a distortion of the truth. Terre'Blanche was at one stage stationed with the Special Guard Unit, which protects all members of the cabinet, their residences and parliament, but he was just one member out of a unit of several hundred individuals, and was not specifically assigned to Vorster.

While in the police he was also chairman of the Police's Cultural Group, and took part in many of that group's drama performances.

Jan Groenewald, who was to become deputy leader of the movement, met Terre'Blanche for the first time in 1968, when the young Groenewald applied to the South African Police's recruitment office in Pretoria for employment in the police. Terre'Blanche happened to be the warrant officer working in the recruitment office at that stage.

The two soon became friends, although Terre'Blanche himself was a great "John Vorster man" (that is a strong NP supporter) in those years according to Groenewald, who was by that stage already part of the discontent which would lead to the founding of the new HNP a year later. "In 1968 Terre'Blanche took a lot of convincing to realize that there was then already something wrong with the NP," Groenewald said.

By then Vorster had relaxed former prime minister HF Verwoerd's strict sports segregation policy, and was engaged in detente with some Black African states. Both these policies were anathema to the hard liners, who saw them as the first steps which would lead to the collapse of Apartheid.

Groenewald was accepted into the police and stationed at the Head Office of the Security Branch in Pretoria, and both he and Terre'Blanche both ended up being founding members of the new HNP. ]

Page 3 Victory or Violence. The Story of the AWB.

This following excerpt notes that Groenwald was the driving force behind the AWB & designing its emblems.

[ After the election the two men again got together and started planning another organization which would act as a right wing extra-parliamentary pressure group alongside the HNP. Thus the first notion of the AWB was formed. Groenewald did all the basic groundwork - writing the first program of principles, constitution and devising the name and emblems. ] 

From: Victory or Violence. The Story of the AWB. Chapter1.

The great Boerevolkstaat website notes that Groenwald designed the flag. The Three Sevens Flag.

Folks like Robert van Tonder - who was calling for the restoration of the Boer Republics since 1961 - were well aware of the damage that this curious flag was bringing to the just cause of Boer self determination as he often refused to speak at meetings where he was invited to speak until the AWB flag was taken down & put away out of sight. The AWB itself was no doubt used as a tool to try to conflate the just & long running goal of Boer self determination with extremist so called Right Wing politics. A number of American callers to the Hello Afrika segment of The Right Perspective short wave / internet radio program would often point out to some of the various Boers guests & guest callers on the program about the damage that the AWB flag was doing to the cause of Boer independence. This is due to the uncanny resemblance that the flag has to the Nazi flag which was not lost on other Westerners as can be seen from an old Weekend Update [ satire / comedy news ] segment of Saturday Night Live when then W-U host Dennis Miller commented how [ the AWB members ] could not even "get the Swastika right". Thus cementing a damaging image & obscuring the true issue in general.

The following is an excerpt from Adriana Stuijt from an old African Crisis post. [ Date Posted: Thursday 04-Oct-2007.

Robert van Tonder, the much-reviled founder of the Boerestaat Party, had frequent falling-outs inside his farm house with leader of the AWB, Eugene Terre'Blanche, about that 'blerrie nazi-flag', as Robert referred to it.

They often appeared on public platforms together and whenever Robert's supporters saw this flag, they'd go and ask the carrier to fold it up and stick it back into his shirt.

The Boerestaters were always very much aware of the tremendous damage which was being done by that flag to the Afrikaner-Boer independence cause at such a crucial time in their history - when they still believed that they were 'negotiating' about it.

Their public image became so marginalised - greatly helped by the personal demonisation campaigns especially in the Afrikaans-language newsmedia of the time -- targetting Van Tonder and Terre'Blanche that they simply could not gain any kind of credible political platform.

Their public meetings often also were disrupted by boozy thugs who carried out-and-out Nazi flags preferably right in front of the TV-cameras.

I always thought that that specific demonisation campaign was carried out by the Afrikaner-Broederbond, the secret organisation which actually ran the apartheid-era government behind the scenes for so long.


He founded the city of Randburg as an independent municipality away from Johannesburg after his wife Sussie had tried to get her driver's license and was treated very rudely for speaking Afrikaans to them.

They launched the Randburg independence movement and actually got so much support that they succeeded in creating the independent Randburg town council - which was overwhelmingly Afrikaans-speaking, and most of Randburg back then was populated by working-class Afrikaners, mineworkers etc.

The Afrikaner Broederbond always hated this group of working-class people like Robert van Tonder because they couldn't be manipulated and always wanted political independence for themselves.

That's why I believe that the Afrikaner Broederbond -- including the De Klerk government -- has always been behind this demonisation campaign of anyone who wanted to fight for Afrikaner language-rights and Boer independence. ]

[ End of quote. ]

[ From: ]

Robert van Tonder was quoted in a 1991 Dutch documentary called Hartseerland stating: [ The AWB flag emblem is not in the tradition of our people. It resembles a Swastika. ]  Link: Robert van Tonder Discussing Eugene Terre'Blanche. Video.

I am well aware that the AWB flag is often claimed to represent 3 sevens as a symbolic resistance to the 3 sixes of the Anti Christ but this is no doubt a sort of cover story sold in order to get the support of its Christian based members & constituents. The arrangement of the sevens resembles a Triskelion but this also also often denied.

The promotion of extremist looking images / emblems & flags is a classic State directed front.  

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Islandshark said...

Excellent post. Perception is reality. No matter how supporters of the AWB argued about what the flag really represents, the reality is how people across the globe perceived it. The fact that adv Piet Pretorius, who wrote the book "Sell-Out", was financially destroyed by "members" in right wing groups, proves how accurate he was in exposing these agents and traitors.

Great post Ron!