Friday, October 19, 2012

Sad South Africa

Some interesting facts about the South African economy by The Economist.  It seems like what we warned years ago would happen in South Africa due to large-scale corruption and incompetence is now coming to pass.  We have been accused of racism, longing for the days of a minority white government and even hate speech for exposing the uncomfortable truths about the country post 1994.

The reality of our intention is of course something different.  Decent, right minded folk just want responsible government.  Like they do in any part of the world.  Now there may be some debate as to what constitutes responsible government, but I can tell you without doubt what doesn’t equate to it:

  • Turning a blind eye to extremely serious issues, like out-of-control violent crime.
  • Deliberately misinforming the public through moratorium on statistics or fudging numbers in an attempt to hide the problem.
  • Allowing a breakdown of any magnitude in the legal system due to corruption and discrimination.
  • Large-scale nepotism at all levels of government.
  • Openly allowing hate speech, especially by government and political party officials.

Steve Hofmeyr, well known Afrikaans actor and musician, recently said that he doesn’t want a white government.  He just wants a government that works.  I am not sure whether he meant a government which is responsible and reasonably efficient (as can be expected from governments) or one that actually does something besides working on the square footage of their backsides whilst enriching themselves.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.

from The Economist:


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