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Liberal white guilt and deranged idiocy

liberalism-liberalism-is-a-mental-disorder-political-poster-1285010887There are few things which piss me off more than racist, militant blacks in South Africa wanting to kill all the whites or telling everybody that whites have no legal right to be in the area which is South Africa today.  As if their tribes did not move from central Africa to escape murderous, marauding hordes.  They are no more or less indigenous than whites in South Africa.

The definite exception being lunatic liberals.  Those with the deranged mindset which will stop at nothing to attempt to convince others that such blacks are just racist as a reaction to whites.  These militant blacks can’t possibly be racist because of their violent disposition or hate of others.  They aren’t racist because of their hate of whites.  Neither are they hateful because of their xenophobic stance on other black tribes.  They are just unfortunate souls forced to act this way because nobody gives them enough attention.

You know, I can possibly find an excuse for some militant black person who decided time and again to burn down his classroom instead of being educated in it.  And then years later blame the white government for not educating them.  Maybe they were forced to do so by other militant blacks, as we know the horrors of innocent blacks being “necklaced” at the hands of ANC scum whenever they refused to join violent protests against the white government in the 1970s and 1980s.  Maybe they had no other choice but to join the hateful destructors.

But what excuse do these liberal white scum have?  Do they all rely on the corrupt ANC government for their existence?  Do they really believe that ignoring an issue will make it go away?  The specific issue here being continuous violent attacks, extreme torture and most brutal murders on mostly white farmers in South Africa.  It seems the new catchphrase from these deranged liberal white scum is to call anybody speaking out against these brutal murders “racist”.  Yes, you’ve never heard that one before.  This term has never been uttered by mass media outlets whenever blacks are criticised for violence.  Whether you find yourself in South Africa, USA, UK or Australia.  You’ve never heard a person speaking out against black-on-white violence being called “racist”, “extremist” or “right-wing”.  No, of course not.

In actual fact, these cries of racism have become as long in the tooth, original and valid as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Jeremiah Wright’s outbursts.  To be more precise, they have not only become outdated, but frankly totally deranged and as sure a sign of idiocy as the honourable mentions of the Darwin Awards.  Note, only the honourable mentions, as it seems that some acts of lunacy even catch fate off-guard and the Grim Reaper in such a state of disbelief that even it is ineffective.

A new petition has been launched against certain Facebook users, because they are apparently racist and condone hate speech for speaking out against acts of violence (specifically brutal murders) against whites in South Africa.  I guess it must be their fault that the majority of perpetrators are hateful blacks.  A petition called “Permanently shut down the Facebook Pages of Sunette Bridges and Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)” have the following statements, which we will gladly tear apart as nothing more than deranged filth and Marxist propaganda.  I will post their whole petition with my own comments within.


Dear Sir or Madam

You may or may not have heard of a person called “Sunette Bridges” or a group called “Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.)”. Both Bridges, an Afrikaans Singer, and the B.K.A., a right wing information group, operate highly controversial pages on Facebook.  Like we said – you’ve never heard this type of name calling of those exposing the truth or not agreeing to liberal propaganda before!  A literal translation of BKA is “Boer Crisis Action”.  They report on farm murders and warn people when a crime has been committed in an area.  Many of their members have called on the South African government to re-instate the death penalty.

We are a group of concerned South African Citizens of all races who have attempted on various occasions to inform Facebook of the horrendous content that not only contributors, but in many instances the owners of these groups themselves post on their pages. We feel that if these comments were written in English, Facebook would have taken very quick action, as it is not only inflammatory but extremely racist and often promote hate speech against black South Africans.  So we have to take their word for it that the comments written in Afrikaans constitute racism or hate speech.  From the outright lies we will expose below, you decide for yourself what their word is worth. We also do not believe that the inflammatory actions of Bridges and the B.K.A. are in any way contributing in a positive manner towards the reconciliation of races in this Country, and their remarks could potentially lead to the stereotyping of white people in this country, whereas a very large majority of White South Africans support and actively vote for the Democratic Alliance, a multi-racial party which openly condemns racism in any form. We are shameful of this vocal minority who claims to be speaking on behalf of all White South Africans.  I wonder if this is the type of reconciliation these liberal scum have in mind, when a certain black reverend Kemo Waters called for the killing of “a material number of whites”.  These deranged idiots didn’t create petitions then.

We urge you to please sign this petition and we want to ask Facebook to permanently shut down these pages, and ban the owners from using Facebook ever again. We believe that the authors of these pages are not contributing to goodwill amongst all South Africans, and that their actions constitutes as Hate Speech.  I’m not sure what is worse – their typically abhorrent self importance and belief that they know what is best for all or their pathetic grammar.  Note they do not call it hate speech, “they believe” it is hate speech.  Surely when you make this sort of accusation, you have already established its nature, not what you think it is.  You don’t report an incident with the police where “you believe another driver crashed into you”.  Either they did or did not.  I don’t “believe” Kemo Waters is a hateful black committing hate speech, I am saying he IS a hateful black person guilty of hate speech.  I just wonder if this isn’t an easy “get-out” clause should any of these “right wingers” decide to drag their arses to court.  You can hear them now:  “No, no, we only said ‘we believe’.  It was only an opinion”.  We believe (here we go again) that Facebook has been slow in taking action, as the moderators of Facebook, do not understand the language and the subtleties (usually coded racism) on these pages. We really hope that Facebook will now get the message and take the necessary action.

Some of the comments on these pages include amongst other things:

  • That former President Nelson Mandela is a terrorist, and the new South African bank notes depicting Mandela should be vandalised.  This one is actually funny.  Such was the nature of Nelson Mandela’s criminal charges at the time that Amnesty International refused to take his case as a “political prisoner”.  Legal scholars agree that he received a very lenient sentence and to this day don’t understand why Percy Yutar only filed for manslaughter and not murder in Mandela’s trial.  Had he been tried of similar offences in the USA at the time, he would surely have received the death penalty.  So just Google “Church Street bombing” or read “Terrorist Watch – Mandela and the Church Street bombing”.  Then decide for yourself whether this man could possibly be defined as a terrorist.
  • They showed no regard for any of the victims of the Lonmin tragedy. They were celebrating the death of “the barbarians" rather than mourning this terrible occurrence.  Are they referring to the Lonmin protestors who killed 10 people before the police started shooting at them as they charged the police officers armed with machetes, pangas and guns?  So what do you call “folk” hacking of the jaws of other human beings and burning them alive?
  • Xenophobia.  The only instances of xenophobia in South Africa are local black tribes viciously murdering members of foreign tribes.  See: “Xenophobia – euphemism for black racism”
  • That a young multiracial couple should be stoned to death.  This sounds like a poor reference to Old Testament scripture.
  • Black South Africans are regularly referred to as animals or baboons that belong in the Zoo, Uneducated Barbarians without a soul and that they should die, “Kaffers" should be shot  and are not human, they are born without brains/ intellectually disabled, it is impossible for black people to be civilized and many more.  I have seen numerous references to bafoons or buffoons when referring to corrupt ANC cadres and their useful idiot following.  Considering the track record of Showerhead Zuma, minister Beetroot, Shabir Shaik, Jackie Selebi and countless others, I will be here for the next 100 years citing references.  Yet I have never heard or seen one “derogatory” comment against the very distinguished Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi.  Now have these right wingers just forgotten about him all these years?  Or are they actually capable of identifying honour and intelligence in people of colour?  I know of white people who voted for Buthelezi’s IFP in the 1994 elections.  I should know.  I was one of them.
  • Militant incitement: Bridges personally stated that she can't wait for the day that the "Vierkleur” (Old Transvaal Flag and symbol of Apartheid), will be flying again at Church Square in Pretoria.  Now few things will ever expose the idiocy and deranged hateful nature of lunatic liberals than this little gem from revisionist history.  The “Vierkleur” was the official flag of the Boer Republic of Transvaal.  The Boers lost their republics to the British Empire in the 2nd Anglo Boer War which ended in 1902.  The term “Apartheid” was coined with Hendrik Verwoerd’s policies of segregation under the Nationalist government from 1948 to 1994.  The flag of “Apartheid” South Africa was never the “Vierkleur”, but the orange, white and blue flag based on the 17th century Dutch flag.  Is was first hoisted in the Union of South Africa in 1928, 16 years after the demise of the Transvaal Republic and was replaced by the new South African flag in 1994.  The “Vierkleur” is as much a flag against white oppression as black oppression, as the British Empire killed 24,000 Boer children in concentration camps when they couldn’t beat the Boers in battle.  See images below.
  • People have been complaining that any person who does not share their political opinion on their pages, are automatically called extremely racist things like k4boeties. (K4 is a code word used on Sunette and the BKA’s pages, for "Kaffir", a derogatory word for black people in South Africa.). Besides white people who complain about their racism, they automatically do not allow coloured, black or Indian people to take part in any discussion.  I have seen the comments posted on certain groups.  You usually find trolls posting ridiculous, flaming comments in a group they clearly don’t belong or have any interest in, only to cry wolf when they are chased away like dogs.  Last time I looked, freedom of association was not a crime.  But apparently to these deranged idiots, their neighbours putting up “stay off the grass” notices on their lawns are invitations for the idiots’ poodles to take a shit on the neighbour’s porch.
  • Both Bridges and the B.K.A.’s main objective seem to be fighting what they call "genocide” (Dr Gregory Stanton at Genocide Watch calls it something totally different) against white South Africans. Although we do believe (still?) strongly that violence in this country is out of control and that the current government should be taken to task for the high murder rate, we do not believe that it is exclusively aimed at white people (yet statistics expressed as percentage of specific parts of the population tell a different story). Statistics have clearly showed (Do the statistics you refer to here include the ones police officers refuse to record when failing to open crime dockets at police stations because the victims are white?  Or the ones where murders are recorded as lesser crimes?) that all South Africans of all races suffer. Bridges and the B.K.A. are quoting “figures” of 600 000 whites living in squatter camps, and Bridges recently claimed that since 1994, 160 000 whites have been murdered, and that half of the murders taking place in South Africa are on white people (remember white people are a minority group that are only 10% of the population). When asked, Sunette Bridges could not substantiate her claims with any peer reviewed research. We have done our own research and spoken to various informed academics, (we liberal, lunatic, deranged, lying pathetic scum just failed to reference these findings – oh wait, it’s only applicable when we make the accusation) and they were stunned at this ill informed research and manipulated statistics used by Ultra – Right wing groups (they have progressed from “right wing” to “Ultra – Right wing”, with capitalisation and extra spacing, like the spacing of brain cells in liberal minds). These statistics are false, and are a very effective tool used by these anarchists to scaremonger and to promote racism and hate speech in order to promote
    their own political agenda
    (as opposed to the anarchists, racists and hateful protestors at Lonmin who only killed 10 innocent people).

We will greatly appreciate your support in our effort to promote goodwill amongst all South Africans and to ban Racism, Discrimination and Hate Speech on Facebook. (Decent minded folk would appreciate you lunatics dragging yourself and your shit-clotted-arsed poodles back to your own yards, but that never happens either.  I guess it means this is just one shitty old world)

Thank you. (The pleasure is all mine.  Really.  Your story has touched my heart.  Never before have I heard of people with as many problems as you.  Now please piss off and go bother somebody else.)


The Vierkleur of the Transvaal Republic (1857-1874, 1875-1877, 1881-1902)



Orange, white and blue of Union and Republic of South Africa (1928-1994)

Also see: Not an Apartheid era flag


Finally, to top it all off, there is this significant comment posted on the petition:


4 Opinion(s):

whiteson said...

What a revealing liberal sh#t ranting! There's no hope, no medicine, nothing, available to help a liberal brainfailure. This black subrace has allready made their intensions clear regarding us white race. They actually say they want to kill us, in fact it's allready happening on a daily basis. Sunette Bridges MUST be minister of police in a liberated SA.

Islandshark said...

It always amazes me that none of these spineless bastards will stand up against hate speech by blacks.

Ron. said...

This is a great rebuttal. There seems to be a ubiquitous talking point of asserting that any symbol or flag that pre dates 1994 is a "symbol of Apartheid" as though Apartheid goes back to the stone age & somehow we are no longer under a form of Apartheid now.

I composed an article which addressed this topic at: Not an Apartheid Era Flag.

Whiteson: I think you mean in a liberated ZAR as South Africa is an artificial British created macro State that should be dismantled so that many peoples can be free. The Boer Republics are under occupation & have been so ever since 1900. Those Boers who see themselves as Afrikaners are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as they should be joining their Boer compatriots who want freedom & independence & not making excuses to side with a grouping who are opposed to just about any form of authentic self governance & self determination.

Islandshark said...

Thanks Ron. I've added your link to post.