Monday, September 10, 2012

Trail of blood in Free State farmer’s home

plaasmoordefrom News24:

Bloemfontein - The small town of Trompsburg in the Free State has been shocked by the brutal murders of a farmer and his wife.

Well-known and popular members of the community, Johan Fourie, 71, and his wife Cecile 72, were shot dead on their farm on Sunday, reported Volksblad.

The couple were last seen when they had lunch at their son’s house in town. 

Their bodies were found in the bedroom shortly before 20:00. Both had been shot. The gun safe had been broken open.

An unnamed source said there was a trail of blood in the house, leading from the living room to the bedroom.

A police spokesperson said the attackers appeared to have been waiting for the couple after gaining entry through a bathroom window.

“They were very friendly people who wouldn’t have harmed a fly. The whole town is shocked,” said a Trompsburg resident. 

Police were investigating.

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Anonymous said...

Until the government acknowledges that farm murders are a real problem in South Africa, nothing will happen to curtail this injustice.

People abroad are also unaware that this is happening. Almost all white South Africans can relate a personal story of someone they know whose had someone touched by farm violence and murders, including myself. I think this should be classed as genocide, but then again that's just me