Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Boer Republic.

Not too long ago a poster commented [ erroneously ] that the first Boer Republic was in Natal when in reality the Natalia Republic was about the fifth Boer Republic. I pointed out that the first Boer Republic was at Graaff-Reinet in Feb of 1795 / the second Boer Republics was at Swellendam in June of 1795 & the third Boer Republic was at Winburg circa 1836 during the Great Trek. The fourth Boer Republic was at Potchefstroom about a year before the Natalia Republic was declared. The following are some quotes pertaining to this topic.

[ In the town communities the danger of a confrontation was also growing. Here the opposing parties were on one hand the citizens, aspiring to political autonomy, and on the other hand a weak, corrupt and almost bankrupt colonial administration. The townspeople demanded their independence from the colonial administration. In Swellendam and Graaff-Reinet, the first Republics were proclaimed, although they only existed for a short time. ] From: The Expansion of the Trek Boers.

[ Lack of regular judicial services for the outlying Boers created a situation which in the colonial Carolinas had led to Regulator movements. J.A. de Mist, Batavian (Netherlands) Commissioner General, wrote of “murmurings and revolt against such a stepmotherly government.” One result was the creation, in a frontier district, of the Republic of Graaf-Reinet (1795–96), inspired by the French Revolution. ] From: Page 4 of Maatskappy, State, And Empire: A Pro Boer Revision. Joseph R Stromberg.

[ A series of frontier wars between Boers and Xhosa begins in 1779. The Boers appeal to Cape Town but get little help. In their frustration, in 1795, they declare Graaff-Reinet an independent Boer republic. ] From: History of South Africa at History World.  

I came across other sources prior but did not save them as I did for the aforementioned.

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