Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have we gone mad?

I quite enjoyed this.  I am sure you will too…

Stephen Fryby TheDifference, MyNews24:

I’m a fairly qualified 28yr old, “middle class” citizen.  Yet for some reason I read I must apologise and pay for the sins of apartheid, an era I wasn’t around to benefit from, nor contribute too.

I went through government schooling all my life, and from grade 1, our class was a mix of White, Black and Indian students.  Blissfully playing on the fields, and seeing no colour, we were all friends.

This only changed when we got to high school, and main stream media started making us aware of the fact that the colour of our skin made us different in some way.

My outlook changed when I saw past school mates in an ANC march, demanding that BEE wasn’t enough, and that white people need to relinquish the riches to the poor impoverished and previously disadvantaged.  I went to school with these people, had the same education, played at each other’s houses in the suburbs, some of their families better off than mine, yet here we are, you demanding from me, a past equal, something I don’t have to give, nor would I give!

What made you so angry at me, what did I do?

Since leaving school, I didn’t have the money to study straight away, so racked the internet for free qualifications, and studied like crazy to achieve today, 42 qualifications in total, 40 of which I have not spent a cent on.  But then on enquiring, found that after school, the particular protester had achieved nothing.  So now we are not equal anymore are we?  I was dealt the same hand as you, but I flourished and made the best of a difficult situation, while you chose to accept defeat, and then have the audacity to scream at me to relinquish my riches to you? I think not. Not even close, not even marginally within 100 miles would I feel a morsel of remorse or sympathy for you.

Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in this on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because a whole nation couldn’t be wrong could they, surely not…maybe I do need to apologise?


We are the only country in the world, IN THE WORLD, that enforces a policy, by law, to favour the majority over the minority.  StatsSA census reveals there are close on 47 million Black people, and 4 million white people.  You only need to look at those figures to realise just how pathetic BEE truly is.  47 million protecting themselves against 4 million.   Somewhere along the line, government skewed the lines of morality and made it law to have a BEE partner to gain tenders.  So I must give, not sell, give BEE a third of my hard worked business, for doing…Nothing?  We must just call them to sit in on meetings to add a face to the meeting room to acquire contracts.  So enforcing BEE upon businesses did not assist in equipping new black business people to empower themselves, it actually encouraged laziness and the will to demand more, why, because if you gave me this, I want more of that…

Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in BEE on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because a whole constitutional policy couldn’t be ridiculous could it, surely not?


The irony of the protests amazes me. There are roughly 7 “service Delivery and wage” protests a day, at a cost of R2.3m a day. This accounts for property damage, extra staffing to baby sit protestors…etc.  You protest by burning tyres and destroying property, all of which must be repaired or replaced, and cleaned up.  So instead of dedicating numerous staff to increasing service delivery, we have them rather clean up after protestors every single day.  Where is the sense in that?

Not to mention, that the cost of the protests, every day, is the equivalent to 23 RDP houses at R100 000 each.  Every single day, the protestors cost 23 RDP houses, which is not only R840m a year, but 8400 RDP houses.

Not only is this figure amazing to me, but it’s achievable only by behaving during protests.  But no, we burn tyres, destroy property, throw bricks, attack police, adorn ourselves with pangas, machetes, and knob-kierries (oh…its traditional…rubbish).  We charge police, kill some, and then are up in arms when the police shoot back like it’s a complete travesty, and lay murder charges against them? 

You charge with pangas and machetes, with intent to kill…and then are mortified that they didn’t use proper force as in they should have instead used rubber bullets and tear gas?  So let’s get this right…You charge to kill, and I must put my life in danger and slap you with a fly swatter?  If you are big enough to know what you are doing, then you are big enough to receive the consequences.

Somewhere along the way, it became normal practice to demand something you aren’t entitled to, instead of working for it.

Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in these protests on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because thousands of protesters couldn’t be incompetent could they, surely not?


ANC took over in 1994, renegaded all white and Indian participants in government who had the expertise, and replaced their cabinet with ministers that can barely tell their arse from their elbows, and wonder why the country has gone backward.   Non performing ministers are shuffled around to another ill perceived position of power, aggravating even more the damage they have already done.

Our president is near illiterate, and incompetent is putting it lightly.  Dumped textbooks, service delivery, health, education..etc is going down the toilet, but nothing is ever done…Why? Because the uneducated outnumber educated two fold, and would vote rather on skin colour and promises of grants than make informed decisions.  Corruption is daily job hazard in South Africa, till the point where its almost blasé.  Corruption and incompetence, old news man, what else?  Wonder what Schabir Shaik is up to these days?  Hope his fatal blood pressure is ok while he’s playing golf.

Jacob Zuma accused of rape and the biggest corruption charge in history, and where is he today, that’s right, president of the country he screwed over.  To think Bill Clinton was kicked out of power for receiving a mutual pleasure by Monica. Jungle justice for you.

Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in this government on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because a whole government couldn’t be incompetent could they, surely not?


Ah Yes, Malema, Shivambu, Lamola…same china, different vagina right?

Who are ANCYL? Young ANC members I’m guessing…but wait, they spend their days throwing hate at the ANC.  So the child, is hating its daddy?  We exist because of you, but now we don’t like you.  “We will kill for ANC” today…but tomorrow “we will eradicate you.”

Nationalise the mines they say…ok…let’s ponder upon that for just a sec, humour me.  Regardless of the economic meltdown that will take place, you will chase away foreign investment, and just in case you are confused, it’s that very investment that allow most of your “League” members to have jobs.  You are constantly droning on about non service delivery and how the ANC are fat cats and can’t get the job done…You do realise what nationalisation is don’t you Youth League?  Its government owned enterprises, which would mean theoretically ANC owned…the same ANC you claim can’t do the job…?

So anyways, lets for shoots and giggles say ok, the mines are yours.  Now they are in the hands of government that you don’t like.  You want to take South Africa’s biggest export and investment, and hand it to people that clearly can’t even provide basic human amenities? Envision the management of the mines run by the same people who run home affairs?  Say no more…

But wait, that’s not enough, is it? No, you have nationalised the mines “for the people”, but how do you distribute this income to the people?  The workers are saying “Where is my share of the wealth, the mine belongs to us!”  So they strike, again, against you, for wage increases and shares in the wealth, and you plead with them that it’s a business and has costs and can’t meet their wage demands.  So what has changed, other than gaining this stupid notion of “economic freedom” and causing the economic meltdown of the industry, as well as chasing away the influx of foreign investment, social upliftment schemes, tax money, and jobs?

Oh, and land distribution without compensation, how can we forget that ol friend of yours.

“Shoot the boer” we know, we know, we know, bla bla bla.

What do you intend to do with these farms you take? During the first round of redistribution, and thousands of farms were acquired, it has been proven beyond contestation, that it did not work.  Working and productive farms were destroyed, without yield, and a booming export of farm yield, turned to an import.  Export to import = cost to country, congrats on the turn around there.  So it hasn’t worked, yet you want it more?  BUT, now you say the farms should be taken without compensation, and the white farmers should stay to teach the new affirmative guys to use his farm.  So let’s get this right…you take his farm and livelihood, and want him to teach the new guys how to use it? Really?

Oh, and let’s not forget, you want government to give grants to the new farmers to get them up and running…although the farms are already running and productive.  So just to add, so I’m not making any mistakes… take farm, give to another, make farmer teach non farmer invader to farm, throw money at him, watch farm fail...?  That about sum it up?  Good idea you have there.

I don’t really appreciate being called “Mlungu”, as much as you don’t appreciate being called you know what, so what gives you the right to say it at rallies?  I say it, and I’m racist, you say it and its free speech.  You have money, and it’s celebrated that you fought the “struggle” even though you weren’t born yet, I have money and I’m a capitalist pig and must share the wealth.  I have a fancy car, I’m a capitalist pig, yet you have many fancy cars, but you deserve them for being the voice of the poor.  I can’t afford a house, yet you have a mansion, but you are a voice of the poor and I’m a capitalist pig.  As a matter of fact, any white person is by default just a capitalist pig aren’t we?  Just checking.  One thing is for sure though, I pay my taxes, but you are being investigate by SARS. But I’m the pig, and you are pro poor.

I find it interesting that just when you are on the verge of being arrested because of tax evasion, you all of a sudden pop up to defend miners, an easy situation to manipulate.  Why, because im guess that’s your backup plan when they come to arrest you isn’t it? “It’s the Mlungu, they want me arrested for helping you,” and your followers will come running.  Clever, ill give you that one. 

We will make the mines and Western Cape “Ungovernable”…Really?  We want service delivery and education, but we will make you ungovernable, and by definition leave you unable to provide any service delivery…? Once again, Really?  I’m no professor in intimidation, but openly threatening to make a whole province or industry ungovernable sounds a whole lot like intimidation to me.  But hey, this is South African, and the ANCYL, you are the law, right?  Does anything happen, no, course not, legal practice, naturally.

Watched your interview with BBC this morning, Julius.  Thanks for making a complete fool of yourself in front of the whole world.  Would have been nice if you could have at least answered one of her questions, but alas, maybe you didn’t understand them.  And please, you don’t even know what a REVOLUTION is, so please stop with that word.  There is no damn revolution, and please, wtf is an “Agent”?  As cool a title like “Agent” would be to add to my name, I can’t understand it in context of your speeches.  But hey “Don’t touch me on my studio”

Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in ANCYL on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because a whole party with tens of thousands of members couldn’t be incompetent could they, surely not?


There are roughly 2 million tax paying individuals outside of the government sector, paying for roughly 48 million people in grants and aid.  This means that each tax paying individual supports up to 24 people.  You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to realise the impossibility of this being a solution going forward.

The voting population or rather the amount of people who can vote is, by StatsSA, is about 32 million (those of age).  Now as per above, only 2 million are tax paying individuals.  So we have a further tragic realisation that the contributing members of society don’t have the ability to change the outcome of the vote, as we are too few, and the uneducated and unemployed, who are currently receiving grants and promises of further grants, will vote for the hand that feed every time.  Because of the lack of education, you cannot argue, debate, or persuade the majority as this would mean them seeing the situation rationally, a trait which comes with education.  Informed and educated decisions thus fall to the way side, and voters side with that which promises everything, regardless of whether than can deliver.  Even an idiot can persuade somebody who doesn’t know better.  So here we are, with ANC in power, forever as I hear it, and I don’t doubt that.  Why do I say that? Well clearly education isn’t a priority in the ANC as uneducated populations don’t ask questions, nor do they see you for what they are.  Keep masses in the dark, check!

I’m quite peeved that my fellow 2 million tax payers have to pay close on R500 000 000 for Jacob’s multiple amorous discrepancies (multiple wives) over the next 5 years, as budgeted for by the government.

I’m quite peeved that while I’m being called a capitalist pig for not sharing my non-existent “wealth”, Jacob is trying to acquire hundred-of-seats luxury Boeing planes for R2 Billion.  Just so that we are on the same page her, that’s R2 000 000 000, or equivalent to 20 000 Houses, all because he wants his own jet.

I’m peeved that I, and even my little brother, who at his age was nothing but a glint in my father’s eye, are told we must pay for apartheid.

I’m peeved that even after being expelled, Julius is given a stage to incite violence.

I’m peeved that even though I’m a tax payer, I pay for private security, private schooling, private medical, even though they are the very things I’m paying government for.

I’m peeved that the ignorance of the nation still believes the cataclysmic failure by the ANC to provide, is still caused by a regime ousted 18 years ago

I’m peeved that my whole family have left the country (I’m the only one left) out of fear of a future.

I’m peeved that protesters do what they want while law enforcement does nothing.

I’m peeved that every night I live in fear of being robbed and murdered.

I’m peeved that as an Mlungu, I’m told I don’t belong here.

But most of all, I’m peeved that I’m angry.  I’m angry because we are NOT a rainbow nation, and anybody that thinks we are is either an idiot or lying to themselves.  We are as divided as we have ever been.  We started making progress, but somehow the path was lost along the way.

The question is how do we get back there.  How do we mend the divide?

How do we encourage hard work and competency to achieve?

How do we change the mind-set of a nation we lost control of?

How do we learn to love our country again?

Now I ask you, Is it just me, or is anybody else seeing the humour in this country on a daily basis.  Must be me going crazy, surely, that’s the only rational presumption, because a whole country with millions of people couldn’t be wrong could they, surely not?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The harsh reality of land redistribution

mandelaThere are various aspects of agricultural land redistribution in South Africa which you won’t read in the average mainstream newspaper.  One being the number of fully productive farms purchased from white farmers (usually at below market value as enforced by the government) turned into wasteland.  In most cases because these commercial farms are handed to people who have no clue how to run a business, let alone the much more complicated facets of commercial farming.  The Great South African Land Scandal is a great source covering government mismanagement of land redistribution.

Then there is also a substantial percentage of agricultural land owned by the ruling government not earmarked for redistribution, because ANC fat cats are coining it instead of fulfilling land claims.  The Sowetan has now uncovered another nasty consequence of mismanaged land redistribution.  The fact that labourers of previously white-owned farms are left high and dry after the sale of commercial farms.

I’m not too sure what the government bafoons thought would happen to these workers after land claims have been settled.  Surely the farmer selling the land has no further commitment of employment to the workers, since the commercial farm is sold as going concern.  It seems that the tribes receiving the land don’t necessarily want the labourers either, because they either have no intention of using the land as commercial farms, have no clue how to do so or just don’t want the previous labourers on the land.  These people have nowhere to go and nobody to feed them, at least not in the way white farmers used to.

So, once again, the ANC manages to take something fully functioning and productive and turn it into crap.



DISGRUNTLED and famished, a community of mostly former farm workers in North West claims they have been abandoned after the farms they had worked and lived on were sold to the Bafokeng nation.

The Royal Bafokeng Administration bought the farm land in Rietvlei outside Rustenburg from the workers' employers.

According to the workers, they were told that it was agreed that a better place to stay would be found for them.

Twelve years down the line, about 800 people on these farms are living without electricity, running water and sanitation.

They live in one-roomed backrooms on different farms while their children walk long distances to schools.

They do not have access to health facilities, safety and security services and facilities like a police station, let alone social grants, as many do not have identity documents and birth certificates.

Every day, most of the residents can be found basking in the sun with their hungry-looking children playing around them and the elderly drinking sorghum beer.

"It's how we live, daily," Nkadimeng Pine, 73, said. If the Bafokeng nation had not bought the land, we could still be employed."

Flora Ranou, a mother of six children and grandmother to 10, said: "We have lived like this for a long time. We are used to this lifestyle. It is hard and we wish to live like other people."

Rustenburg local municipality spokesman Peter Manzana said the municipality had agreed to provide the community with water on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Manzana said the people had refused to move to an alternative area with amenities, Tlaseng village, saying it was "far".

Manager at Royal Bafokeng Administration, Minah Huma, said they started purchasing the majority of plots in the Rietvlei area in 2001 with the aim of consolidating the Royal Bafokeng Nation's land.

She said after the conclusion of some of the transactions, it was discovered that the previous owners had left their workers on the plots. The Royal Bafokeng Nation then took a resolution to integrate them into it.

"A plan to relocate them to other Bafokeng villages was communicated [to] and accepted by these families," she said. -

Monday, September 17, 2012

Marxists want English & Afrikaans parts of South African anthem scrapped

They are not only killing farmers and whites at unprecedented rates, but destroying everything connected to western civilisation.  Everything except the gravy train they’re on, until there is no more whitey to foot the bill.  At that point in time, the west will be approached for increased aid to what was Africa’s strongest economy.

It is actually quite funny in a sense to watch these bafoons self-destruct.  Just a pity they could not do it somewhere else in darkest Africa or the Middle East where death and destruction is regarded as a way of life.  Herein also lies a message to USA and what is left of Europe: “Are you ready for the ‘diversity’ coming your way?”

Cosatu Vavifrom Business Day live:

Cosatu mulls English, Afrikaans bits of anthem

by Natasha Marrian,

THE Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is set to debate whether the national anthem should remain in its current form or whether the English and Afrikaans sections should be removed, according to draft resolutions to come under discussion at the federation’s national congress starting today.

This would require a constitutional amendment as the anthem is enshrined in it.

The national anthem has been hailed for its embrace of different languages and cultures — and also for its reconciliatory tone, with its inclusion of Die Stem, the national anthem under apartheid.

A resolution sponsored, or suggested, by the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) notes the Afrikaans and English sections were included as a "compromise position" through the negotiated settlement, and the original Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica had influenced African countries such as Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The draft resolutions would be discussed and decided upon during the congress.

The draft resolution reads that the county’s national anthem should revert to its "original form" and should "represent the suffering and the struggle that informs our future aspirations".

"... the combination with Die Stem is a direct opposite of what Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica entails or what it means to be African ... the original form of the anthem was and is still part of our struggle", the resolution reads. "The current national anthem was a compromise out of the deliberations of Codesa, during the political negotiations which led to the new constitution."

It proposes that Cosatu resolve that the "original" anthem be sung — as composed by Enoch Sontonga — which excludes the English and Afrikaans sections.

Cosatu is allied to the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and would seek to bring about such a change if it was resolved upon, through its alliance structures.

The ANC and the alliance as a whole have said that the negotiated settlement has constrained progress in transforming the economy, for instance, but the issue of the national anthem has been raised for the first time by Popcru.

Popcru has also suggested that Cosatu resolve on completely scrapping the provincial tier of government. The three spheres of government also constituted a compromise during the negotiations and had now "served (their) purpose", the resolution reads.

"... the three spheres of government have bureaucratic tendencies and hamper service delivery … the three spheres of government have adverse cost implications."

Popcru wants Cosatu to resolve to scrap the provinces and replace them with "local administration offices to catalyse service delivery to the people".

The ANC in its policy conference also mulled the reconfiguring of the country’s provinces — an idea that the ruling alliance has been considering for a number of years. The conference recommended that a task team be set up to probe the viability of reorganising the provinces.

Cosatu is to discuss resolutions proposed by its affiliates at its congress. The resolutions would be adopted during the four-day event, which is expected to be addressed by President Jacob Zuma and South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Many a true word is spoken in jest.

Whites overjoyed to discover they all own mines

White South Africans have reacted with amazement and joy to Julius Malema’s revelation last week that they are all super-rich mine owners.

“We thought we were just over-indebted, over-taxed middle-class wage slaves, but it turns out we’re all millionaire tycoons!” said one delighted white person.

“Screw this soul-crushing desk job: I’m off to claim my mine!”

Malema, former President of the ANC Youth League and current President of the League Of Opportunistic Political Parasites, has been vocal in his claims that the country’s mines are still owned by “boere”, and that all whites are fabulously wealthy, mostly thanks to the mining industry.

This morning the country’s white citizens were resigning en masse from office jobs, schools, small businesses and middle-management posts, as news spread about their previously unknown wealth.

“I’m so grateful to Julius,” gushed Barry Beige. “If he hadn’t done the research, crunched the numbers over who owns what, I would never have discovered that I am in fact a super-rich capitalist and not a junior web designer with 20 days of leave per year.”

However, farmer Kosie Kunsmis said he was confused. “Julius said that ‘boere’ own all the mines.

Does he mean farmers or white people, because I know fokol about mining.

Come to think of it, I know folol about farming too, but at least my family have known fokol about it for ten generations, so we’ve managed to be consistent.”

Malema’s revelations have also unsettled South Africa’s black mine owners, with many now wondering whether they are in fact white.

“Julius has been pretty clear that black people don’t own mines,” said platinum magnate, Nouveau Riche-Romotswe, adding that she has been checking herself daily for signs of whiteness, such as a love of dogs and cats, and a deeply rooted belief that everything was about to go to sh!t.

“It’s really confusing because I’ve always had a soft spot for pets, and since Zuma came to power I’ve believed that everything is about to go to sh!t, so does that mean I’ve been a closet white all along? I just don’t know any more.”

Meanwhile, South Africa’s small group of whites who were super-rich before Malema’s revelations are set to lodge a complaint against him for turning the spotlight on their wealth.

“The blighter has gone completely off the script,” explained someone who is too rich to have a name. “The way it’s supposed to go is that we pay the politicians to keep us invisible, the politicians keep the workers uneducated so they’re easily manipulated, and then we wait until they’re so poor that they’ll work 16 hours a day for a potato.

“But all this talk of our money, well, it’s just not cricket.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trail of blood in Free State farmer’s home

plaasmoordefrom News24:

Bloemfontein - The small town of Trompsburg in the Free State has been shocked by the brutal murders of a farmer and his wife.

Well-known and popular members of the community, Johan Fourie, 71, and his wife Cecile 72, were shot dead on their farm on Sunday, reported Volksblad.

The couple were last seen when they had lunch at their son’s house in town. 

Their bodies were found in the bedroom shortly before 20:00. Both had been shot. The gun safe had been broken open.

An unnamed source said there was a trail of blood in the house, leading from the living room to the bedroom.

A police spokesperson said the attackers appeared to have been waiting for the couple after gaining entry through a bathroom window.

“They were very friendly people who wouldn’t have harmed a fly. The whole town is shocked,” said a Trompsburg resident. 

Police were investigating.

The First Boer Republic.

Not too long ago a poster commented [ erroneously ] that the first Boer Republic was in Natal when in reality the Natalia Republic was about the fifth Boer Republic. I pointed out that the first Boer Republic was at Graaff-Reinet in Feb of 1795 / the second Boer Republics was at Swellendam in June of 1795 & the third Boer Republic was at Winburg circa 1836 during the Great Trek. The fourth Boer Republic was at Potchefstroom about a year before the Natalia Republic was declared. The following are some quotes pertaining to this topic.

[ In the town communities the danger of a confrontation was also growing. Here the opposing parties were on one hand the citizens, aspiring to political autonomy, and on the other hand a weak, corrupt and almost bankrupt colonial administration. The townspeople demanded their independence from the colonial administration. In Swellendam and Graaff-Reinet, the first Republics were proclaimed, although they only existed for a short time. ] From: The Expansion of the Trek Boers.

[ Lack of regular judicial services for the outlying Boers created a situation which in the colonial Carolinas had led to Regulator movements. J.A. de Mist, Batavian (Netherlands) Commissioner General, wrote of “murmurings and revolt against such a stepmotherly government.” One result was the creation, in a frontier district, of the Republic of Graaf-Reinet (1795–96), inspired by the French Revolution. ] From: Page 4 of Maatskappy, State, And Empire: A Pro Boer Revision. Joseph R Stromberg.

[ A series of frontier wars between Boers and Xhosa begins in 1779. The Boers appeal to Cape Town but get little help. In their frustration, in 1795, they declare Graaff-Reinet an independent Boer republic. ] From: History of South Africa at History World.  

I came across other sources prior but did not save them as I did for the aforementioned.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

South Africa’s Dirty Little Secret

lonminBy Tamara Aspeling, Digital Journal:

The recent violence at the Lonmin mine at Marikana in South Africa made news headlines - and took many people back to the apartheid era thanks to the images of violent protesters and implacable police.

The truth is, however, that while the images the world saw may have shocked them, they did not have the same effect on locals.

When one talks about South Africa, even today, the immediate response is usually a question about apartheid, or about the World Cup. Both of those are long gone, however.

In the early days of post apartheid South Africa, there was a hope that was almost tangible amongst people of all races. Sadly, that too is long gone.

These days, the only emotions you're likely to hear articulated by South Africans are fear, hate, or anger. Most of the people you speak to will have different reasons for those emotions, but it's clear that the 'rainbow nation' that so many hoped for is a faded memory.

The thing is, however, that while poverty, hunger and the plight of poor, unemployed, largely non white South Africans still makes the news, there's a deeper, darker secret that doesn't.

That secret is one that is brought into stark focus on the Genocide Watch website.

South Africa is currently ranked a 6 out of 8 for genocide risk - with 7 being actual genocide, and 8 being the aftermath. The potential targets of that genocide are white South Africans.

Why should you care though? After all, white South Africans were all apartheid supporters, and they deserve it, right?

Actually, the truth is very different from that highly simplistic view.

First, there's the simple matter of chronology. It's been 18 years since the ANC took power, which means that in order to have voted in those elections, you would have to be at least 36 years old. The referendum that ended apartheid took place several years earlier though, so the fact is that in order to have voted for the National Party in apartheid South Africa, you would have to be at least middle aged.

With deaths and births, the vast majority of the white population of South Africa would never have voted in an apartheid election.

Bear in mind too, that even at the height of their power, the National Party only ever got about 60% of the overall vote - so of the remaining apartheid era electorate, approximately 40% would never have voted for the apartheid government.

The next issue is migration. Between 1994 and now, about 6 million white South Africans have left the country, leaving an ever dwindling minority of white South Africans - all of whom are blamed by the majority for apartheid regardless of their involvement (or lack thereof.)

All of this may seem like pointless numbers, however, consider the following.

Between 1994 and now, nearly 4,000 white farming families have been killed by hate fuelled black racists in the country. Among the dead, two year old infants like Wilmien Potgieter, who was shot in the face by attackers on her parents' farm.

Political figures like Julius Malema actively drum up hate of white people in South Africa. After all, they're a convenient scapegoat for ANC failure.

Songs like 'Dubul Ibhunu' - Shoot the Boer - are sung by top government officials at official party meetings. Even South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, has been filmed singing this hate filled anthem.

The simple fact is that South Africa has not changed. It's still a racist society, where fear, hate, violence and murder by one race on the other is the norm. The only difference is that now, the formerly oppressed are the guilty party.

Apartheid fell mainly because of international pressure. As a South African who does not want to live to see genocide or civil war in South Africa, I beg you - start putting the same pressure on the NEWpartheid government, before it's too late.

Monday, September 03, 2012

One for the good guys

Some good news for a change.

blackiefrom News24:

Johannesburg - A paraplegic man shot and killed his gardener after the man attacked him in his Cradock home in the Eastern Cape, the Beeld reported on Monday.

Police spokesperson Captain Stefanie Smith said the victim, 58, heard a knock at his door and opened it, as he had been expecting a relative on Saturday morning.

His gardener forced his way into the home, threatened him with a knife and demanded money, the paper reported.

The victim was stabbed in both arms, then wheeled into his bedroom, where he was further assaulted.

When he fell out of his chair, he managed to reach his rifle, which had been positioned next to his bed.

He fired one shot at his assailant, who was critically wounded and later died at the scene.

Smith said a murder docket had been opened.