Sunday, July 01, 2012

If you’re not strong, you’d better be smart

We have received reports that a certain demented chicken entered the grounds frequented by Mike Smith after the chicken boasted that Mike’s site had been taken down (something he has bragged about in the past as having accomplished himself, when in reality the politically correct lunatic left just did what they always do best, which is kill free speech).

It must have been a huge surprise for the two legged creature so loved by the ANC and their murdering tribes to find out that Mr Smith was merely taking some time off from his distinguished blog.  We assign it to a case of pure short-sightedness and utter stupidity that the poor demented fellow didn’t observe Mr Smith’s own post that he is taking a time-out.  Others even reported on it.

It is said that if you’re not strong, you’d better be smart.  Sadly, both virtues not possessed by our demented friend or his crack-head following.  The reports are not very clear, but we can only conclude that the wandering chicken came across something he didn’t expect when wandering onto grounds were he would be out of his league without Mr Smith’s presence, let alone the great one being in the vicinity, casually clearing his mind.

It wasn’t really a fair fight.  In fact, only in the mind of the chicken is it ever a fight.  It seems the chicken only strolled onto the path of the great one.  Quite unfortunate for him, at the time the great one was walking down it.  Bystanders reported a dust cloud and plumes of feathers emanating from the intersect.  When it all settled, Mr Smith was nowhere to be seen.  One report indicated that Mr Smith was spotted strolling further down the path some time after, seemingly unaware of the commotion.

We only have some photos supplied by an admirer of Mr Smith who spotted the celebrity and had his camera on hand.  He was only prepared to give us photos of the chicken and clearly attached a significant value to the photos of Mr Smith, which we couldn’t argue with.

Before the incident:

rooster before



Another bystander took a series of photos of one of the demented chicken’s followers apparently attempting to haste to its rescue, but due to some unfortunate characteristics of her own, physically unable to reach the impact zone.  That is the chicken’s impact zone and not the one she created herself.




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