Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blacks can be racist

What do you know?  Finally, an admission.  Apparently this one didn’t go down well with the brain dead crack-head crowd, forever trying to tell us we are racist for exposing the ANC.  Just like the useful idiots in the States going nuts whenever whitey dares to criticise Barack aka the “Foreign Occupier” aka “Little Mugabe” (coined by the Great Frank of Queens).

Zombie chicken

from Citipress, by Nkul Mabasa:

I usually have a response to everything but I choked in two instances:

These statements made me realise that maybe we – black people – are racist but society has never allowed us to view it as racism.

When Tshidi Thamana tweeted: “@tshiditee: Dear Peter Mokaba ... I wish All White people were killed when you sang ‘kill the Boer’ we wouldn’t be expressing @JessicaLeandra’s racism right now”, I found the tweet funny but Jessica’s tweet uneased me.


Is this a case of conditional racism – only acceptable when practised by fellow blacks?

What Tshidi said is nothing new; from Twitter users to politicians we have heard similar statements, without remorse from the speakers.

This includes me. I once tweeted: “@FanaThePurp: when Mandela dies, we are going to kill you white people and eat you.”

Perceptions differ – some may view my tweet as a racial slur or a joke or an attention-seeking stunt but has anyone looked past those things?

Back to the matter at hand: Blacks decline the notion of us being racist because we are still acting like victims of slavery and colonialism.

Fair enough, our racism is historically influenced thus we are bitter and still angry.

Our leaders have asked us to forgive, yet reality does not allow us to do so.

This fake rainbow nation and this apparent unity we claim as South Africans have only shown that we are tolerant of each other but vastly segregated.

The matter of unity versus racism in South Africa is dangerous.

When the demons of, for instance, Julius Malema, Steve Hofmeyr and Jessica Leandra came out, a chain racist reaction occurred.

The perception is that blacks are not racist and whites are racist – hence there was less aggression from black people when Tshidi Thamana made that racist comment, compared with the reaction to Jessica Leandra’s tweet.

There is a belief that white people have to end all racist tendencies and association: we do not expect them to utter or act out in a racist manner.

As blacks, we tend to have an agenda when interacting with white people – we listen selectively in order to pick up anything that may seem racist so we can justify why we do not like and/or trust white people.

We (blacks) are ignorantly defensive, we demand everyone to pity us, and we enjoy playing victim.

When “blacks are fools” hit the scene, the first to jump were blacks, instead of engaging on the content, the focus was on the title.

This country has modern and typical black people.

As modern blacks we are a major contributor to our racist ways as we fail to educate the typical black person that racism is wrong in all forms.

Overall, as long as you see colour in others, you are racist. As long as interaction and perceptions of others is limited/based on race, you are racist – this applies to blacks, whites, Indians, coloureds and so on.

It’s not about who is the most racist but who will be the better man and end racism.

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Anonymous said...

Blacks are being propagandized by the jew controlled media around the world. You are being continually told that White people are evil and the cause of all your problems. Its a lie.

Whites are a thousand times more likely to be the victims of black crimes against us. We have zero vested in having blacks in our countries.

White people are also the victims of this psychological warfare waged against us by the jew. Whites are guilted into giving up our homelands to blacks who never created or built them and who cannot sustain them.

The fact is that blacks are much better off when they live in White societies.

In America blacks whine all the time about racism but the fact is we can't get rid of them. They know they have it good living off of us as we provide their housing, health care, education and EBT cards with which they buy food and everything else.

Black "baby mamas" lay up and have 16 kids that the White man must care for. There are 53 black countries on Earth. Where can blacks live where they are better off than living off the White man?