Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More incitement to violence from ANCYL

from: SA Promo Magazine

lamolaViolence and public threats of war against Afrikaners, white farmers and white English-speaking South Africans by members or the ruling ANC party's youth league has escalated considerably in recent weeks threatening to explode into civil war.

This follows a statement issued by ANC Youth Leader Ronald Lamola being interpreted by most observers as a 'declaration of war against farmers'. Lamola said during Youth Day celebrations during the month of June that it would be an illusion if South Africans believe they can get their land back peacefully. In a speech made in Durban Lamola called for the expropriation of (white farmers') land without compensation. He said youth unemployment could not be dealt with unless land was expropriated. "We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans," he said.

Lamola's statement so alarmed civil-rights organisation Afriforum that they called an urgent meeting with Lamola and some of his comrades. After the meeting Afriforum's Charl Oberholzer Tweeted: "Just finished ANCYL meet: they are highly aggressive and have much bigger plans than our people had realised'. Those close to Afriforum say the members of the delegation were "rudely awakened" to the fact that ANC's younger generation had "extensive war plans" against whites and farmers in particular.

Meanwhile the Mpumalanga legislature's DA-leader, Anthony Benadie, lodged a criminal charge of intimidation and incitement to violence against Lamola. The Transvaal Agricultural Union of SA and the Verkenners (Afrikaans Scouts) movements both issued statements in quick succession, condemning Lamola's "war-talk". Both groups responded by saying that "Afrikaners and Boers now had no other choice left except to get ready to defend themselves against a war which was declared against them."

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