Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Azapo: Mandela is “sell-out”

Maybe this will wake up some people.  Maybe they will begin to understand the true nature of the beast.  Maybe they will realise what many white South Africans have known for a few decades – that many black tribes have no interest in equality or diversity.

Or maybe they will continue to be useful idiots.

mandelafrom Sowetan:

Azapo calls on 'sell-out' Mandela to apologise 'before he dies'

THE Azanian People's Organisation's youth league has called on former president Nelson Mandela to apologise to the nation "before he dies" for selling out black people's struggle.

The league's president, Amukelani Ngobeni, said in a statement that Mandela would not have peace should he die without apologising for "selling out black people's struggle through the secret talks with the apartheid government".

Ngobeni said Mandela entered into secret talks and agreed on a compromised constitution which today makes it very difficult, or almost impossible, for government to deliver in its duties to service the citizens.

He said they were following with interest developments around Mandela's health, saying: "Many of his friends did not get an opportunity to apologise before they died, and he must consider himself lucky and use the opportunity for his soul to rest peacefully before it is too late".

He added: "Mandela and his friends were excited and could not wait to occupy the global political space at the expense of the struggle for complete political,  social and economic emancipation."

Nelson Mandela Foundation spokesman Sello Hatang said Mandela had always maintained "that he was always acting as part of the collective".

He added it would be best for the ANC to comment on Ngobeni's statement.

However, ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said his organisation would not dignify the statement with a comment.

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