Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Expanded Public Works Programme: hotbed of scientific activity

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a South African government initiative to buy votes using a democracy to facilitate the transaction. The poor get instant gratification from jobs in exchange for a long term cost to society. Money is stolen by government officials in other, less visible ways like lining their pockets with tax resources. It’s the kind of thing that America was NOT built on. Shhhhhh.

America is not cool in the eyes of the world I’m not supposed to mention it. (Independence and choice is not cool. Eh. Since when did western civilization become so adolescent?)

In a socialist society scientists are torn between the need to pay tribute to the corrupted tax cycle and the need to establish a credible reputation. Scientists’ reputations depend on sound reasoning but most scientists choose to limit their reasoning to very narrow fields and to balance their needs. After all, everyone avoids making sacrifices from the tax trough as much as possible.

At some point a scientist may need to cross over a threshold to make the transition from science to management. Such a transition should be seamless.  “The goal of EPWP phase 2 is to create 2 for poor and unemployed people in South Africa...through the delivery of public and community services.” In socialist programmes human nature becomes corrupted though and we can expect to find all sorts of anomalies. Like one scientist's suggestion to employ labourers to collect scientific data in the EPWP. Imagine how much scientific data they could collect if they employed 2 million labourers!

Scientists that cross over to management are no longer able to limit their reasoning to narrow fields of expertise and socialism may cause them to abandon all reason. 

Auguste Rodin, The Thinker

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