Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black people can’t be racist



It isn’t worthwhile commenting on the absolute drivel (except for the last sentence) found in this Mynews24 opinion.  Please note, as stated by News24, that anything posted in Mynews24 is the opinion of the user and not that of News24.








Having recently moved back to South Africa from Niger I am perplexed by all the Racism in this country. We left during apartheid. I came back because there is not much economic wise positive in Niger.

What bugs me most is the number of white people who say black man is racist. This is simply not possible.

For instance: In Africa there is 800 million blacks and around 5 million whites. Yet historically we have been enslaved, tortured, discriminated and sometimes hated- just because we have not the same level of education as the colonials who benefitted heavy from Greek and Roman empires.

For a few hundred years africans have had to fight for our land back, dignity , wealth and fairness. In South Africa the president in 1994 reached one hundred percent compromise with the occupiers, stating that all are equal. It is not so in other place in Africa like Congo and Zimbabwe where the indigenous people took violent revenge.

As a result of this compromise South Africa has flourished into what must be the Super Power of Africa. There are many wealth people black and white.

I have to ask that given the fact that white people have continued life as is one hundred perecent as it was during apartheid, how then can they say that Blacks hate them? marginilise them? and is racest towards them?

No, a South African black is not racist, he is the most forgiving, accomodating , respectful and kind and gentle.

BEE is not racially motivated. It is entirely economic. It is unfortunate that the poorest people in the country are the same ones hindered by Suprematist laws. The fact that we need to be given an "unfair advantage" is possibly the only sensible way to achieve equilibrium. I cant forsee BEE lasting forever and I doubt the ANC will rule forever, it is simply a neccessary, painful phase that is required for now.

It would be very nice for some white people to see all the clear advantage of South Africa, instead of sit on website complaining how bad it is.

Life's great, white people are great, black people are great!

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FishEagle said...

Life's great only for as long as white people carry the heaviest burden in the country. As soon as whites fail the country, which will inevitably happen, blacks will start murdering each other like in the rest of Africa and continue their genocide against white people. But to make a guy like this understand that blacks on average have a much lower intelligence and correlated human development index than all other races is impossible, given South African and global political circumstances. I blame whites for these circumstances.

FreeThinker said...

Too right you are, FE.

Ron. said...

The author of the Mynews24 opinion post's perspective is symptomatic of the dominant racial mythology espoused within the controlled academia & media establishment because White people were also enslaved / tortured & discriminated against by the various Colonial powers. The Irish were the first slaves brought to North America & were discriminated against for generations & even centuries later. Particularly the newer arrivals of the 19th cent.

Among the Africans who have had to fight for their land & independence were the Boer people but unfortunately this Black author would probably unfairly & unthinkingly lump them in with the actual White Colonials. The irony [ which seems totally lost on the author of the Mynews24 opinion post ] is that the role of occupiers is now filled by Black people - at least at the middle man level - as I realize that the "money power" in control is still the largely same as it ever was.

The Boers were among those resisting the Colonial occupiers for centuries: whether they were White Colonials [ such as the British ] or Black Colonials [ such as the Zulu "expansion". ] The author is obviously oblivious to the discriminatory effects of BEE & Affirmative Action. Or in denial about it. Such policies affect White people in general [ & even Indians & Coloureds too at times ] but have disproportionally adversely affect the Boer people [ an indigenous people who were often on the lower end of the economic spectrum under Apartheid ] who are being impoverished due to these discriminatory laws.

He claims South African Black people can not be racist? I guess this author has never heard of Julius Malema nor of the arguably more radical PAC & their Bantucentric policies. Well he does admit to leaving for Nigeria decades ago so he is probably out of touch with what is really going on in South Africa - but should not have much of an excuse for too much longer.

This is why it was & is essential to make an honest attempt to draw boundaries or to reinstate previous polities because when South Africa collapses: the powers that be will exploit the situation via the civil wars & inter national group fighting that will ensue to expand their totalitarian power over the entire region. This scenario will highly likely be used to justify the direct United Nations [ or other unaccountable supra national or global structure ] control over the entire region.

Anonymous said...


A must listen for all South Africans!
Listen to his other clips as well. Would love to see comments on this.

Anonymous said...

Ron, Nigeria is not Niger!

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

I know that as I obviously miswrote but it still does not change my basic point. I read it once & must have presumed he went to an English speaking country instead of a French [ at least officially ] speaking one in my response. The point was that he had been living outside of South Africa for decades & presumes to know what's going on.