Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apartheid made Maths difficult

Maybe one day the average westerner will understand the mentality of Southern African blacks.  That they have never been interested in being equal to any other nation, least of all a predominantly white one.  They want to consume everything in sight.  And if it is difficult for some or other reason, it is bad and the white man’s fault.

Even central and northern African tribes despise the southern tribes.  Not only for their violent nature towards other tribes and nations, but the fact that they won’t grant anybody else their little space under the sun.  Not even their own brothers.  Like the Malemas and Zumas who steal their countrymen blind.  There are other black Africans who would have used the opportunity presented in South Africa in the early 1990s to build something magnificent and maintain the infrastructure already in place.  Even within South Africa.  But, as has been the case since the first Boers moved into unoccupied land in the 19th century (the republics of Transvaal and Free State were established here) and tribes living in adjacent areas saw an opportunity to steal, rape and murder, the elements in power today plunder everything in sight.

Close on 2 decades after Apartheid ended, failing high school pupils are told that the reason they can’t do Mathematics at school is because Apartheid made it difficult.  These kids weren’t even born under the previous regime.  Yet Apartheid South Africa produced some of the most brilliant minds in people of colour.  Contrary to popular belief, they didn’t manage to study in exile.  Most of them obtained world-class qualifications at South African universities.  The same qualifications which obtained after 2000 are often laughed at in first world countries, because they are not worth the paper scribbled on.  Such is the collapse of not only infrastructure, but also standards.

Maybe Apartheid Maths was difficult for a reason other than to oppress people…

Apartheid maths

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