Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Afford others the same independence you once enjoyed, America!

I want to hold my friends to account for the mistakes of their country, the United States of America. During the past week or two there was an uproar in the Islamic world, particularly in Afghanistan, over the accidental burning of Korans by US soldiers. It was retaliation against the humiliation caused by the American military presence in Afghanistan, which has the stated goal that it wants to combat the influence of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Middle East.

I’ve made a lot of online friends from America. My American friends are fiercely patriotic and conservative. They haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that their country’s doomed, thanks to the inevitability of developing socialism in a democracy. The 1700’s spirit of their Founding Fathers is still deeply embedded in their culture and they’re fiercely protective of their independence. Their moral superiority is referred to as American exceptionalism.

Believe it or not, Americans knew humiliation once. The North American colonies’ humiliation ended shortly after the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 by the Continental Congress. Before they gained their freedom Britain imposed a series of laws and taxes on them and many colonists considered the laws to be illegitimate and a violation of their rights as Englishmen. They won their freedom from a corrupted British Empire after fighting the Revolutionary War. To this day, American culture cherishes independence more than anything else.

America won’t achieve anything in Afghanistan by the time it intends to withdraw its military from the country in 2014. Counterinsurgency tactics are used in Afghanistan, which were successful when used during the Malayan Emergency. During the Malayan Emergency the British armed forces assisted Malayans in defeating the Malayan People's Liberation Army, with their communist ideology. Following that war, the Malayans were given their independence from imperial Britain and Malaysia became Britain’s strongest economic ally in the region. However, the tactics used in Afghanistan cannot achieve the same success. The Afghanistan war’s ideological premise is flawed.

Before American military presence in Afghanistan there was thousands of Osama bin Ladens willing to take up the reigns of leadership for al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Today there are millions. When the British “won the hearts and minds” of the Malayan people during the Malayan Emergency, there must have been a mutual respect for people’s culture and values. Clearly the Americans in Afghanistan are not demanding any respect. Instead they have a similar double standard in their application of justice that they apply to majorities in America, albeit inversed. Apparently Afghans have destroyed Korans in Afghanistan before without any consequence.

Americans have a hell of a cheek when they impose their authority on other nations and simultaneously preach about the virtues of independence. Therein lays America’s problem. Its actions are counter-productive and contradictory. It should afford other nations the same independence it once valued. Let moral relativity be damned!

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Michael Dean Miller said...


Speaking as an ol' fashioned white guy from the American South, I agree and concur with the tone of this article.


Lime Lite said...

America can never win in Afghanistan. They should remove themselves immediately and save their men's lives. They have lost the battle - radical Islam will prevail. The sooner the West realises that it can't save everyone from themselves or their culture, the better for the world. Only the Afghans can change their country. As in Iraq, Afghanistan will return to the sand pit it was before American invasion and a few years from now, no one will remember why they were there. It will return to a worse state than what the US encountered in 2002. I also think that the US people have changed their minds and want their boys and girls back home. No one believes in that war anymore...

Anonymous said...

It is time the world told the muslims to go to hell, who do they think they are.