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State sanctioned farm murders in South Africa

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Transvaal Agricultural Union deputy chairman, Henk van de Graaf, lodged a formal genocide complaint against the ANC government of South Africa at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  Mr van de Graaf addressed the European Parliament’s international conference yesterday, attended by 50 European parliamentarians.

Van de Graaf noted that the ANC are encouraging farm murders in a deliberate atmosphere of violence.  The ANC continually spread lies about farm workers being poorly treated as excuse for the never-ending onslaught on white farmers.  Evidence for these false claims of poor treatment are never provided, because it doesn’t exist.

Six farm murders occurred in January 2012 alone – see: Reflections of a blood-spattered and cursed land and Crime worst for Whites.

Mr van de Graaf was interviewed by Nick Griffin MEP and also by Vlaams Belang.

Interview by Nick Griffin


Interview by Vlaams Belang

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Piet said...

The TAU guy speaks Dutch pretty well, he is from Belgian background?

FreeThinker said...

@ Piet: He must be.

Anonymous said...

Quote : The ANC continually spread lies about farm workers being poorly treated as excuse for the never-ending onslaught on white farmers.

If the farm worker’s are being so badly mistreated they do have legal avenues to air their grievances namely the
If these so called poorly treated workers were so unhappy they are more than welcome to approach this organization which leads one to believe that the worker’s are not mistreated afterall. In any case 9 times out of 10 it is external forces at play in the farm murders

Anonymous said...

Fred Rundle is dead?

Ron. said...

While it is great to expose the European Union to this situation - the tragic irony is that the EU's paymasters are in favour of this genocide so the only purpose this presentation serves is to help get the facts out to the wider world - but there will not likely be any help forthcoming from the European Union [ which was created for long term genocidal reasons against the European peoples themselves ] itself whose controllers are counting on the continuation of the genocide. Such is the corrupt world we are saddled with for now.

Also the persistent Boer dispossessing & damaging propaganda was present as usual with van de Graaf inaccurately implying that the term Boer & Afrikaner are interchangeable when most Afrikaners are not from the Boer people - thus intellectually destroying any hope of an authentic self determination movement by invoking the British created enemy propaganda of employing the term Afrikaner.

Whenever it is implied that the Boer are interchangeable with the Afrikaners - it is an intellectual license to dispossess the Boers & to cause them endless friction against an Afrikaner establishment which works overtime to prevent the Boers from regaining any form if self determination.

Ron. said...

Anon. Fred Rundle was reported to have died on Feb 1 2012. [ ]

Fred Rundle tried to get the Boer people recognized as an indigenous people at the United Nations but was disrespected when the delegation walked out on him - mainly out of ignorance as they probably just could not get past the paleness of skin. The following is an Associated Press report about the 1995 event.


GENEVA July 26 Sapa-AP

South Afrian whites get cold shoulder from indigenous Meet.

South African whites have met stony silence with their demands
that North American Indians and other indigenous peoples meeting in
a U.N. forum recognize them as native Africans.

Many delegates attending the week-long meeting of the U.N.
Working Group on Indigenous Populations walked out Tuesday during a speech by Fred Rundle of the Interim Council of the Boer People, descendants of Dutch colonists. [ Ron edit: No they are mostly not of Dutch descent. ]

A daily summary published by the forum Wednesday devoted lengthy paragraphs to the remarks of other speakers, but said of Rundle that he simply "delivered a statement."

Several people who left told reporters they thought the Boer
organization was trying to use the meeting for political purposes
in South Africa. [ Ron edit: ??? I guess the inherent right of self determination in the face of oppression is now regarded as a "political purpose" like campaigning for a political party or organization. ]

On Wednesday the Boer representatives were again allowed to attend, but were essentially ignored. The forum admits any
organization that wants to attend.

Rundle claimed the Boers had developed a distinct culture in
more than 300 years in Africa. [ Ron edit: not just a "claim" but an observable fact. ]

"The Boers are a people all by themselves - they have their
own unique history, their own traditions, own festival days" and
other features "all developed in Africa," said a council

The group is demanding that Boers be treated separately from
other whites in South Africa, saying they have been wrongly lumped together with other European-descended Afrikaans speakers and English-speaking South Africans. [ Ron edit: But whenever anyone points out this obvious fact they are attacked by myopic folks who refuse to look at the big picture & insist that it is better to dilute the natural strength of the Boers by co-opting them into an elite controlled synthetic population. ]

The Boer organization is demanding an independent territory. [ Ron edit: which they had in the 19th cent. ]

"This has nothing to do with race or racism - merely the desire of an indigenous people to be themselves and to rule themselves in their own territory," said the council statement.

The working group, which meets annually, includes representatives of indigenous groups in many parts of the world, including aborigines from Australia and Pacific islanders. ] [ end of 1995 Sapa-AP news report. ]

Ron. said...

Fred Rundle used to run a website called Freedom 2000 which was aimed at exposing the truth under the new South Africa & to petition for Boer self determination. His website was among one of the first pro-Boer self determination websites I had found during the 1990s shortly after I started going online. Another long running voice of the Boer Republican movement is silenced. I doubt he was perfect but he was in the fight back before most of us here were even born. The Right Perspective interviewed him at least a couple of times & was supposed to return again sometime to talk more about that 1995 meeting which if it had gone the other way could have helped get the Boers some further solid international recognition.

Ron. said...

The cognitive dissonance regarding the use of the term Afrikaner is ironic when Henk van de Graaf correctly notes the problems with multiculturalism but does so while promoting the term Afrikaner which is itself multicultural in nature as it is applied to two White Afrikaans speaking peoples & also often to a number of mixed race Afrikaans speaking peoples. If one is serious about the dangers of multi culturalism then one must be consistent & recognize the substitution of sociological terms for civil terms. When one goes about trying to regain self determination for ones' or a particular ethnic or national group: one must use the correct term of the people you are trying to represent otherwise any multi-culturalist term [ like Afrikaner for example ] will only serve to undermine & dispossess the very people in question.

Ron. said...

Just look into how JBM Hertzog defined the term Afrikaner [ he used it to describe both Afrikaans & English speaker ] to see how just how multi-cultural the term is within the White population alone. Not a very useful term when one is attempting to advocate for the self determination of a people who constitute a minority within the larger White population.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron!