Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mother and 4-year old daughter raped

_45332826_05bbc20080522mg2-300x193More black-on-white violent crime.  A fact not mentioned in the article for obvious reasons.

from Carletonville / Fochville Herald:

A nightmare experience unfolded in a Driefontein home on Thursday, 24 January at approximately 04:30.

The complainant, a mother, and her daughter (4) were asleep in their home on the mine property, in Weaver Street., each in their own bedroom.

The woman was woken abruptly by someone who had picked her up and lifted her out of her bed.  Her eyes opened to three unknown men who had entered her house.  

“One of the men started undressing the woman, stripping her of her clothing,” tells Sgt Busi Menoe, Spokesperson of the Carletonville SAPS.

Menoe continues to tell that the woman was then raped by one of the men.  Once he was done with her, his fellow accomplice took his turn in raping the woman too.  The horror did not end here.

“While the second man was raping the woman,” Menoe tells, “she had to listen to her little girl’s screams, as the third suspect had gone into her room and raped the four year-old.”

Once they had done what they went to do, which was to rape the woman and her little daughter, the three suspects fled the scene.

The woman attended to her daughter, and walked through the house to see what else had been stolen, but all that was missing was a DVD Player, two speakers and a cellphone.  Police were then notified.

The same woman’s house had been broken into just a day prior to this terrible incident too.

The Carletonville SAPS’s Detective Sergeant Dennis Zuma is investigating this case, and urgently requires the assistance of the public.  If anyone has any information which could possibly lead to the arrest of the suspects who raped and robbed this woman and her daughter, they need to call Sgt Zuma at 083 458 9383 or 018 787 9300.

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