Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Land Settled Was Vacated Prior.

The land that the Boers settled into north of the Orange River - initially under Hendrik Potgieter - during the mid 19th cent was fairly vacant due to the Difaqane of Shaka decades prior. Upon those vacated lands the Boers established numerous republics with at least two to three receiving international recognition. The following maps show that the Boers settled into vacated / depopulated & unoccupied lands during the era of the Great Trek.

The above map taken from page 578 on World History: From 1500 By William J. Duiker, Jackson J. Spielvogel. This map shows how it was the Boers of the northeast Cape frontier who went on the Great Trek & that they settled into a depopulated region.

Taken from: When the Loerie Sings Again. Notice once again that it demonstrates that the Boers of the Cape frontier went on the Great Trek & that the Boers trekked into a depopulated region. This is not to say that there were no people at all still there but their numbers were quite small as its population was reduced due to the inter-tribal war of decades prior.

There is another important point to remember. The Boer Republics were not the result of a Colonial nor European power but were rather the direct result of a homegrown people whose ancestors were nomadic pastoralists [ whose main migrations of the 1700s are shown on the above map ] who cut their ties to Europe [ noted in The Great Trek from Oliver Ransford within Chapter one among other authors ] quite early on becoming part of the African landscape long before the Great Trek. Thus the establishment of the Boer Republics was the natural outcome of a freedom struggle of an indigenous or homegrown people seeking a significant level of self determination.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pandora’s Apartheid Box

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Mike Smith from Mike Smith’s Political Commentary started this series of articles on Apartheid a couple of years ago.  It is well worth the read.  You probably know everything about the propaganda.  How about some facts?
We suggest you read the article from Republican Trekker Volk on the true origins of Apartheid as an introduction to Mike’s articles.
TIA MYSOA created an index to the individual articles.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The face of the law in South Africa

Read the complete article at Censorbugbear about a black Correctional Services official so pissed, he can’t get to his feet.

That’s the reality of the new, improved South Africa.  Blacks will get away with misconduct like this, while whites are terminated from jobs on trumped-up charges.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Mother and 4-year old daughter raped

_45332826_05bbc20080522mg2-300x193More black-on-white violent crime.  A fact not mentioned in the article for obvious reasons.

from Carletonville / Fochville Herald:

A nightmare experience unfolded in a Driefontein home on Thursday, 24 January at approximately 04:30.

The complainant, a mother, and her daughter (4) were asleep in their home on the mine property, in Weaver Street., each in their own bedroom.

The woman was woken abruptly by someone who had picked her up and lifted her out of her bed.  Her eyes opened to three unknown men who had entered her house.  

“One of the men started undressing the woman, stripping her of her clothing,” tells Sgt Busi Menoe, Spokesperson of the Carletonville SAPS.

Menoe continues to tell that the woman was then raped by one of the men.  Once he was done with her, his fellow accomplice took his turn in raping the woman too.  The horror did not end here.

“While the second man was raping the woman,” Menoe tells, “she had to listen to her little girl’s screams, as the third suspect had gone into her room and raped the four year-old.”

Once they had done what they went to do, which was to rape the woman and her little daughter, the three suspects fled the scene.

The woman attended to her daughter, and walked through the house to see what else had been stolen, but all that was missing was a DVD Player, two speakers and a cellphone.  Police were then notified.

The same woman’s house had been broken into just a day prior to this terrible incident too.

The Carletonville SAPS’s Detective Sergeant Dennis Zuma is investigating this case, and urgently requires the assistance of the public.  If anyone has any information which could possibly lead to the arrest of the suspects who raped and robbed this woman and her daughter, they need to call Sgt Zuma at 083 458 9383 or 018 787 9300.

Friday, February 03, 2012

State sanctioned farm murders in South Africa

anc_dees-300x266HT: Censorbugbear

Transvaal Agricultural Union deputy chairman, Henk van de Graaf, lodged a formal genocide complaint against the ANC government of South Africa at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  Mr van de Graaf addressed the European Parliament’s international conference yesterday, attended by 50 European parliamentarians.

Van de Graaf noted that the ANC are encouraging farm murders in a deliberate atmosphere of violence.  The ANC continually spread lies about farm workers being poorly treated as excuse for the never-ending onslaught on white farmers.  Evidence for these false claims of poor treatment are never provided, because it doesn’t exist.

Six farm murders occurred in January 2012 alone – see: Reflections of a blood-spattered and cursed land and Crime worst for Whites.

Mr van de Graaf was interviewed by Nick Griffin MEP and also by Vlaams Belang.

Interview by Nick Griffin


Interview by Vlaams Belang