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Malema continues hate-speech whilst praising Mandela

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JANUARY 6 2011 -- THABA'NCHU, FREESTATE, South Africa.

Journalists Willem van der Berg and Pieter Steyn of Volksblad newspaper reported that the “suspended” ANC youth league leader Julius Malema, now elected as a senior member of the influential Limpopo ANC's executive committee, and thus more powerful than ever before, has launched into one of his by now world-infamous rampages against “white owned” mining houses and repeated his demands that all “white-owned” land must be confiscated.

He repeatedly sang the banned song “KILL THE BOER”, to the delight of his 1,000 followers present at the meeting in Thaba'Nchu.  Just a day earlier about 700 people held a violent demonstration in which they protested vehemently against the ruling ANC.  This caused SA president Jacob Zuma to cancel his planned visit.

Yet only a day later a 1,000-member crowd cheered Julius Malema, who has since his suspension as president of the ANC youth league after a disciplinary hearing, been elected as a senior member of the Limpopo ANC executive committee.

The journalists present at the meeting said Malema continued making the same anti-white hate speech statements and again incited his followers to sing the banned song “KILL THE BOER”.

Malema reportedly also said at this meeting that he doesn't want to “chase all the whites into the sea”: on the contrary, he wants whites to work for him as domestics, he wants to humiliate them instead: “Within ten years I want whites to work as domestic labourers”, he said in a rousing speech, often breaking into his infamous “KILL THE BOER” song.

And then he added: “domestic workers are raped in the boss' and madam's bedroom but they cannot say anything because they will lose their work.”

He also spoke of his suspension as ANC youth league leader, and said “individuals make mistakes and leaders shouldn't then threaten with disciplinary actions.  You can never suppress a revolutionary”, he yelled.

He ranted against banks, mining houses and white-owned land and said: “the media mustn't tell me I own land.  I own a little bit of land”.  He praised ex-ANC president Nelson Mandela for “his visionary leadership which convinced the ANC to drop its peaceful resistance and start the armed struggle”.

“Mandela told us it didn't help to write letters to the Queen of England. He said we must take up the weapon - and he said this when he was a member of the ANC youth league. And we will have to do the same thing if we want our economic freedom today”, MALEMA said.

After his speech, the minister of sport Fikile Mbalula, also attacked the ANC in a fiery speech and said that the ANC youth league was “AN AUTONOMOUS AND MILITANT organisation.  The mother-body should not try to change that, they will never be able to do that.”

Mbalula was lavish in his praise of Malema.  “There have been many great youth-league leaders before Malema and they all became great leaders. They all went through the process to reach the top.  So why can't Julius?”

Mbalula also said it wasn't relevant that the ANC's lavish year-long party would cost R100 million. “What's money, it's f—k all,” he cursed.  Throughout this meeting, the crowd was constantly encouraged and inspired to sing “KILL THE BOER”.

Meanwhile just 20km away from this venue, SA president Jacob Zuma paid a flash-visit to the Botshabelo former mission-station township.  He promised residents “piped water” soon.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see if I have this straight... the ANC promoted a rabid dog named Malema rather than charge him properly with hate crimes.

So, Malema wants the mines, but which mines?

Since Oppenheimer pulls ALL the strings at the ANC for the IMF, I wonder how many of Anglo American's and deBeers mining competition are going to be put out of business? You have to know that Malema is being used to perform a corporate consolidation for Oppenheimer and once the job is done, I imagine so will Malema (be done).

Malema is such an ignorant tool, I actually feel more pity than anything else for this fool. It's just a shame that so many people will be hurt by Malema doing Oppenheimer's bidding.

Keep an eye on who Malema attacks, it will shorten the list of criminals.

Elof said...

That picture said it all ;)

Anonymous said...

Great idea Malema, we will fire our blacks and employ white domestics and gardeners.
I am busy setting up a training house to create the best ever domestic workers and gardeners, within a year you can have the best white workers ever!!!