Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dubious Creators of the Apartheid Museum.

Further confirmation that things are often not quite as they seem. I do not know if it has been mentioned here before but: the creators of the so called Apartheid Museum [ which is contested by a previous owner of the term Apartheid Museum who insists that he has the legal rights to the term ] are about the most unlikely candidates for having created it as they only did so in order to obtain the legal right to open a casino which is adjacent.

The following excerpt is from page 61 of a thesis entitled: Making Memory Space: Recollection and Reconciliation in Post Apartheid South African Architecture.

Truth is often stranger than fiction.

The Apartheid Museum is the brainchild of Abe and Solly Krok, entrepreneurial brothers who wished to take advantage of legal revisions that allowed for the establishment of casinos and gambling in a country previously constrained by conservative values that denied such activities. As if to highlight the dubious origins of the museum, the brothers made their fortune during Apartheid by selling toxic skin lightening cream to black women.190 The Kroks wished to develop a casino within an existing theme park and pseudo-mining town on the outskirts of Johannesburg - Gold Reef City, a successful and popular tourist attraction. In order to gain approval for the casino’s construction from the City of Johannesburg, the brothers had to produce a ‘social development’ project. After considering a variety of options, the idea of a museum was identified as a means to increase tourism, stimulate the economy and create employment.191 It is positioned in open field, on a seven-hectare site which consists of natural recreated veld and indigenous bush habitat containing a lake and paths, and on the edge of a car park, adjacent to the roller-coaster and other rides that make up Gold Reef City theme park and casino.

This revelation is further substantiated at: Apartheid: Now in Museum Form. It's almost like having a Voortrekker Monument created by Sir Alfred Milner or some other figure who capitalized on British Colonialism. [ Though oddly enough the Voortrekker Monument was designed by Gerard Moerdijk a son of Dutch immigrants who spoke English at home during his formative years. ] The ironic & downright cynical creators of this museum sort of compromises the entire project.

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Anonymous said...

A microcosmic whorehouse on display comes FREE! with the wholesale auctioneering of the NEW! South Africa...On SALE NOW!

Anonymous said...

Your articles raise issues that mainstream media overlook.
Censorbugbear is another website that pricks the pus of the boil that is our society.

You are a necessary voice brave enough to take on the NIS. You deserve a medal. Thank you

eduard said...

Please put the following link onyour website:!
It is also notable that it was two khazars who started the apartheid museum. They were our most formidable enemy, shaking your hand smiling in goodwill whilst stabbing you in the back. They will make bucs out of anybody's misery.