Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cadres blamed for failing departments

It must be fairly clear that the corruption of the ANC is clearly visible through all levels of government, from local municipalities (of which hundreds are essentially bankrupt) through provincial to national government.

Since the Auditor General is not white and couldn’t thus possibly be one of the “racist, previously advantaged at the expense of others, longing for Apartheid, people who should rather leave the country” crowd, I wonder what is wrong with him?  He doesn’t seem to blame the previous white government.  He seems to highlight systemic issues with awarding government contracts.

And, like with the crime statistics and everything else reported by this regime, you have to remember that this is what has been audited.  You cannot audit something which has not been documented.  And the proof exists of the number of municipalities and provincial departments not being able to supply accounts worth auditing.

You would be forgiven for thinking the current regime is running out of excuses.  But then again, they only need one.  The previous white, racist government.

248359_10150270540786474_708791473_8862281_1316556_nfrom Citipress:

Cadre deployment and nepotism are the main causes of under-performing government departments, the Christian Democratic Party said today.

“The Auditor General’s consolidated report on provinces clearly demonstrates that government must reconsider its continued blaming of apartheid for various woes,” party leader Theunis Botha said in a statement.

“The main problem lies with the present, not the distant past.”

According to the report, 69% of provincial departments employed non-competitive practices and 35% of tenders were awarded to government officials or family members, he said.

“Wasted expenditure increased from R189 million to R850m.”

Botha said that as long as the AG’s reports were not taken seriously and real efforts made to drastically improve the situation, the country would continue to underperform.

“Ridiculous election promises will remain pie in the sky and apartheid will once again be blamed. Some political maturity is seriously lacking,” he said.

Auditor General Terence Nombembe released his 2010/11 General Report on National Audit Outcomes in Pretoria on Monday.

He voiced concern about all but three of the 39 national government departments. The three were environmental affairs, public enterprises and science.

More than R20 billion spent by national and provincial departments has been found to have been unauthorised, irregular, wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

Nombembe highlighted supply chain management, a division through which contracts and tenders are awarded at both national and provincial departments, as a key problem area.

On Monday, the Federation of Unions of SA urged the government to stop “cadre deployment” and to curb corruption in local, provincial, and national government.

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Anonymous said...

I don't even go on holidays to SA anymore...the stink of corruption makes my belly ache, even thinking of landing in JHB International (oops sorry, that's an old fashioned racist label, let me correct myself) O.R. THAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, gives me the willies...