Monday, December 26, 2011

The truth is always out there

We hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones this Christmas.  There are hundreds of thousands of South African emigrants who were most likely far from family and friends.  I can tell you from my own experience that this is something you never get used to.  Not being able to see family and friends at a snap decision.

Rainbow NationYou can ask any citizen from any country who has gone down this route just how difficult it is.  Whether you do it for career prospects or lifestyle.  It is ten times worse when you do it because the country you have helped developed is being systematically raped and plundered, by its own government and civil servants.  Let alone the criminal elements who engage with these corrupt officials in order to enrich themselves.  It is worse, because you inevitably have to leave behind family and friends in an environment which you know is deteriorating on a daily basis.

Now you can listen to arguments all day about how things have improved since the ANC’s version of Marxist democracy was implemented in 1994.  What you have to keep in mind is that South Africa has historically been the strongest economy in Africa.  The only proof you need of that fact is that hundreds of kilometres of electrified fences had to be erected on South Africa’s northern borders during the “evil Apartheid regime’s” tenure, not to keep citizens from leaving like in the good old Soviet occupied East-Germany, but to keep keen Africans out of the country.  Africans with enough grey matter to realise being second class citizens in South Africa was far better than first class citizens in their respective black government African countries.  I dare you to mention this fact alone to the bunch of libtards and wait for their response.  Just don’t hold your breath whilst waiting.

acidThe libtards will tell you how the ANC built houses and gave utilities to thousands living in squatter camps.  They just forget to mention that the people living in squatter camps was a result of scrapping influx control.  That the government has no idea how many illegal immigrants are in the country today.  One of the reasons for numerous xenophobic attacks on other black immigrants is the fact that they obtained jobs rather than the locals, because they were prepared to work harder (or work at all) in light of their experiences in their own black government run African countries.  The libtards won’t mention that the thousands of houses and schools built by the previous government were of better quality than what the ANC provides today.  We posted some of the statistics of the previous government a few weeks ago – research done by Mike Smith.  Read it again and ask yourself what makes sense, what sounds like truth and what is propaganda.  You should know by now that propaganda is the only tool of the libtard.  The only truth you will hear from these people, is their own admission of smoking pot and using drugs, something they are usually proud of.

I recently came across a video clip of Carte Blanche, one of the few sources of some trustworthy journalism from South Africa.  Please watch it and take note of certain parts.  The fact that people are often murdered for no reason at all, like we and others have stressed so vehemently before.  That it is nothing to do with crime, but rather hate crimes against whites and also other races.  Just like farm murders have nothing to do with theft or poverty, these crimes are committed by elements which know they’ll get away with whatever they do.  That in the worst case scenario where they get caught (and you can research the minute minority of cases actually solved), there will be an official prepared to take a bribe to make a case docket disappear.

Also note how a previously disadvantaged individual compares the inferior environment his teenage children has to grow up in to what he was used to.  Note how some whites proclaim that they are prepared to work together if there was a government interested in building a country.

Or believe the propaganda of your local feathered LSD crack-head who tells you that all people emigrating from South Africa are racist supremacists.  Racist supremacists with the kind of advanced education and skills necessary to make a success in countries where even being politically incorrect isn’t tolerated, let alone racism.  Imagine that.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one old buddy!
Happy new year to one and all...We still hope for a change in the course SA is seemingly committed to, but the forces of history are overwhelming. Even if the slow motion train smash is averted, so much damage already done is irrevesable and the SA of old is broken beyond repair...Nevermind, we keep her alive in memory at least.

batalaland said...

but then what d'u do with the larger picture that's so dismal? if you are but a tiny cog in a very large rusty machine, where do you begin?