Sunday, December 11, 2011

South African Police Farce part 5

SelebiI’ve said it before.  I admire the honest, hard working and noble individuals still doing their best, endangering their lives on a daily basis, to provide effective policing in South Africa.

Reality of course is that they are fighting a losing battle.  How can it be any different though when the leaders are setting such good examples?  One after another is suspended, in most cases with full pay, while the court cases drag on for a year or more.  At the taxpayer’s expense.  It is no surprise then that the infrastructure in South Africa is falling apart, because funds are wasted on crap like this.

I am not even going to attempt to state in my own words what Mike Smith has so eloquently written in the last few days.  I will just note the links here and you can read how two women were raped by uniformed police officers and the criminals at work INSIDE the South African Police Service.

I will leave you with a few photos taken of South Africa’s police force in action.

SA cops









SA cops2








SA cops 3

Sa cops 4

SA cops 5

Judging by the background, this photo was taken at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg








SA cops 6

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