Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Evil Apartheid Regime

n45627790097_1360229_9657The following was sent to me in an email, without citing the original source.  Even though some of the statistics seemed familiar, I could not quite remember where I had seen it.

Turns out the source is Mike Smith’s “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box” -series of articles.  It doesn’t surprise me.  He is the type of guy who will do painstaking research into any topic he writes about.  His series on Apartheid South Africa is well worth the read.

But then I am a bit biased.  Because Mike Smith and Uhuru Guru occupy top positions on my most-admired bloggers list.

You have probably heard all the propaganda about the “oppressive” white government in charge in South Africa before the Marxist ANC regime took power.  The millions of blacks killed by the white government.  When in actual fact more died at the hands of other blacks than the government. There is no proof of that phenomena in the “new, improved” South Africa, with the astonishing crime rate, is there?

Look, any right-minded individual will tell you that there were some silly laws that required filing in the dustbin.  Some sooner than later.  But if you know anything about the history of South Africa, you will know that many of these silly laws were ditched long before the criminal ANC could implement their self-enriching, embezzling regulations from 1994.

So how about these interesting statistics about “Apartheid South Africa” then?

From Mike Smith’s “Pandora’s Apartheid Box”:

The Apartheid government built ten Universities for blacks including Medunsa, which is a unique medical university that turned out 200 highly qualified black doctors every year.  All at state costs, paid for by the white taxpayers.  It also trained paramedics and nurses.

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year, every year.  More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31-fold from 35,000 to 1,096,000.  65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana 52%, Tanzania 50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22).  Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year.  At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day.

In 1985 there were 42,000 black students at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.  But many foreigners have never even heard of the homelands.

In an article called "Die Afrikaner", 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called "Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that South Africa had 4.8 million whites and 18.2 million blacks in 1987.  The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%.  Despite this, 56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

During the time of Dr Verwoerd, the living standards of blacks was rising at 5.4% per year against that of the whites at 3.9% per year.  In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum.  Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

Even Lord Deedes admitted: "White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty."

At the height of Apartheid in 1978, Soweto had 115 football fields, 3 rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 cricket fields, 2 golf courses, 47 tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 bowling alleys, 81 netball fields, 39 children play parks and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.  In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 post offices and its own fruit and vegetable market.

There were 2,300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen and around 1,000 private taxi companies.  3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners.

Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa.  The blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

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Anonymous said...

Let the truth be known. You don't mention that the tax rate in the 1980's for the average White tax payer was in excess of 40% of gross income!!

Anonymous said...

You remember how grandad always used to say....

"There always was and always will be seperate racial divisions in SA, the mistake we made was giving it a name in 1948: Apartheid"

Since 1994, all that has changed is that we did away with the name...

Anonymous said...

I saw a message on the SABC2 news banner this morning that said; In the time of Apartheid when the Government build homes in the townships, they always put in two fruit trees in the garden of every house and trees in the streets!

The anc guvvermunt build RDP houses that do not last past the first big rainstorm! Go Figure!!

Anon@ 2:09 PM, I am that grandad and I still say so!!!