Wednesday, November 02, 2011

South African Police Farce part 2

It is difficult to decide which is worse.  The absolute corruption in each and every state department in South Africa or the total incompetence of BEE or AA appointees.

Here is another example.  A white 22-year old student is viciously attacked by a black man after a Bible study session at her apartment in a security complex.  Such was the heinous nature of the attack that medical personnel who treated the student described it as the perpetrator virtually dissecting her.

Even though previous warrants are out for this man’s arrest, he was not listed on the SAPS public register for violent criminals.  No, that is not the worst part yet.

So he gets caught.  At which point the demented animals like the vile lapdog, her delusional feathered friend and crack head buddies can jump up and down and shout “Crime is down.  Crime is down.  Criminals are being caught.”

That is until the criminal complains of “feeling ill”, is taken to hospital after the two bafoons disguised as cops remove his handcuffs and leg irons and allow him to escape through a toilet window.

Yet, that is not the end of total incompetence, corruption and thuggery.

The two cops, I mean bafoons, appear in court for defeating the ends of justice.  So a newspaper reporter takes their picture while in court.  They are released on warning.  So what do they do?  They follow the reporter who took their photograph, take pictures of him and note down his vehicle’s registration number.  You can only imagine for what purpose.

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Anonymous said...

This why I don't live in South Africa anymore, well, that and the government would shoot me on sight (at least that's what I have been told). SA has become a joke when it comes to any form of rule of law. But at least it's consistent, it appears the only rules are there are no rules. Funny thing, BEE and AA are mentioned, my understanding is that these kinds of programs are put in place to help minorities. Who the fuck is the minority in SA? It sure as hell isn't the blacks. If the government of SA wasn't so corrupt, I'd say they were clueless but they have been taught well in the art of graft by Oppenheimer and the IMF.