Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Secrecy Bill hits Wikipedia

Secrecy bill wiki

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Apparently Jacob Zuma was approached for comment.  You can read his comments below:


Secrecy bill2

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Anonymous said...

This bill is a "licence to loot" Previously the ANC Heroes did it brazenly under the pretext of their "struggle" credentials and nobody dared accuse them of graft/ fraud/ corruption and those that did, were dismissed as racists.

This guise is now wearing thin due to the endless onslaught of investigative journalism (probably SA's last chance at real democracy), and the length of time since apartheid ended...People are starting to ask questions and expect honest answers from accountable politicians...A very uncomfortable phase is being experienced by the useless ANC a-parrot-chiks and therefore a one- size-fits-all solution is called for...Enter the POIB.....

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah blah... I say good! Go ahead with the secrecy bill, mines nationalization and white owned farms expropriation without compensation. Then, and only then, people will finally wake up; well, hopefully. All these futile attempts by hypocritical deluded liberals (where is their mass action when farmers get regularly murdered?) at opposing the ANC are getting nowhere. It just gives them this mistaken sense of worth, poor sods.
The only solution is fight... there is no going back!

Anonymous said...

That's not THE FINGER sign, that is just his finger missing his nose as he was about to shove it up to change his mind!!!

Fur ball said...

Just what does the ANC have to hide???