Sunday, November 20, 2011

South African Police Farce part 4

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The problem with criminal thugs running the SAPS, is that it sets a good example for mindless twats.  Like a certain Juda Dagane.  Juda was or still is a forensic investigator at SAPS.

Below is an extract of his comments on the Julius Malema Facebook page.  He hates whites.  He wants to be part of a genocide against them.

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Anonymous said...

You say absolutely nothing about the Afrikaners and Afrikaans cops who conspired to murder Chanelle Henning. Now why is that?

FreeThinker said...

@ Anon Nov21 - Send us the relevant information and sources and we will gladly publish it.

When I heard about the incident a few days ago, nobody had been arrested.

Corruption in any government and by any person in a position of authority needs to be exposed.

I'm guessing that you also missed our post on the Helderberg and the previous SA government's involvement in that.

Now why is that?

Anonymous said...

Family of Henning cop go to ground

The family of disgraced Pretoria detective Constable Gerhard du Plessis, the alleged triggerman in the assassination of 26-year-old city school teacher Chanelle Henning, have gone into hiding.

Their disappearance comes as a sixth suspect appeared in court last week in connection with the alleged sourcing of the firearm used in Henning’s murder.

The Pretoria News has learnt from sources close to the investigation and to Du Plessis’s family that his wife fled with their three daughters.

They fear retribution following the policeman’s confession before a Pretoria magistrate on Tuesday to his alleged role in the murder.

A policeman close to Du Plessis said his family had apparently been threatened.

“The friends of the people that ‘Doepie’ is said to have operated with in the murder are furious about his confession.

“They are also livid over his co-operation with police investigating the killing. They (the family) are scared.

“The people behind this are powerful people who are extremely dangerous and not afraid of killing.

“You just need to look at what happened to this young mother to see what these people are capable of,” said a policeman.

Another officer said those like murder accused Nigerian Olympian Ambrose Monye, who was recently acquitted of murder, were notorious for their use of violence in dealing with people.

“They are definitely not people you would invite for tea, or have dating your daughter.

“They are not people who politely (ask you) to do something.

“They go out to at a minimum break bones,” said the officer.

While police have denied assisting Du Plessis’s family in finding a place of safety or providing security for them, it has been learnt that assistance of some sort has been provided.

Colonel Neville Malila on Sunday said the family were not being given protection.

“They have moved out of their house of their own accord and are staying with friends.

“I am not at liberty to say where they are staying, or who they are staying with.

“They are trying to stay away from the media. They do not want to speak about this at all,” he said.

Henning was involved in a bitter divorce battle with her estranged husband, Gauteng and North West millionaire businessman, Nico Henning, when she was shot dead in a drive-by shooting.

This came moments after she dropped off their five-year-old son, Benjamin, at his crèche in Faerie Glen two weeks ago.

On Wednesday, Deon Schoeman, 20, appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court in a separate appearance from those allegedly behind the assistant teacher’s death.

Schoeman, who was released on R1 000 bail, is alleged to have stolen the gun – a .38 Special revolver, which was allegedly used in Henning’s murder – in a burglary in Hercules, west of Pretoria, earlier this year.

The five accused who face murder charges: Du Plessis; André Gouws – a former Sunnyside policeman and a close friend of Henning’s husband; Monye; Preshad Singh and Willem Pieterse are due to appear in court on Wednesday. Schoeman, who was arrested with Singh, will appear in court again on December 13 on a charge of firearm theft.

Malila, said that Schoeman – who had not been charged in connection with Henning’s murder – could also face an alternative charge of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Nov21 - This person Juda talks of a racial genocide against ALL White people.
Although totally unacceptable, the cops in question only killed one woman, and only after waiting until she had dropped of her son at school.

A big difference, no?

Anonymous said...


A gardener who killed his employer’s wife – whom he really liked – for a promised house and money, wiped tears from his eyes on Thursday as the Pretoria High Court sentenced him to an effective 18 years in jail.

Lucas Moloi, who has been diagnosed HIV-positive and suffering from TB, this week asked the court’s forgiveness for killing former air hostess Cordelia Prinsloo by bashing her skull in with a garden spade.

Moloi said she was a nice woman and he got along with her, but he needed the money his employer, Cordelia’s former husband Cobus Prinsloo, had promised him.

However, he received nothing after the murder.

Prinsloo, a prominent geologist, this week pleaded not guilty to the murder. His case will proceed on Friday.

Moloi said he was “more than willing” to testify against his former employer.

Judge Winston Msimeki sentenced Moloi to 18 years for the murder and a further three years for theft. He ordered that he serve an effective 18 years.

The theft charge was because Moloi stole various items out of Cordelia’s home after dumping her body in a bed of flowers on the smallholding she shared with her estranged husband north of Pretoria.

Moloi pleaded guilty to the murder but said Prinsloo had offered him R50 000 and a house for killing his wife.

Cordelia was watering the garden on the morning of October 12, 2009, and had asked him to fetch a spade.

He said he saw this as his chance to kill her, as requested by his employer. He hit her several times on the head and on the collar bone.

The woman died instantly and he pulled her body to a nearby flower bed, where he left it.

Prinsloo later “discovered” the body. Moloi said he had killed the woman for money and Prinsloo had promised him nobody would ever know what had happened.

Judge Msimeki said the act of taking a life was reprehensible.

“It is always difficult if a loved one dies of natural causes. It is even worse when a loved one dies due to murder.”

Society looked at the courts to mete out harsh punishments where appropriate and there should never be a stage that the community felt it had to take the law into its own hands, the judge said.

He told Moloi: “You waited for the right moment to kill her. You wasted no time as you hit her on her head, causing her to die.

“You said you got on well with the victim, but you murdered her, all because of greed.”

While Moloi said his employer took advantage of him by asking him to kill his wife, the choice to do so was still that of the accused, the judge said.

“You killed the victim who did nothing to you. One only hopes the truth will come out during the trial of accused number two (Prinsloo).

“She trusted you and even asked you to provide the murder weapon (spade), which you used on her. All this, just because of greed.”

The judge said this was a contract killing, adding that assassinations and contract killings had to be rooted out and the perpetrators had to face harsh punishments.

“The blows you delivered to the victim were such that she would never have survived. You intended to remove her from the face of this Earth. The murder was so well planned that you were even given the assurance by accused number two that you would not be caught.

“You have to be punished for your dastardly deeds,” the judge said.

Cordelia’s siblings, Angie le Roux and George Schoonraad, said afterwards that they were satisfied with the sentence, but it would not bring their sister back. They would now closely watch the trial of their former brother-in-law. - Pretoria News

Anonymous said...

What did you whites who voted these s***heads into power expect from this racist communist Anc ??? s???