Sunday, November 20, 2011

South African Police Farce part 3

Just when you thought losing 20,000 firearms in 3 years, 10,000 cops in jail and a criminal former police commissioner and Interpol president being handed a 15-year sentence couldn’t get any worse for SAPS track record…

CeleFrom News24:

Taxpayers fork out R1.3m for Cele's salary

Johannesburg - Taxpayers will spend at least R1.3m a year on suspended national police commissioner Bheki Cele's salary, according to reports on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Tummi Shai said the current salary of the police commissioner was between R1.3m and R1.5m a year, the Sunday Tribune reported.

Taxpayers were also expected to fork out millions more on Cele's legal fees.

Cele was suspended on October 24 on full pay, for his alleged role in the procurement of two police leases worth R1.6bn.

Taxpayers had already spent more than R30m on the legal costs for former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and former Ekurhuleni metro police chief Robert McBride, according to the report.

Selebi was convicted of taking bribes from drug dealers in July 2010 after being suspended between February 2008 and July 2009.

McBride was convicted of drunk driving in April this year after being arrested in December 2006. He was dismissed in September 2008.

Selebi and McBride are both appealing.

Meanwhile, the board of inquiry into the leases was taking formative steps, with the three-member board meeting to receive important documents, the Sunday Tribune reported.

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Anonymous said...

Who can possibly not be cynical and negative about life in ZA? I mean OK, it is not South Zimbabwe (yet) as the proponents of the rainbow nation keep shrieking out, but the real SA of today is only a shadow of what it could have been post 1994...Sad thing is, we will never know what the New South Africa could and should have been...Sometimes I feel like a Mum that lost her baby to cot death, always tormented about the future that could have been...I think we should ditch that silly little phrase "New South Africa" and replace it with "Real South Africa" Nobody is fooled anymore, it sucks.