Saturday, October 22, 2011

South African Police Farce

sapgoggles-420x315You should know by now.  It all goes tits up when Marxist terrorists run the show.  In actual fact, you only need socialists in power for a country to be destroyed or millions to be killed.  Or both.  Just ask any of the 200 million killed by communism and socialism.

But the right wing poses the real threat, or at least according to the media.  Just like the Tea Parties in America.  Real racist terrorists they are, even cleaning up behind them after a rally.  Unlike the 60s hippie wanna-be “Occupy Wall Street” movement whose members defecate on police vehicles.  Which brings me back to my point.

The good old South African Police Farce.  If it’s not former chief Jackie Selebi (pictured below) dragging its name through the mud (mind you, he hasn’t started his sentence yet, so maybe this is another Shabir Shaik case), it is the fact members manage to lose 20,000 firearms or that 10,000 of them are already in jail.


SelebiYou have to feel sorry for those members of the force committed to upholding law and order.  Those who go about their duty in the face of ever increasing danger, even from within the force itself.  It is a difficult occupation in any first world country, let alone the environment many find themselves in with SAPS.




Just look at the following incident reported on by Censorbugbear and Beeld.

Afriforum was contacted after constable Angelique Kok, an Afrikaner police woman, was allegedly cursed by Brig Ndebele for “not driving with her blue lights on” when they were on patrol Friday-night in Sunnyside, Pretoria.

Ndebele was in a police car next to hers and yelled out the window.  The young female constable then stopped her vehicle and climbed out - gesturing to Mrs Ndebele to repeat her comments because she couldn't hear them properly while driving.

Ndebele was in another car with a police-colonel.  Ndebele then walked over to constable Kok's car, took the keys from the police vehicle's ignition and climbed back into her own car with the colonel.  Constable Kok then went to Brig Ndebele's vehicle asking for her keys back as her police-dog was not allowed to remain alone in the vehicle.

Ndebele responded by telling Kok “don't you salute the colonel?”.  Kok responded by saying that she had 'not seen the colonel' (it was at night), but then Mrs Ndebele snarled at the young Afrikaner police officer: “You think you are special because of your skin colour, because you are white”.

W/O Kok's police car was then driven away from the site by someone else.  This occurred at a notorious prostitution spot on the corner of Schoeman and Wessel Streets in Sunnyside.

The young police constable was left standing alone without any transportation or any other colleagues.  She was carrying only her police-revolver.

Kelder said: “Police management claims to be so worried because so many police-officers are being murdered, but then an SAPS-brigadier leaves a young female constable, armed only with her service pistol, alone amongst a bunch of drunk men and prostitutes”.

W/o Kok had to contact a friend to come and fetch her.  She was so traumatised by the racial abuse and the entire experience that she's undergoing psychiatric counselling.  W/o Kok, accompanied by Mr Kelder, placed a charge of crimen injuria at the Lyttelton-police station in Centurion.

This was confirmed by SAPS capt Pinky Tsinyane, provincial police spokesman. “The police are aware of the case.  Once the investigation is complete, the dossier will be referred to the directorate of public prosecutions for a decision whether the case will be prosecuted in the courts, or not”, Tsinyane said.

If you think for one moment that this black, racist “senior officer” in the force will be reprimanded, you haven’t been paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

Selebe in the dock looks like the Cheshire cat....checkit his eyes with that smiley! Fux You Whitey!

Krokodil said...

So many Blacks and other ANC hanger onner's have been vastly over-promoted in all walks of South African life, especially the police and armed forces.

Are there any competent fit-for-post senior Black cops or generals? Maybe, but they're well and truly outnumbered by the useless and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

....and now even Selebe's successor has turned into a hopeful monster. It's beyond a farce, it's like that movie from the eighties "FEED ME SEYMOUR.......

Unknown said...

Well she Ndebele has recently been dismissed from the SAPS. She went too far