Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mud hut dwellers at it again

26578_358413915816_537235816_4273322_3720906_nWhat do you do when a court accuses you of hate speech for singing “Kill the Boer”?  Why, it is obvious.  You sing “Shoot all the white people” instead.

In case you wondered, “mud hut dwellers” is a term which has nothing to do with people in a specific abode.  It refers to a type of people with a specific mentality and mental capacity.  You wouldn’t expect from mud hut dwellers to understand anything beyond the boundaries of their huts.  Malema is therefore also a mud hut dweller.

HT: Censorbugbear.  Source: Rapport

A group of ANC youth league supporters of Julius Malema sang the song “Shoot all the White People” at the university of Witwatersrand on Friday-evening, 14 October 2011.

Tokelo Nhlapo, a member of the Student Representative Council at the university and also a member of the ANC youth league sang the song while the group was waiting for Malema's arrival to deliver a speech on 'economic freedom'.

Nhlapo started singing the first phrases of the prohibited hate speech song Ayesaba amagwala, but replaced the words  ‘Shoot the Boer’ (dubul'iBhunu) with “dubulu lekgoa”, which means Shoot the White People.

Asked what he meant by singing those words, Nhlapo replied: "I have the right not to comment. I prefer not to say what I meant'.

Co-ruling ANC-party spokesman Keith Khoza commented that this was an unknown version of the Shoot the Boer song. "We have never heard of this version'.

ANC youth league secretary-general said this ' Shoot the White people' song was 'not the song of the youth league'.  The president of the co-ruling Cosatu-trade union movement, Sdumo Dlamini, said he 'rejected the song, it sounds like hate speech'.

Prince noted that Judge Colin Lamont had earlier prohibited the singing of the song "Ayesaba amagwala" because it WAS hate speech.

The ruling African National Congress party has however lodged an appeal against this decision by Lamont in the Constitutional Court.

It was also reported by SAPA that the ANC under the chairmanship of Derek Hanekom continues its internal hearing against Malema and five other youth league leaders behind closed doors.

Keith Khoza confirmed that testimony was given by Housing Minister Tokyo Sexwale - a member of the ANC national executive committee. The hearing is taking place behind closed doors at the Nasrec stadium in Johannesburg.

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Anonymous said...

I like the intro, it clearly defines that the article is not to be read with "racist" spectacles...Shame that we have to resort to that type of rhetoric even though it's quite understandable considering that the onslaught from the left is increasing in volume....

Is it not ironic though that black nationalists find themselves in a similar situation? Having to say one thing yet mean another?

Methinks there will never be a meeting of minds, we are doomed, black and white, have's and have nots, to continue to grope in the dark until what? Until the class war erupts full scale and the have not's (almost entirely black) Heave themselves into a mass revolution and extinguish all possible hope for a future in South Zimbabwe...

Shame, what a waste.

Anonymous Bosh