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Don’t project your prejudice onto Afriforum

Capture3Kallie Kriel, CE of Afriforum, responds to the anti-Afrikaner psyops of Adriaan Basson.  Notice how News24 now suddenly picks up on the incorrectly published figure of 100% decrease in farm murders.  50% to 100% – real believable “typo”, isn’t it?  Maybe it is in the New South Africa, thanks to the new, improved education supplied by the ANC.

By the way, have a guess which “reliable, educated” blogger republished garbage of a 100% decrease in farm murders? (He can attempt to change it now, we’ve got the screenshots.)  Let me put it to you that the same mind which produces the most vile language you can possibly come across in alternative media, is the same mind which will mindlessly reproduce such utter nonsense as a 100% decrease in farm murders.  Unfortunately this is what you get when relying on a communist regime to give you history lessons and mass media to educate you.

In case you have forgotten already, these “100% reduction” statistics on farm murders are the same farm murders made out to be a hoax, the same hate crimes made out to be nothing less than ordinary crime, the same crimes where the victims are ALWAYS tortured and in many cases nothing stolen, the same murder cases where police dockets mysteriously disappear and perpetrators set free by the same police farce losing 20,000 firearms in 3 years and of course not necessarily investigated by the 10,000 members of the South African Police Farce in jail (Jackie Selebi doubly excluded).

Things in South Africa are absolutely splendid – that which could possibly be “incorrectly interpreted” as negative, which also doesn’t exist, just reduced from 100 to zero.

Addendum: Please read comment to related link below

From News24:

Dear Adriaan,

Your open letter to me reveals that your criticism against AfriForum is not really based on what the civil rights organisation does or says, but rather on what AfriForum is.

The facts that AfriForum draws wide support from Afrikaners and that its membership trebled over the past 18 months present a problem when you and pro-Julius Malema commentators judge AfriForum based on your embedded negative stereotypes about many Afrikaners.

You and a number of commentators apparently find it difficult to accept that right-wing organisations receive little support from Afrikaners these days and that most Afrikaners want to promote peaceful coexistence.

It is this group of Afrikaners who increasingly support AfriForum’s justified ideals.You will naturally deny that you apply double standards to organisations like AfriForum.

Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to a few examples of yours and other critics’ double standards.

After the Equality Court had convicted Malema of hate speech against women in the Sonke Gender Justice Network case most people, including AfriForum, reacted positively to the court’s protection of women’s dignity.

I assume that you also reacted positively to the ruling, as I have not seen an open letter from you to the justice network in which you accuse them of misleading women and polarising the community.

When Jon Qwelane was found guilty of hate speech against homosexuals, the response was also positive.

In this instance you didn’t write an open letter to the Human Rights Commission – who took the matter to court – accusing them of polarising people.

Yet, when AfriForum approached the court for similar hate speech against Afrikaners and won the case, you found it necessary to accuse the organisation of misleading Afrikaners and polarising people.

Failing to recognise that it ought to be just as unacceptable for Julius Malema to call Afrikaners dogs that should be shot, as it is to degrade women, homosexuals and black people, testifies to your double standards.

It seems you have been taken in tow by anti-AfriForum propaganda to the extent that you follow a selective approach to reality.
You acknowledge that AfriForum took action against Malema and Judge Nkola Motata’s racist tirades, but ignore AfriForum’s public criticism of incidents in which black people were degraded by the use of the offensive k-word.

In your attempt to discredit AfriForum, you used statistics selectively and incorrectly.

For example, you ask why AfriForum didn’t issue a positive media statement after what you call a decrease of “100%” in farm murders.If your assumptions are correct, it means that farm murders are not happening any longer.

If it was so, I can assure you that AfriForum would have been the first to congratulate government on this achievement (The published figure of 100% is wrong.  The correct figure is 50%. This was also corrected on the News24 website – editor).

Your assumption that AfriForum does not have legitimacy among black people owing to, among others, its choice of campaigns like the Malema case, distorts reality.

Do you really believe that the majority of black people liked to hear Malema’s polarising statements and to see an intimidating Malema surrounded by armed guards at the court?

Despite your criticism, AfriForum will continue to step in when Afrikaners are treated unfairly, without being ashamed of who and what we are.

I invite you and other people who still harbour prejudices against people with whom you disagree to help build a society based on mutual recognition and respect.

Naturally, this does not mean that we may not disagree with each other.

However, stereotyping the participants in a public debate is not conducive to constructive dialogue.

Instead of trying to discredit AfriForum through baseless stereotyping, you should first consider the organisation’s morally justified arguments.

Best wishes,
Kallie Kriel,
Chief executive: AfriForum



  • Family executed on smallholding – the following comment was left on the News24 site:
  • Lions Man - October 3, 2011 at 11:35 - This happened next door to my wife's parents place in Walkerville. The little boy was drowned in a bath of boiling hot water (from the police on the scene) and they have linked the garden boy at the property and my parents in laws domestic workers son to the crime through finger prints lifted at the scene. The police have said they will shoot them on site. I was there on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened and we had no idea what was going on a couple of 100 meters away. The property where this happened has an 8 foot high electrified fence around it but obviously because this was an inside job the fence meant nothing. It has been proven that 8 out 10 of these crimes are inside jobs. This is now too close to home and we have decided to emigrate from South Africa, bare in mind my wife has a Doctorate in Science and I have a Masters degree in Science. So Julius you are achieving what you have set out to achieve.

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She's firing on all cylinders C'tain!
Aye, that she is indeed squire....Keep up the good work matey....

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Going by T.A.U's figures, the farm murders decreased from around 70 from the previous year to 33 for the year. Because I know it's important to this site I should mention that's of all races. I got this information from T.I.A-mysoa. He can confirm it for you.

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"The ANC government is worse than the apartheid government", Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said in Cape Town on Tuesday.

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Mybe it's dropped that much because there aren't that many left over. They have been killing farmers for what 20 years or so ?

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great site! I stumbled on it after entering "love south africa" on google it was third! Lots to read here I hope I have time...Cheers from "sunny" Ipswich LOL :D...