Saturday, October 08, 2011

Black traffic officers assault white farmer

76d0135118ca4c6fb679eb249632a56aYou know, the demented psychotic blind fools praising the ANC government for supposedly building houses (for illegal immigrants) and supplying electricity (which is never paid for by those “previously disadvantaged”), never care to tell the other side of the story.  Like the liberal socialist left, the truth remains a scarce commodity.

This is the latest example of a corrupt criminal government, whether you are referring to provincial or national level.  This is what happens when Marxist terrorists are handed a civilised country and expected to govern it.

A white farmer, being stopped for a non-functioning brake light on his vehicle is harassed and assaulted.  When he indicates that he will be laying charges, he is left to drive off, only to be pursued by 4 traffic police vehicles, forced off the road and attacked like only savage beasts can.  Two of his workers grabbed his two hysterical kids and ran off with them to protect them from the vicious attacks of the traffic officers.

One can only imagine that it must have been a traumatic experience for the two workers as well.  So this is yet another example set by the Marxists in charge.  While they are supposedly providing for the poor (read enriching themselves), they couldn’t give a rat’s bum who is the victim, as long as it isn’t them.

Now any sane person realising they have done something stupid, will either attempt to cover it up or own up to it if they possess any moral standards.  These criminal thugs actually boasted about their “achievements”.

The post has been translated from Beeld, an Afrikaans newspaper,  by a friend.

"This is what a white c*nt looks like after we f*cked him up"

This is how Mpumalanga traffic "officers" bragged after they seriously assaulted the 42 year old farmer from Grootvlei.

Mr. Rikus Ras' two toddlers went hysterical while about ten traffic "officers" assaulted their father.

Little Heinrich (2) and Rikus (3) were with their father when he was stopped by the traffic "officers" at a t-junction.  "I have never in my life been so humiliated and afraid for my life. Fearing the very people who were 'appointed to protect the public'..." he said.

One of the traffic "officers" told mr Ras that his one brake light was defective. Mr Ras got out of his car and checked the light. An argument started and the traffic "officer" started pushing mr Ras around and head-butted him.

Mr Ras informed him that he was going to lay a charge at the police station for the assault.  He then drove of towards the town to go to the police station.

A couple of kilometres further he was forced off the road by 4 traffic police vehicles.

That was when all hell broke loose. One of them tried to break his window while another was choking him through the back window of his pickup truck. One of the "officers" sprayed teargas into the cab of the vehicle.

Two of Ras' workers who were on the vehicle pulled the children through the window and ran away with them for their own safety.

The traffic "officers"dragged him from the vehicle, swore at him, made racist remarks and assaulted him.

He was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he was charged with assault, crimen injuria, and refusing to comply with an order from a traffic "officer".

He was later taken to the Grootvlei police station where he laid charges against the "officers" and he was released on a warning - no bail required.

Mr. Joseph Mabuza, spokesman for the department of safety and security confirmed the incident.

Lt.Col. Leonard Hlathi, police spokesman confirmed that they are investigating the case.

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Anonymous said...

Once again it's evident and just a sad fact of life that it's just the way many of these so-called people are. Either they're ruthless, power-hungry maniacs without a single ounce of compassion or they simply revel in their own misery. If they somehow break the bounds of this misery (in monetary terms) then all too often it means they're on their way to becoming the former.

They are incapable, yes, INCAPABLE of running anything and least of all a country. It has been proven time and time and time again, libby libtards. Time to come to grips with reality here.