Friday, October 28, 2011

The Afrikaners’ misguided attachment to the Netherlands

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Anonymous said...

Why single out the Dutch?
What has happened to this blog?

Every European nation was against Apartheid.

FreeThinker said...

First of all, nobody has singled out the Dutch.

Secondly, this is a perspective from another blogger.

Lastly - most European nations couldn't give a rat's bum until the libtards started their propaganda.

Ron. said...

This just shows how much power an erroneous belief can have. The establishment push towards an over identification with Dutch appears to serve an ulterior motive. It would be like the Serbs & Croats believing that they have a strong "Russian heritage" & neglecting that they are mainly a Hellenic people[s] who simply speak a Slavic derived language / dialects. The Dutch component of the Boers & Afrikaners in general is estimated at 35 % at most [ as Professor J A Heese noted ] & it turns out that it is even much LESS than that when taking into account the fact that most of the so called "Dutch" that the VOC sent to the Cape were in fact from the minority Frisian ethnic group. A lot of the so called earliest "Dutch" arrivals were even in fact from a German group so the notion of Afrikaans folks having a strong Dutch heritage is a curious meme which is countered by the facts. I wonder if part of the Dutch heritage mythology is not part of a clever program to rationalize the Orange / White & Blue usurper flag in the minds of the Boer segment & to lull them into a trance like acceptance of their erroneous connection to the Cape Dutch segment.

Further interesting is the fact that Anglo-Boer War era author & ZAR citizen C H Thomas proclaimed that the Afrikaner Bond was curiously being propped up & directed by some Dutch elites back in the Netherlands. Link to document in question. Thomas also curiously asserts that the Dutch elite [ from the Netherlands ] & their Afrikaner Bond appendage were the driving force calling for a war between Britain & the then independent Boer Republics.

No. While the National Party certainly had its fair share of Afrikanerized Boer descendents in it - it was not a "Boer party" [ as the article erroneously alludes ] because the term Boer was suppressed in the name of building a tenuous & illusory Afrikaans coalition.

[ under the National Party government, they weren't allowed to know a lot of their own rich history and the word "Boer" wasn't used much by National-Party ministers. ] From: Adriana Stuijt. Link to the post.

Now it should be noted that the Boers were "also under Apartheid" as noted by Theuns Cloete of Boervolk Radio on Jan 6 2007 on American shortwave / internet radio as the Boers had to live under decisions which suppressed Boer self determination as made by the National Party Afrikaner dominated government.

Furthermore it should be noted that conflating Apartheid with the Boers is unjust & erroneous as Apartheid was initiated by the British Colonial administrators then later expanded by mainly Afrikaners: who main leaders - particularly the ones who expanded Apartheid [ such as Hendrik Verwoerd / Werner Eiselen / & D F Malan ] were not from the Boer population group. I always find it most curious how the term Boer is often used in relation to Apartheid & the National Party [ who worked so hard at suppressing Boer self determination ] yet the same folks often then turn around & deny the existence of the actual Boer people. Hmmmmm... Looks like the propaganda technique being employed here is one of calumny of a people & then the denial of the very people evoked within the calumnious portion.