Friday, September 30, 2011

How the ANC “reduces” crime

From Mike Smith’s Political Commentary


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I see the demented fowl is trying his best to befoul this site with his Marxist propaganda again.  As usual and can be expected from spineless Marxist supporters, he doesn’t even have the guts to post comments under his usual nick.  We’re tired of you, little psychotic animal.  For a delusional being apparently attracting thousands of hits to his site, you’re sure spending a lot of time here.  Or are you just taking a break from your inappropriate and illegal voyeuristic excursions?  In China yet?  I hear they aren’t so strict on this type of thing.

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Anonymous said...

Where would we be without Uncle Cracker? Yes he does have a way to cloak his message around what is easily dismissed as "racism" (which is his only weak spot) but at the heart of M Smith is a great intellect and a well researched fellow to boot.

As far as your summary of the Rooster is concerned, I think you are spot on...voyeur-in-extremis and big talk no action...

Anonymous Bosh

Adrem said...

Yes, indeed! The Uncle is one in 5 million and if we had just a handful more of his kind, matters would have long started to look different. He is a hero and every genuine SA patriot admires his intellect and dedication.

Regarding the term 'Racism' - since everything factual said about Blacks which isn't 'politically correct' is automatically deemed racism, the word has become a totally different meaning.