Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crime down?

You have heard the various claims that incidents of serious crime have reduced.  We even had a comment on here saying that it would be difficult manipulating serious crime statistics.

Remind me of the claim a while back that the matric pass-rate in schools increased by 10%.  What happened within a month of this claim?  Evidence of how the statistics were fudged.

Well well.  The Mail & Guardian gives us the following.  And remember folks, nothing is ever what it seems when Marxist terrorists run the show.

A police report leaked to the Mail & Guardian alleges that a captain at Paarl station had the responsibility of manipulating crime statistics to reflect a lower incidence of serious crime.

The report was sent to the Western Cape police commissioner, Mzwandile Petros, on June 15 this year by director Vincent Beaton, who had just been appointed station commissioner of Paarl station.

Beaton had instructed an inspector stationed at Paarl crime intelligence to analyse all complaints of theft and malicious damage to property laid at Paarl police station for the period May to October last year. His report to Petros contains sworn statements from four officers at the Paarl station.

"The docket analysis for [this] period indicated 65 cases had been wrongly registered. Statements were also obtained which strongly suggest that the statistics were manipulated," Beaton wrote.

His report says instructions were issued that certain police officers should first be contacted before the registering of priority crime, listed as housebreaking, murder, rape, robbery, assault with grievous bodily harm (GBH), theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles.

"It is also further alleged," Beaton wrote, "that Captain [Hildegard] Mackier had the authority to change the charges of reported crime to ensure a reduction in registered serious crimes. [Serious crimes were changed to less serious crimes.]"

Beaton wrote that the acting commander of the Paarl family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit had told him that former Paarl police station commissioner Mzwandile Tiyo had instructed officers not to open rape cases, but rather to record them as inquiries.

"I request the provincial commissioner to investigate these serious allegations and to temporarily remove … Mackier, pending the outcome, as her integrity has been tainted and compromised by these allegations," Beaton's report says. Mackier has since been transferred to the Cape Town crime intelligence unit, police spokesperson Billy Jones told the M&G.

The sworn statements Beaton appended to his report include:

  • A police superintendent referring to Tiyo's instruction that Mackier had the mandate to change the charges and must be informed at all times about any priority crimes. "Sometimes Captain Mackier said that a crime scene cannot be a housebreaking/theft out of motor vehicle, or assault GBH because the station stats are already red [that is, higher than in the preceding year]. Then she [would] change it to MITP [malicious damage to property], theft or assault common," wrote the superintendent.
  • A police inspector saying inquiries instead of case dockets were sometimes opened. He cited the case of a woman claiming she had been raped and assaulted by a man she knew. "I personally took these statements and prepared case dockets but later learned that inquiries were opened," he wrote.
  • Another Paarl police inspector saying Tiyo had instructed the station's crime combating forum to inform Mackier and the sector managers of any priority crime that occurred in the station area, before the registration of the docket.

Jones told the M&G that Tiyo has since moved to the Cape Town police war room, which coordinates police information on serious crime.

He said the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) was investigating the allegations. "Although the officers [Tiyo and Mackier] seem eager to dispute these allegations, it would be improper for them to comment … when they still have to be interviewed by the ICD," Jones said.

Petros's office told the M&G it would decline to comment "as it does not want to jeopardise the ICD investigation".

Moses Dlamini, national spokesperson for the ICD, said it could not complete its investigation until information it had requested from Petros's office was handed over.

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Anonymous said...

All these allegations in the D.A stronhold ! Tut, tut, tut.

Still they can't fudge the murder number. That remains a fact. Here are the M@G findings.

Dr Chris de Kock, the head of the police's crime research and statistics unit said murder was one of the most reliable statistics as all corpses were recorded. "There is no under- or over-reporting," he said.

Dr Johan Burger, senior researcher for the Crime and Justice Programme at the Institute for Security Studies, told the Mail and Guardian that the institute had been working hard over the past three weeks to verify crime statistics, due to the cynicism with which they are often met.

"We did our homework," Burger said.

The ISS looked at figures from Grant Thornton, the South African Banking Risk Information Council, the petroleum industry and the Consumer Goods Council. He said all indicators showed crime was indeed down.

"It is drastically reduced in some cases."

Business Against Crime (Bacsa) President Lorinda Nel said that the decreases "are in line with the figures we calculated". Bacsa studied figures from the insurance industries, banks, the motoring industry and the petroleum industry.

Both Burger and Nel put the decreases down to better partnerships between police, private security firms and business.

Anonymous said...

I personally think anyone who gets upset at the notion that violent crime is decreasing is quite is a dark place in their life. Who wouldn't be please that violent crime is decreasing ?

Crimes will still happen and any above 0 murders a year is too many. But I think there's a little room for hope when the violent crime rate keeps coming down. Certainly when a thing shows consitant improvement you're not being smart by being hopelessly pessimistic about it.

Anyone who "loves my country" should give a moderate amount of praise to those involved in reducing crime. The problem is it's seldom people rather social conditions that decreases crime. So let's hope we can keep improving those. People with something to live for are very unlikely to engage in violent situations.

Anonymous said...

Are the crime stats fudged? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Great to see the baton passed on and the blog continues...btw, had a look at some older posts, this blogspot is really mild...What the hell was the hoo-hah about? Seems some people give themselves too much hard-on credit for "closing down" all the "right wing" blogs...

Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall, overs kedovers very soon in South Zim:

Krokodil said...

Didn't know you guys were up and running again.

Good stuff!

ILUVSA an "extremist" website - what a load of rubbish!

Bit late now (did a search on the off-chance) but will catch-up in the next day or so.

Welkom terug.

Glenn Elsden said...

@ Anon - 3:25 AM
You said - “they can't fudge the murder number.”

What about suicide mortalities?

Although suicide is no longer a crime in South African, hence the reason why there’s no mention thereof in the latest SA Police Crime Report for 2010/2011, it remains a loophole whereby the murder stats can be manipulated.

There are numerous reports suggesting that suicide is on the rise in South Africa, yet it is near impossible to obtain accurate statistics. Some sources mention that there is at least one suicide committed every hour in South Africa. How many of these so-called suicides are murder?

Some of these death inquests take years to complete. Do you really think the SA Police will transfer the figures back to “crime” once foul play is suspected, sometimes years after the suicide incident?

Answer that one, my friend!

Glenn Elsden said...

Suicide stats ‘alarming’ Constitutes third largest cause of unnatural deaths in SA - Link here

How many are undetected murder cases?

Anonymous said...

sorry bud, no offence, but are you a rank amateur stuffing around, or are you going to blog? Get on with it!

FreeThinker said...

No bud, no rank amateurs here.

But like so many of our distinguished contributors have stated in the past, we have our own lives too. We have done a hell of a lot to expose the criminality and corruption, never mind the hate speech and racism of the ANC, over the years.

And all we need is one crazy nut murdering dozens of innocent youths and left-wing nuts create a manifest to link it to anything remotely conservative and not accepting the status quo of the day.

Not to mention the vile beings which befouled (befowled?) this site so many times.

What have you done lately to expose the truth, apart from displaying your impatience here?

Anonymous said...

How many are undetected murder cases?


Probably none. It's pretty hard to be murdered and have it written off as a suicide. I think the family and loved ones would probably have a vested interest in that no ? Yes, even here.

Glenn Elsden said...

@Anon 3:21AM

You are horribly wrong, or extremely naive!

Let’s explain this a little differently...

Cop arrives on the scene... finds man shot in head with .38 revolver lying next to him. What does he see? He sees a suicide, and not a crime. Result – the scene is not treated as a crime. In other words, if it were a staged suicide (murder) much of the evidence will be lost! This scenario happens all the time in SA... more frequently than you think!

Insurance companies prefer the outcome to be suicide as most policies exclude it.

In cases where the deceased has no life policy the family will normally be very upset that their beloved family member has committed suicide. They will thus demand further police investigation. Besides the fact that the State will seldom (usually NEVER) change a final conclusion on their official reports, there will be very little evidence (usually NONE) to prove the contrary. Families, who can afford it, will sometimes hire professional investigators, but they too will experience an attitude of noncooperation from the State. Believe me; I have firsthand experience with this issue!

I can go and on about the level of unprofessionalism in the SA Police when dealing with these matters. They are too pressurized for time, and the sooner they can declare a potential crime scene “a suicide” the better! I have dealt with a number of these cases, in my private capacity as a ballistic expert, and can write volumes on this subject!

Some of these cases are eventually solved, but it can take years to apprehend the murder suspect(s) and to finalize the matter in court.

My question was: Do you really think the SA Police will update their murder stats once the truth finally comes to light? The answer is NO – they don’t!

Now go try and make enquiries with the authorities regarding this issue... all you will ever here is Eish!!! – year in and year out!

Krokodil said...

Big thumbs-up to you guys on ILUVSA - you are sorely needed and very much APPRECIATED for all the hard work and effort you do!

Not kissing arse; just an acknowledgement that most people are just too dumb or timid to buck the trend (or tell the truth).

Carry on manne - your voice is both reasonable and needed in these deceitful and troublesome times.

Anonymous said...

The suicide rate in s.a is around 15 per 100 000. Same as the UK. Even with (as you suggest) them mostly being murders its still the same. I think you might be wearing too much tin hat on this one. Why would we have less suicides than a so called first world country ?

Glenn Elsden said...

@Anon 4:23 AM (aka Rooster)

The article I linked to above @ Sept 22, 9:12 AM quotes Professor Schlebusch as saying that about 6 000 to 8 000 people commit suicide in South Africa every year, making suicide the third greatest cause of unnatural death in the country after homicide and unintentional causes.

You’ve quoted stats (without providing any source), but SO WHAT if the stats are around 15 per 100 000 and if they are the same as the UK… That’s not the point of my argument!

This is why it’s useless trying to debate ANYTHING with you Rooster, and why I suggest you stay the hell out of my way, and off my blog!

…and do us all a favour, and stay off this one too!!!!

Tin hats – my arse!!! U -- ^%#@$dickhead!

FreeThinker said...

He is incapable of debating citing facts. Hence the fact that he waves the white flag one second and flies into a fit of obscenity the next.

The best thing is just to ignore him - he is so vain that his BS shines through, even when posting anonymously. Every now and again we let one through, but even that is getting boring.

I think my best description of him was a psychotic animal.