Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norway tragedy

norway-flagWe unconditionally condemn both the horrific actions of what is clearly an evil individual who took the lives of so many young people in Norway and any suggestions that we are connected to any political or religious movement whatsoever, left or right aligned.

There is never an excuse for violence as a means to resolve differences.  That is why we have been very outspoken on this blog against people like Julius Malema with his continual references to killing people and inciting violence.  We don’t condone hate speech and never will.  We don’t condone corruption and never will.

It is clear that certain individuals have had their knives in for ILSA and have been threatening to close us down because we expose corruption in the ANC (and elsewhere) and it doesn’t portray a positive image about South Africa.  We have not and never will incite people to violence like so many individuals in the ANC do.  The same goes for extremist groups of any kind.

We have always had a policy of not even allowing continuous vile language as used by bloggers like The Rooster and Dachshund.  They are the same people who threatened to close this blog, “for the fun of it”.

The history of this blog shows that we have condemned farm murders as well as xenophobic attacks on black immigrants in South Africa.  Many posts on this blog were not written by the contributors here and we have always provided sources for other material.  Like with everything else in life there will be parts in all posts that some people will agree with and others not.  Even the contributors have differences in opinion on certain matters.  One of the aims of this blog has been the opportunity for people to discuss issues without getting aggressive or threatening each other, hence our strict policy on use of language.

In any case, the media will say what it wants to, regardless of fact.  We won’t.

Good luck South Africa.  May your problems be resolved and the corruption cleaned up.  But our hearts are with Norway today and will be for a very long time.

In the not too distant future you will see some interesting and thought-provoking articles here.  For the time being, we thought it appropriate to pay our respects to those who lost their lives with a minute's silence...

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Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

The media was quick to cast blame on Christians & conservatives despite the fact that the suspect held political positions which were neither Christian nor conservative. If he were an authentic so called Right Wing extremist - there is no way in hell that he could have also been a Free Mason as was discovered seeing as both camps would view the other as an anathema. Furthermore it was discovered that his original Facebook page was removed & another false page was set up AFTER the attack which listed his interests as "Christian" & "conservative" which were not part of the original page. Something smells about this whole thing.

Viking said...

well said, Islandshark.

I would like to concur completely with your sentiments so well expressed in the above. We do not and have not ever endorsed violence towards anyone on this site, while we acknowledge the ANC and their lackeys continually express hatred for their white countrymen and particularly for farmers.

Other than in cases of self-defense against violent, criminal attacks, this blog does not condone violence of any kind in South Africa.

Katzenjammer said...

I have never threatened to close down ILSA, Islandshark. What Rooster does is his own business and I don't believe in censorship unless someone might get physically hurt as was the case with another blog putting up addresses showing where to go and beat the crap out of bloggers that these other bloggers did not agree with. This is called aggravated menacing and is a criminal offence anywhere in the world, even in South Africa.