Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nationalization Critics Offer No Alternatives, ANC's Malema Says

Note the headline says "ANC's Malema"

This article is from the San Francisco Chronicle. A Google search will confirm how the utter stupidity and moronic utterances of Idi-aMalema are spilling over internationally...Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?

Just one year ago the Country was engulfed in the euphoria of the soccer world cup and now it's strikes, revolution and nationalisation....What a drag...

July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Critics of a call by the African National Congress Youth League to nationalize South African mines and banks are full of "hot air" and offer no alternatives to the agenda for "real economic transformation," said Julius Malema, the League's president.

"All we hear from all these forces is that they are opposed to nationalization of mines and expropriation without compensation. They have no alternatives and proposals on how the country moves forward," Malema said in an e-mailed statement today.

Comments by businesses that the nationalization debate threatens investment and jobs in the country amount to intimidation, Malema said.

At a national meeting last month, the League called for "economic freedom fighters to intensify the battle for total economic, social and political emancipation of the black majority," Malema said.

Included in the organization's "program for economic freedom" is a call to put in place legislative mechanisms that "empower the state to expropriate without compensation for public interest," Malema said.

The ANC Youth League will talk to businesses and organized labor in the next few weeks about its plans to nationalize mines and banks, he said.

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Krokodil said...

Mal-enema is an arsehole - as we all know; unfortunately, he gets a lot more airtime than what is deserved. That is probably more a reflection on the media than anything else (bad news sells).

He was quiet during the World Cup, last year, 'cos the ANC bigwigs told him to shut-up during the tournament - they did not want to be embarrassed.

As a typical arrogant African arsehole, his desire is to bugger-up the "economic powerhouse" of Africa for thoroughly, historically, discredited economic ends.

What's wrong with him and his ilk? Must they never learn? Is Africa always destined to bugger-up under self rule?

Pensioner said...

This idiot is such a big DOOS, there isn't a box big enough to put this this DOOS in!!!!

Exzanian said...

Clem Sunter (paraphrased)

we have four flags which – if they start rising – will increase the probability of this (failed state) scenario. The first one is nationalisation - which will be viewed by the majority of the world as an extremely retrogressive step. The second is a clumsy implementation of national health insurance....The third flag is a media tribunal with punitive powers.....The fourth flag is an outbreak of land grabs which will surely lead us down the same path as the country north of us.

None of these subsidiary flags are raised at the moment...

Huh? Now I'm not sure where Clem is sourcing his reading material from or where he spends his time (perhaps he feel obligated to paint a "rosy" pictureof SA given his position) but certainly the first flag is raised (as this post proves) The 2nd is in the process of being implemented...The third is busy being debated and the fourth is being screamed out loud and clear by almost every black in the country...

FreeThinker said...

Clem isn't paid to describe the truth.

He is paid to maximise the bottom line of his masters.

Anonymous said...

@krokodil...and others.. Like that awful wait at the headmasters office, the pain of South Africa is being extended by the efforts of those who still believe that SA can change course. The end is inevitable. The tsunami of arrogant and absolute (mugarbage style) zot rule is not far off, kiddie malema is just a very small (and visable) example of whats coming. Wake up and smell the coffee and get the hell out of there while you can. The only thing that may help is the sudden dicovery of gazillions of barrels of oil, at which time the USA may ship thousands of "peacekeepers" over to come to "protect" South Africans. I'll put that dream in the same pipedream box as the easter bunny, father xmas and honest politicians.