Monday, July 18, 2011

Men held for ‘renaming’ Mandela Drive

Heads up whitey...You have no more form of protest or resistance...Even an ill conceived joke, although perfectly harmless, will be met with brutal force by the SAPS.

Yet, Julius can scream his hate from the hill tops (..."Kill the Boer, kill the farmer") and you will just have to shut up about it...Just Shut Up Whitey! There is no crime that Julius has committed, no offense at all in fact...

It's just you whites who are offended by Julius' utterances merely because you are racists (why are you racists? Because you are white, that's why you are racists)

But boy oh boy, just try a little funny trick on us whitey! How dare you? You are gonna get hobnailed you bastard, you bloody agent with your hidden agenda and your tendencies....

And while you're busy shutting up your mouth whitey, get used to the idea that the MSM will pejoratively describe YOUR race in any article where whites commit a crime or even a petty transgression, but when blacks do it, it's always described in non biased, non racial terms...

So with that, to all you clam-mouthed whiteys, I hope you all had a lekker happy Saint Mandela day...Don't forget to tune into SABC 2 for yet another reminder!

Six men have been arrested for allegedly using stickers to rename Nelson Mandela Drive Clive Derby Lewis Drive on directional boards in Pretoria, police said on Monday.

Lt-Col Tshisikhawe Ndou said the six white men were caught on CCTV cameras along Nelson Mandela Drive in Sunnyside on Sunday night.

The police rushed to the scene and arrested the six who were found with several replacement stickers. They were immediately arrested and taken to Sunnyside police station.”

They refused to explain their actions to police.

The men, aged between 25 and 38, were charged with malicious damage to property and expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Tuesday. Ndou said they had not been linked to any right-wing movements.

Derby-Lewis, a former Conservative Party politician, is serving a life sentence for his role in the assassination of SA Communist Party secretary general Chris Hani.

Hani was assassinated on April 10, 1993 outside his home in Dawn Park, a racially-mixed suburb of Boksburg. Using a gun provided by Derby-Lewis, Polish far-right immigrant Janusz Walus shot him in the head as he stepped out of his car.

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FreeThinker said...

You just have to love the psychopaths also telling you to "shut up".

First we were delusional expats so unhappy about our choices that we had to find something negative about the wonderful Rainbow Nation.

When that didn't stick, we were classed as outright racists.

Now I hear the majority of white South Africans are delusional and can't see the wonders created by the ANC.

And to top it all, you have little filthy lapdogs yapping on the #1 psychopath.

The latter shouldn't surprise you though if you have been following ILuvSA and also SAS over the years as these psychotic characters not only display unbelievable levels of delusion, but the most foul mouths you can imagine.

But what do they say about birds of a feather?

Anonymous said...

Fark the baby-killer and fark his birthday.

If the whites in this country are insane enough to pull a stunt like that knowing full well that the demigod and anything associated with him is untouchable, then we deserve our prescribed fate.

Lie low. Make your plans. The anarchy is coming soon and THEN we will move. Decisively, aggressively and speedily. Until then - DO NOT ATTRACT ATTENTION TO YOURSELF. Plan in secret, act in secret and prepare in secret. SAY NOTHING. Rica and Fica are simply tools to be used against you. Do NOT communicate by these methods. Use codes. If you want to meet, phone and ask: "Are we going fishing this weekend?" or something. Never let on at what you are really doing.

The organs of state are out of control. They are racist and there is no longer justice for the white man in the land of his birth.

Stay clean. Stay out of sight. Stay safe.


Norman said...

Hello chaps, many thanks for all the interesting article posts to your site and especially so to ExZ for this one.

It just goes to show how frustrated some whites are getting in order to try and instigate some sort of change to the way things are in SA.

These daydreaming YTs were not thinking straight when it seemed like a good idea over brandy & coke at Flamingo's!

CDL ... is a long drawn out mouthful to spell out on a ladder in the small hours of the morning, they must have had a lot of stickers?!

I heard a story about how some first year varsity students made a name change to a one Mandela Rylaan (somewhere on the Reef) and called it 'dela Rylaan' by spraypainting over the letters 'Man' during their two week orientation initiation period a few years ago!

Ron. said...

I remember back in 2006 it was reported that a group of folks renamed Mandela drive to Gen De La Rey drive. Here is one of the photos which was taken of the event. I do not remember hearing that anything happened to the folks who renamed the street. Perhaps because the 2006 group were not caught in the act - though they did take a few pictures of themselves erecting the new street sign. There have also been reports in the past of street signs being pulled up & thrown into the river.

oldfashioned said...

I totally agree with Anon..--
"Anonymous said...
Fark the baby-killer and fark his birthday"

Especially the last two lines.
How stupid to do it in front of a camera -- that is just what they are waiting for.
Yes, stay clean and out of sight but allways be prepared and act fast!!!

Anonymous said...

An update...

Apparently there is no property damage. The signs were made to peel off easily.

What are they going to get prosecuted for now? Because our state will insist on punishment. I would not be surprised to see obscure and meaningless charge being levelled at these poor buggers for what is essentially a harmless prank and a completely victimless "crime".

We get nailed for not paying taxes, but the regime can piss those monies away without consequence. Those who do suffer the consequences are subsequently given a VERY SOFT LANDING - Shabby Sheik, Toni 'the twit' Yengeni et al. But... We get summonses for a paltry late return or a couple of unpaid parking tickets.