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Why should Boers bother to vote?

From March 12th, 2011.

Why should Boers bother to vote at all?Kruger Paul convener of BoerElectionCommittee NOSE BLOODIED AT PAARDEKRAAL MET FEB172011 By Adriana Stuijt.

An anti-voting boycott has been launched amongst the 3-million-strong [ Ron edit: 1.5 million as total White Afrikaans population is at 3.5 - 4.5 million. ] Boer minority in South Africa. Declining to vote in the admittedly-fraudulent ANC-run electoral system, instead there’s a groundswell of support for autonomy for this besieged ‘white’ minority.

Conservatives not only decided to boycottthe forthcoming national elections under the ANC-regime – they have also launched the Volksraadsverkiesingskommissie – an electoral election commission which plans to hold its first all-Boer elections to chose their own leaders in their own traditional Boer volksraad in September. Their only purpose is to gain autonomy for the Boer people – peacefully.

Meanwhile the boycotters against the ANC-run national and municipal elections — such as Kallie du Preez, (writing in the Parys Gazette), mount powerful arguments against the Freedom Front party’s claim that ‘a no-vote for them would be a vote for the ANC.’

Instead, many Boers believe that the Freedom Front Plus should step out of ANC-ruled electoral processes altogether, and join them instead to try and obtain political autonomy. The Freedom Front Plus already represents the “Afrikaners’ in the Unrepresented Nations and People’s organisation in The Hague (UNPO). The FF+ also supports the idea of an independent homeland for the ‘white’ minority in South Africa. It has most of its support in the Christian-Afrikaner enclave Orania. However the Boers view the FF+ as sellouts for continuing to participate in the increasingly chaotic and fraudulent ANC-cabinet, where its leader Pieter Mulder was appointed as deputy-minister of Agriculture.

Du Preez writes: “The Politics of Lies have brought the Boers to this predicament”:

“It is exactly by participating in the Politics of the Lies that our nation has ended up in its present predicament. For 17 years the so called ‘opposition parties’ have been growing fat in the seats of parliament, but everything merely deteriorates at a increasingly rapid rate. The FF leader sits on the gravy-train together with the ANC and they only have one purpose: namely Rands and Cents. This so-called opposition party just sits and eats up the hard-earned taxpayer’s money. “

Vote Right – Stay Away:

He warns (article below): “Be aware of the non-vote factor. It could become the majority which can never be beaten at the polls. So wake up. Vote right – stay away.’ He also urged Boer voters to withhold their taxes ‘from this corrupt and sick system.’ “Please explain to 5-million – if we all stand together – could ever beat 50-million black voters at the polls? Do you think that we (Boers) can beat this very diseased, rotten and corrupt ‘democracy of the ANC’ at any polling booths? So do you really think they (the ANC) will give up their present lavish existence voluntarily – even if they were to loose at a ‘cooked’ election?”

“Everything which our forefathers built up and owned, they bought with their blood. And we (Boers) have lost everything they created – at the Voting booths. Our party is ‘Vote Right – Stay Away”.

The Freedom Front Plus Party – which drew only 127,217 votes from the white Afrikaans-speakers in the last election in 2004 and have a mere four very ineffective members in Parliament – have in turn obtained the help of big crowd-pullers such as the extremely popular artist/singer/songwriter Bok van Blerk. He composed the song “My Kreet” (My Scream), an emotional plea for help for his besieged people, and in which he also pleads with his fans to continue voting in the ANC-ruled electoral system.

Boers have no influence on any ANC-ruled electoral process whatsoever:

Indeed there seems to be very little point for Boers to participate in any national elections organized by the ANC-regime, because of their very small minority of no more than 3-million people. [ Ron ed- no more than 1.5 million. ] White voters are fractured into a variety of parties including the Democratic Alliance under Helen Zille – who does not speak up on behalf of Boer/Afrikaner voters – and tiny parties such as the Christian Democrats. The Boer-Afrikaners who have persistently voted for the Freedom Front Party only managed to gain four seats in the National Assembly (parliament). And only one Afrikaner from this party serves in the cabinet: deputy-minister of agricultural Pieter Mulder.. Previously, under the leadership of General Constand Viljoen, 424,555 Boer/Afrikaners had cast their votes for the Freedom Front party in 1994. However under the leadership of Pieter Mulder, its support dropped to 127,217 Boer/Afrikaner votes in 2004.

The Boer/Afrikaner’s minority-representation in parliament is so minimal that none of their representatives in Parliament – despite always vehemently opposing and objecting and campaigning against the large number of genocidal anti-white employment laws put in place by the ANC-regime – have been totally unable to block any of this illegal ANC-legislation which is impoverishing its own electorate at a very rapid rate.

  • 1994 election was unconstitutional, said Afrikaner/Boer parties which refused to participate… In 1994, initially NONE of the Boer-Afrikaner parties had registered for the 1994 elections and had refused to do so on the grounds that they viewed the election as unconstitutional. In a move that greatly dismayed and upset other Boer-Afrikaner conservatives, Genl Konstant Viljoen registered the Freedom Front with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on 4 March 1994 to take part in the April 1994 general elections. On 12 March 1994 Viljoen handed in a list of candidates for the FF to the IEC, confirming that his party would take part in the elections.

Freedom Front received 424,555 votes (2.2%) in 1994; 127.217 (0.8%) in 1999; 139,465 (0.89%) in 2004… and never managed to stop any of the ANC’s anti-white employment laws…

In the 1994 election, under the leadership of General Viljoen, the Freedom Front received 2.2% of the national vote (with 424,555 votes cast) and nine seats in the National Assembly. In the 1999 election their support dropped to 0.8% (127,217 votes cast) with three seats in the National Assembly. In 2001, Viljoen handed over the leadership of the Freedom Front to Dr. Pieter Mulder.

In 2003, shortly before the 2004 general election, the Conservative Party, the Afrikaner Eenheids Beweging and the Freedom Front decided to contest the election as a single entity under the name Freedom Front Plus (FF+), led by Dr. Mulder. Later, also the Federal Alliance joined the VF+/FF+. In the 2004 general election, support for the Freedom Front rose slightly to 0.89% (139,465 votes cast). The party won one seat in most of the provincial legislatures, and four seats in the National Assembly. In the 2006 municipal elections, the Freedom Front Plus received 1% of the popular vote (252,253 votes cast).In the 2009 general election, the party received 0.83% (146,796 votes cast) and retained its four seats in the National Assembly, and the full support from the small Christian-Afrikaner enclave Orania.[1] After the elections, the Freedom Front’s leader Pieter Mulder was appointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by the new President Jacob Zuma.

Alternatives: a newly independent Boer Republic where Boers represent only their own nation’s interests:

A groundswell of support has been growing steadily for a brand-new movement: the Boers want to create their own political home; elect their own representatives and have for this purpose founded the Volksraadsverkiesingskommissie (VVK)– the Boer Folk Electoral Commission.

They want to hold their own elections to chose their own natural leaders without any outside interference from black political leaders. The VVK has one purpose: to gain legal autonomy for themselves by electing efficient leaders who can argue their case in the national- and international forums.

Their temporary convenor, legal counsellor Paul Kruger is targeted by a disinformation campaign in which he is targeted by infamous Piet “Skiet” Rudolph and several cohorts (description of his career below). This burly crowd of Afrikaner bullies showed up at the latest meeting of the VVK on February 17 2011 in Paardekraal, Krugersdorp – one man walked up to Kruger and slugged him so hard, without any provocation, that Kruger ‘s nose bled profusely while he continued his speech. Three men were arrested at this meeting: one was Piet Rudolph, who threatened another Boer with a firearm, according to Kruger.

Piet Rudolph – the man of all parties:

Rudolph Piet Skiet agent provocateur at Volksraadsverkiesingskommissie Feb2011 Krugersdorp Rudolph has always been a ‘man for all parties”. He also was widely known among Afrikaner conservatives for acting as the ‘ political bully ‘ at many of their meetings. Boer-State Party leader Robert van Tonder told me personally that he and other party-members became “wary” of Rudolph, and voted him out as their deputy-leader because of his rapid party-hopping: born in the village of Vischkuil near Springs in June 1937, Rudolph first became city councilor in Pretoria for the National Party breakaway – the Herstigte Nasionale Party led by Dr Albert Hertzog. Then he suddenly joined the Conservative Party; then the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging; then he became a deputy leader of Boerestaat Party and was voted out.. On April 15, 1990, angry at the unbanning of the ANC and the South African Communist Party, Rudolph suddenly led a group of young Boer men who proceeded to steal a large quantity of weapons from the South African Airforce Head Office’s armoury. In June 1990 Rudolph released a video in which he declared war on the government of South Africa, the ANC and SACP. It “was no longer time to talk” and that it “is better to die in glory than live in disgrace”, Rudolph said at the time. “All we need is about 500 Boers who are prepared to give their lives on the altar of our ideal to ensure success,” he said. He went to ground amidst much publicity, but was not given much support from any of his former political friends, including Boer State party leader Robert van Tonder. The latter, at the time, also personally told me that he ‘opposed Rudolph’s use of violence to gain political independence for the Boers. ‘ In this period, the Boer State Party had applied for membership of UNPO – but was turned down because of the violent actions by Rudolph. UNPO membership is only granted if unrepresented minorities swear off the use of violence to gain their political objectives.

Van Tonder also told me personally that members of his party had become ‘suspicious’ of Rudolph. Rudolph apparently eventually gave himself up in Pretoria on September 17, 1990 and led police to his arms cache. The circumstances remain murky to this day. He later was awarded R110,000 in damages from the police following an altercation with officers at the Boeremag trial in the Pretoria High Court – where Paul Kruger, the present convenor of the VVK, had been the legal counsel representing the imprisoned Boeremag men who were accused of treason. They are still sitting in a high-security jail to this day, as ‘trial-awaiting prisons’ in a trial which could go on for another 5 years… According to the ‘Pretoria News’, Rudolph had initially claimed more than R500,000 in damages from the Minister of Safety and Security, but the matter was settled with the police agreeing to pay him R110,000. It was said that Rudolph called the police “traitors and sellouts of the Boere people” because he did not want his wife searched before she entered the court. The elderly Rudolph then told the policeman, who was 1.82m and weighed 130kg, “Mannetjie, ek donner jou (I’ll smack you)”, before grabbing one of them by the tie”. - Sapa source:

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12 Opinion(s):

Ron. said...

The usual contrarians will no doubt ignore the concerns within the report & return with the usual pathetic lies of: "the Boers do not exist" / "where are your Boers?" / "the Boers were assimilated" / "the Boers must surrender their independence struggle" etc. The Boers were an internationally recognized people with their own internationally recognized republics before the British administrators began to lump them into broader & larger Afrikaans speaking population.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Boer drive for an independent homeland has any association with politics be it left or right, it will be doomed to failure.

Go to this site...

and read what the true intellectuals have been up to. These guys are jaw dropping awesome in their professional approach.

The fight of who is Boer and who is Afrikaner can be sorted out later, once the independent homeland has been realized. At this point in time it is merely a tool being used by the enemy to divide.

Ron. said...

I totally agree particularly with your first point as the drive to Boer independence / self determination should be devoid of political associations whether it be left or right. A portion of the so called Right Wing has tried to usurp & control this topic for many decades now. Often causing great damage to the just struggle for Boer self determination.

I do not think there is really much of a "fight" over who is a Boer or who is an Afrikaner because Boers often know that they are Boers even if many of them were brought up to see themselves as Afrikaners. The fight tends to be from the establishment who tell Boers that "they are not Boers" or "the Boers do not exist" & must submit to the Afrikaner leadership & their decisions. The reason why this is dangerous is because the vast majority of Afrikaners are not of Boer descent as they are of Cape Dutch descent - IE: the folks who historically shunned the Boers & Boer independence & who are today too status quo to ever consider the notion of independence or secession.

The folks who use the Boer vs Afrikaner debate to "divide" are those from the Afrikaner establishment who rely on ignorance to divide Boers from their freedom struggle by convincing them that they are just generic "Afrikaners" who must respect the "majority decision" [ of "fellow Afrikaners" ie: often mainly just Cape Dutch descendents ] & propagate the notion that the struggle for Boer independence is just a "fringe" or "radical" movement that "Afrikaners" must refrain from. The long of the short of it is the Afrikaner establishment expect the Boers to just ABANDON their centuries long just freedom struggle & urge them to put their trust in the Afrikaner leadership to redress the situation.

The purpose of asserting Boer identity is that it gets the Boers to stand together as a people & gets them out from under the dominating control of the Cape Dutch descended Afrikaners who by de facto represent the Afrikaans speakers as a whole. The Boers HAVE to be able to represent themselves as Boers if they ever hope to reacquire any form of Boer independence & self determination. Otherwise they will continue to be usurped by "Afrikaners" claiming to speak on the Boers' & all Afrikaans speakers' behalf.

This is not rocket science because the drive for independence has always & continues to rest overwhelmingly with the descendents of the Boers who are only a portion of the White Afrikaans speaking population.

Anonymous said...

Piet "skiet" Rudolph. Aka Mike Smith.

Ron. said...

Thanks for that chuckle Anon. Indeed Rudolph & Smith have the same bullying / threatening temperament. I do not know what the deal is with Rudolph but at least he acknowledges the existence of the Boer people whereas Smith is in total denial.

I have often wondered how Smith would react at these Boer meetings. I am guessing that he would probably shout at the people & claim that they do not exist. In my last post to him months ago on his blog [ which he did not post ] I told him that his behaviour resembles the O'Brien character from Orwell's 1984 novel.

There was one part in the novel where Winston noted that he exists but O'Brien snapped back asserting that he [ Winston ] did not exist. Which flabbergasted Winston the same way Smith flabbergasted us with his equally preposterous assertion of Boer non-existence. I pointed out that even if the Boers are only recognized among themselves - that they would still exist just as Winston was self aware / cognizant of himself which could not change even if no one else was aware of his existence. O'Brien talked about the "Party" creating its own reality similar to how Smith lives within a manufactured paradigm which ignores & denies the Boers' distinct identity just as O'Brien did with Winston.

Another strange thing is Smith's cognitive dissonance as he often angrily rails against "liberals" [ despite his admission of having been one himself circa 1994 ] - most of whom come interestingly from the Cape Dutch & English speaking population [ I know this is a generalization so there are of course exceptions ] while ALSO railing against Boers who are generally more conservative than the other local White peoples. Which begs the question: is he screwing with us or what? If he detests "liberals" so much then why in the world would he castigate & disparage the most conservative element of the White population so much & why does he only speak of Boers when showing them as "traitors"? There is so much cognitive dissonance there because he defends the notion of "one" White Afrikaans people [ who are made up mainly of Cape Dutch / "liberals" ] yet goes out of his way to show the often conservative Boers in the most unflattering & offensive light.

The most recent outrageous thing he asserted was that the Trekboers were from the era of the Great Trek [ the Trekbeors began 150 years BEFORE the Great Trek ] & that they were "Cape Dutch who trekked" demonstrating a total denial of fact that the Boers developed on the Cape frontiers AWAY from the folks who coalesced into the nomemcaltured Cape Dutch. He did this obviously to minimize the significance of the Trekboers because as anyone would know from reading the history on the topic: the Trekboers were the progenitors of the Boer people / nation. I have seen enough to conclude that for whatever purpose he is propagating an anti-Boer agenda. That he sees that as good thing is of course troubling.

Anonymous said...

It's no theory. They are the same person.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it wasn't Piet Skiet who beat up Paul Kruger at the VVK meeting at Paardekraal Monument in February this year. It wasn't Willem Boshoff, son of Carl Boshoff who founded Orania, either. There were a lot of people at the meeting, Piet Rudolph's Boer republic crowd, people from Orania, people from the Volkstront FF. Some or other hanger on got out of his bracket and decided to beat up Paul Kruger, who is now defending Abel Malan for beating up Prof Anton van Niekerk.

And of course Mike Smith is NOT Piet Rudolph. Rudolph goes a bit beyond acknowledging the existence of the Boer people. He is emphatically a Boer and wants the Boers to have the old Boer republics back. This is not what Mike Smith wants. Smith wants total anarchy. Therefore, it would be futile to attempt any kind of discussion with him.

Anonymous said...

They sure look alike.

Ron. said...

I rather doubt that Piet Rudolph is Mike Smith as Smith is adamantly opposed to the restoration of the Boer Republics as he made quite clear on this blog as Afrikaner. Smith's angle is largely to exacerbate racial tensions & to keep folks on the Afrikaner reservation. The fellow who punched Paul Kruger was reported to have been with Piet Rudolph & his group.

Anonymous said...

Both dumb dutchmen either way.

Anonymous said...

"The fellow who punched Paul Kruger was reported to have been with Piet Rudolph & his group."

He apparently tagged onto Piet Rudolph's group when he saw things were getting heated. That's what happens when you mix politics with brandewyn.

Piet Rudolph is not Mike Smith. They may look very similar, with the white beard and glasses, but they are not the same person. In any case, the alleged photo of Mike Smith was from a photoshopped picture. That wasn't Uhuru Guru in that picture either. It would be just like Uhuru Guru to take a photo of some other old guy and paste it into the picture. He was always such a liar.

Ron. said...

First Anonymous from July 20: is that you Rooster? At any rate both of their surnames are German. [ Smith claimed that his actual surname was German here last year as Afrikaner. ] If that is you Rooster you are rather funny seeing as you are "half" Afrikaans.

Second Anonymous from July 20. You speak as someone who knows what they would look like.

I see that Smith has been referring to the VVK of Paul Kruger & did not insult them [ as one would have thought as per his usual bombastic anti Boer self determination stance ] but of course he did so under the dispossessing rubric of the "Afrikaner" designation.

This is classic subversion as it nullifies any actions Boers & even Afrikaners take in their efforts at finding self determination because it cedes political authority to the supra Afrikaner leadership who by weight of their political strength & Cape Dutch descended numbers can counter or stymie the decisions made by the smaller Boer people. Boers attempting to find self determination as "Afrikaners" are faced up against the powerful roadblock of those who control the Afrikaner designation. That is why it is so important for the Boer people to assert their identity as Boers otherwise if they allow themselves to be called "Afrikaners" they will inadvertently allow themselves to be usurped by the Afrikaner supra leadership / power. The Afrikaner designation was promoted for the very purpose of preventing & stopping Boer self determination by outnumbering the Boer population within a larger Afrikaans speaking population.