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Ek Baljaar in N.Z (I'm Having a Ball in N.Z)

From SA Diaspora dated 31.07.2008

Cool project. Post this if you dare , I call a spade a spade mate.

Reason I left:

I left in 2001 - because I was a Captain in the Cops and had seen more kak, snot , blood , brains and tears than any one person needs to.I had seen the true nature of the township beast..coming to a neighbourhood near you shortly.

I left the cops in 1998 when I could no longer rape my conscience daily to go to work and serve that septic corrupt dispensation.

I also grew sick of the whites pathetic soft cock attitude towards the absolute pure, plain and simple uselessness, (in every aspect of the word), of the South African Black majority.

The "Oh well its the new south Africa..!!" excuse. That complete capitulation. It was unacceptable to me.

Or even worse out of every Victims mouth came the inevitable..."I never thought this would happen to us/ me / him / her...!!! ( WTF..???...what made them so special compared to all the other Thousands upon thousands of Crime victims before them.)
I mean as a people how pathetic we whites had become. I could not be part of that Gutlessness of the Whites.

Too scared to start a new life for fear of failure. Yet us with the courage and balls to start again are called "vlugtelinge'' by those wimps to scared to try themselves.

Cow towing to a race that despised us and legislatively discriminated against us on a scale equal or worse than Hitler against the Jews. (lets not get into the symantecs - the same principle is applicable in both Cases,... spin it any way you want). I speak 4 "black languages" and daily overheard the derogatory remarks, threats and taunts not meant for white ears. It was obvious we "mlungu's" ( Which by the way translated means "white scum" usually washed ashore after a stormy sea) were no longer, wanted , needed or barely even tolerated.

Talk about pissing into the wind...!!

Surely at some stage one's reason and intellect has to allow you to recognize when the situation and circumstances surrounding you, hopelessly outclass you. If you cant recognize that , You're just plain Dumb or selectively ignorant.

So I woke up one day and announced ..."Me , I'm outta here...!!!" 6 Months later I was here. I have never looked back.Fishing and diving here just Rocks...!!! see the pics.

Red tape , is all on the South African side.Mainly getting Birth certificates and Police clearances ( Remember I used to be a cop) , takes long when the previously disadvantaged moron looses the forms under his or her KFC chicken bones spread all over the desk or floor - depending where it is sleeping when on duty.

Once I had the Azanian paperwork , it was a breeze and dealt with a Polite , attractive and extremely efficient NZIS case officer all the way through.

Costs Involved:

See The NZIS website at

Advice to those stuck in arsezania:

Get off that arse and Put the wheels in motion. Azania's is not going to get better.If you have kids in Azania and are not currently making plans to evacuate them to a place where they at least have a chance.You should be shot for blatant willful premeditated child abuse.You owe them the best chance possible in life. If you believe that chance is in Azania you're delusional and or a liberal, probably both ...!!!

In which case please stay and enjoy Azania....!! Go hang out on Friday nights at a shebeen, really get up close and personal to Africa. It'll be fun. Trust me...!!!
May I recommend any of the following - kwa Mashu , Umlazi, Thembisa , Khatlehong , Mdantsane, all offer fine REAL African Experiences.

Having said all this, I have had South Africans who arrive on my doorstep with a "jannie Jammer bal" attitude - You know , like "hey we've had it hard ek se`, you owe me a break."...

( I call it the white South African Martyr syndrome)

They find it hard to get a job , Kiwi's pick up on negativity from about 1000 nautical miles and recoil from it.

So just be upbeat and positive about your new home and how great it is and the Kiwi's will snap you up in no time.

With reference to the Martyr syndrome - Life is about choices - Choices have consequences - if you choose to subject yourself to the bafu's racism and hatred and remain in Azania , that has a consequence of being a prisoner in your own home, living in fear , uncertainty and trepidation, your real financial worth having fallen by 70 % over the last decade ,so on and so forth. It is Your choice and your chosen consequence.So expect no sympathy from me or Kiwi's for that matter. The future lies ahead and not behind you , Forget Africa , Its not what it was , It is also not Discovery channel mate....!!! It is GOD Forsaken in all senses of the word. Africa the epitome of Hopeless.The white mans time in Africa has come and Gone.

For those who bleat ,"But I don't have qualifications...!!!".....Its been 15 years since this lot took over. What have you done in those 15 years to re skill and make yourself employable over here...?? Choices have consequences hey..???

Just Do It. You eat an elephant one teaspoon at a time.

Would you assist other with contacts:

yes. But please read and take in the section above very carefully.


I should have done this 20 years earlier than I did.

Best of luck with your choice.

Catch you Later...if you dare..!!

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Anonymous said...

Same regret, should have left in 1994.

However, not so sure the NZ choice was the best, in retrospect perhaps Oz would have been a better choice.

The problem with NZ is it's small mind syndrome, plus add to that a stuck in the 60's mentality mixed in with a very large bit of socialism crossed with communism. Add a total lack of common sense and a high level of welfare entitlement and you end up with essentially what I call "white K4s" who want to parasite of your hard working taxpayer back.

It makes for a very frustration place to life if you have any ambitions in life, or are someone with values and morals. The total lack of respect for others and their property will also get your tail up after a while.

Do you get used to this over time? Hell no, the longer we are here the more I despise this "Land of the Wrong White Crowd"

Would Oz be any better? Probably not much except maybe on the work and weather front, larger country with more options can only be better economically in the end. But after a few trips to Oz I do believe the k4s there are even worse than the locals, that loud and whiny Oz accent combined with their arrogance born from stubborn stupidity will drive me bonkers within a week.

Anonymous said...

When Mandela got into power a notice appeared in a well known paper three days later. It read "ALL UK CITIZENS ARE TO REGISTER WITH THE UK AMBASSADOR IN CAPE TOWN WITHIN THE NEXT TWO DAYS IN CASE OF EVACUATION". This was not a hoax. The Brits were expecting trouble and they were right. There's been nothing but robbery, rape and murder since Mandela got into power. I got out of that evil God-forsaken heathen rotten country 11 years ago and I'll never go back. I tell everyone who wants to go on holiday there to go elsewhere but not to that stinking decaying pig-sty they call South Africa. I advise all in sudry to stay away from it if they want to stay alive. I have so much hate in my heart for all those bloody murdering black sods that the only compensation is the knowledge that when they die they WILL GO TO HELL AND BURN FOREVER. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exzanian said...

Anon 3 July 2011 16:25
One cannot but feel for a minute that you are a provokateur...Your comment has been published because ILUVSA believes in free speech, not because your extreme views reflect the opinion of the contrinbutors (at least, not this one) The blog is styled "....I Hate my Government" not "I hate Blacks...." Kapish?

FreeThinker said...

@ Exzanian: Precisely. The political perspective is still available on the menu as proof.

The only psychopaths banned here has been the vile feathered creature and his communist sidekick.

Also, he don't do hate speech here. Some comments are marginal, so it is sometimes difficult.

But I agree totally with what you said.

Exzanian said...

By the same token, if Anon wants to come back with vitriol, then his/ her arse will be deleted, just like the feathered mongrel...But somehow I doubt it, that Anon comment looks like it was planted by the Poester himself to discredit ILUVSA by association....

FreeThinker said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head here. Or is it the P...?

Not that hitting him on the head could do much damage.

Exzanian said...

Well, lets see what "Anon" comes back with....I doubt he/ she will...It's Poester planting stuff, I mean really, just read that Anon comment, it's pure Rooster-reverse-right-wing comment...Absolute SHIT lol.... his psychology is easy to read...elementary my dear Watson :)

mawm said...

Nice Kingy!

NZ is a great country, it's just the whining Maori (not all Maori) that are a problem to some….but they are in a minority and a very small irritant. In reality a very small price to pay for the security here. Get used to socialism, you'll get your payola when you retire.

Oz is also a great country. In retrospect I'd loved to have gone there….but they weren't recruiting when I left. I can move there tomorrow with my NZ passport but I've settled in NZ (10 years now) and will stay - nice house, beach cottage, boat, kid at uni having most of her fees paid, etc. Even the weather is not nearly as bad as most make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

Just to reinforce my assessment of the NZ houtkop mentality lack of morals and values:

Anonymous said...

mawm - I don't regard $235 a week pension as payola. Considering the cost of dental services in this country I do hope you have either taken care of (spending mega bucks) having all your teeth pulled and getting dentures before you retire, or you are going to end up like the locals walking around toothless in your old age.

I cannot see me living of a paltry $235 a week, even with owning our own place at retirement time. With everything so massively expensive due to every second lazy kiwi who want to get rich of milking 10 people with the usual lazy excuse "because we are a small country" you need big bucks here just to survive, never mind keeping these wooden shacks maintained with the ridiculously expensive cost of building material here.

Notice how many large hardware stores we have here in NZ? The more to fleece you with, your destiny here is to spend your hard-earned money till the end of your days on inferior housing and appliances.