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You liberals must be proud of your creations!

Another old post, this time from TRP.  Some of the links don’t seem to work, but that is not surprising.  They refer to whites being brutally tortured and murdered in South Africa…

At the southern tip of Africa one finds two of the once most prosperous countries in Africa. Rhodesia and South Africa.

anc_dees-300x266No, I have not taken an extended nap like that Rip Van Winkle guy, but I refuse to use the name given to that former breadbasket of Africa by one of the vilest creatures to have stained humanity with his mere existence. Not only is it quite unfortunate that Africa has had to deal with vile, criminal, corrupt, murdering dictator bastards, but also the fact that they seem to appear from the cesspool of Satan himself at uncomfortably regular intervals. And just in case some of my mentally handicapped friends over at the LLL brigade (Leftist Liberal Losers for those of you not familiar with my terminology) get tingling feelings down their legs at the prospect of yanking out their racism and political correctness cards to shove into this white conservative’s face, I’ll cite this article, Stagnating Black Countries, from a distinguished gentleman (Elias Biryabarema) in Uganda. I also have to warn you though: If you’re getting tingling feelings down your legs at my statements up to now, you are going to tinkle down your legs when you read this.

The problem with Liberal Faith is that it is based on five pillars: Hysteria, Denial of Reality, Thought Control, Name Calling and Projection of Guilt. Any sane person unfortunate enough to end up “debating” any topic with a liberal will tell you that you will face one or more of these elements. In the worst cases, you will have to confront all of them. Rhodesia and South Africa are such cases.

five-pillars-of-the-liberal-faith-300x240Liberals were hysteric for decades about the separate development policies of the National Party in South Africa, better known as Apartheid. We won’t go into the trivial fact that certain legislation later included with Apartheid policies was actually instituted by the British at the turn of the previous century. Neither will we go into too much of the detail regarding the abolishment of most of the Apartheid legislation during the 1980’s - thus well before South Africa became a “true democracy” in 1994. All the world knew was that poor black people were “oppressed” and apparently beaten or killed had they so much as open their mouths against the white government. Apartheid was projected as the greatest threat to humankind, while millions were being killed under socialist governments (Frank from Queens). Even though Apartheid as an ideology was flawed, it was nothing compared to what liberals made it out to be - there are many black folk in South Africa today that will testify to this. Many (obviously not the ANC fat cats and their corrupt buddies riding the gravy train) will actually tell you that they had better lives under the previous government. So they must have very poor memory then or Apartheid was clearly not what the hysteric liberals made it out to be. I am not suggesting for one moment that Apartheid was the answer - merely that there should have been alternatives to what has happened.

The reality of Africa is that tribal mentality and characteristics have existed for centuries - it has existed throughout the history of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe - for those liberals with selectively poor memory) and South Africa. If you don’t want to believe me, you should ask that dictator Mugabe why exactly he focused on killing thousands of the same tribe in Matabeleland. Tribal influences were one of the reasons the previous government in South Africa established the self-governing TBVC states (Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei). A multi-state solution was seen as an answer to different tribes governing themselves in their own states. It was also an attempt to prevent folk in rural areas flocking to the cities, since it was perceived to cause over-population and housing issues around metropolitan areas. You never hear any mention from the liberals about these tribal issues in South Africa and Rhodesia - the British Empire also displayed a total lack of understanding of these tribes and how to relate to them when they arrived in the 1820’s. One of the reasons Boers wanted to move away from the Cape Colony - the British stuffed up the good relations between the Dutch-descended farmers and the Xhosas! Liberals totally deny the realities of Africa and South Africa and also the attempts by the white man to find lasting solutions.

Name calling is one of the most comical liberal vices - because it usually displays their utter ignorance and denial of reality. What better example than the previous government in South Africa, the Boers and the Afrikaners being referred to as a bunch of Nazis? Yet these people sided with the British against Germany in World War II. You liberals would be more accurate if you called the British Nazis. The British invented the world’s first death camps where 25,000 Boer women and children were starved to death, because the British couldn’t beat the Boers on the battlefield in the Anglo Boer War.

I don’t want to ponder about the other liberal vices - firstly because it really sickens me and secondly I want to get back to the reason for this post.

You liberals must be really proud of what you have created in Rhodesia and South Africa.

The former breadbasket of Africa is now a country where poor black folk have to pan for gold along rivers to buy a few kernels of corn, because their currency is worth less than nothing today and even less by the time they have strolled from their village to the market. Mugarbage gets away with whatever he wants, literally killing opposition party members. As a comparison for you, the majority of black activists killed in South Africa under the Apartheid government were “people” responsible for killing civilians (including their own kind) in terrorist bomb attacks, necklacing (dousing the victim in gasoline and setting them alight) and literally beating them to death. So what an unfair way to respond by shooting them when they inflict these horrendous crimes on others. I hear you shouting something about the Sharpeville incident where “innocent protesting blacks” were fired upon by “racist white policemen”, killing 67.

weaponscollectedafterthesharpevillemassacre-250x300What a pity your liberal buddies in the mainstream media did not tell you the truth about the heaps of weapons collected at the scene. Shame also they did not inform you about the Cato Manor incident a few weeks prior to Sharpeville, where 9 policemen were mutilated (their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths, dragged through the streets) and killed in the emergency camp - I suppose also by a “peaceful protesting crowd”. Maybe you can understand what went through the minds of the policemen at Sharpeville when they saw yet another marauding crowd throwing stones and wielding axes, amongst many other weapons.

During 2008 and 2009 these events repeated themselves when black South Africans burned alive black Rhodesians (Zimbabweans) for “taking their jobs”. They even coined a term for that, calling it xenophobic attacks.

The latest horrific trend by black savages in South Africa attacking helpless elderly people (especially women), is to tie them up for hours, gang rape them and when they are finished with these defenseless women, they shove scissors and broken glass up their private parts. Two women, and elderly Alice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57), died after being attacked this way in March of this year. I suppose poverty is your stupid explanation - that’s usually your retort when blacks commit crimes in Africa. Nothing to do with torture or savagery. Well, how hungry the people must have been who shot pharmacist Robert Taylor (53) execution style in the head when he took too long to open his safe. I guess an empty stomach makes you do crazy things.

Did I hear you say something about the police force in the new democratic South Africa? You are kidding, right? The police are probably worse criminals than the savages they are supposed to put behind bars. Black police officers do not hesitate to intimidate whites or even engage in hate speech. Or what would you call a black cop telling a white crime victim “You whites must F— off” and referring to them as “white dogs”? Please don’t display your ignorance (we are very well aware of it) by saying the white man doesn’t belong in South Africa. Using that logic, neither do many of the black tribes currently there - they moved down from northern parts of Africa and exterminated the traditional tribes. Should you wish to enrich yourself with true historic events, you will know that the Boer occupied two republics in Southern Africa (Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State) prior to the Anglo Boer War - that part of Southern Africa was largely unoccupied due to the harsh farming conditions. Hopefully by now you have learnt a little lesson about farming in the equation: productive farms under white rule + white liberal influence = unproductive black farms under black rule + poverty + starvation.

The South African Police Force have executed so many unlawful arrests on VICTIMS of crimes, that judges have urged Executives in the force to take action. Judges and District Attorneys have confirmed that this is one of the reasons civil claims against the Ministry of Safety & Security and the South African Police Force have increased drastically over the last five years. For you liberals out there, just in case you miss the point - the money wasted on these claims could actually be feeding poor people.

The latest victim of such an arrest was attorney Gerhard van Rooyen. Van Rooyen and his wife were attacked by an off-duty railway policeman (Mahlake) with an unlicensed firearm at night. The couple was admiring the city lights from a lookout point at Fort Klapperkop. Mahlake stopped next to their vehicle and asked for directions. After van Rooyen gave him the information, Mahlake got out of his vehicle and pointed his firearm at van Rooyen, while Mahlake’s accomplice also got out of the vehicle. Van Rooyen fired two shots and hit Mahlake. He then drove away to the nearest police station to report the incident, but also phoned police and ambulance services on his way. Van Rooyen was arrested later, after Mahlake passed away.

You can further indulge yourself in articles about the South African Police Force losing 8,286 firearms over the last 3 years, cops with criminal cases against them still on the force, cops being “fined” and issued “written warnings” for serious offences and cops in uniform enjoying a leisurely drink at the pub.

Roy Bennett has described the conditions in a Rhodesian jail to pictures he has seen of concentration camps.

Farm murders in South Africa occur at a pace which makes it difficult to keep track of the 3,040+ death toll.

I don’t hear you liberals cry out against these atrocities. I don’t see you march like you did against Apartheid. I don’t see you support the people suffering today by demanding your governments act against these real oppressors and murderers in charge. Maybe you believe the nonsense you are being fed from across a United Nations podium?

You then leave me no other choice than to believe you liberals are proud of the atrocities you created!


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Zarky said...

That is why being a liberal is seen as being mentally sick!

I suppose they are still looking for the mass graves in South Africa where the "Apartheid" government buried the blacks - lol!

I suggest you look further more like across the borders of South Africa for those my dear liberals, more like to Mugabes side and further up into Africa, but hey you might just find something and then have no one to blame, naa not worth it I hear them say.

I thank God everyday that he gave me wisdom and insight into life because for your mental illness there is no medicine or cure.

Maybe just maybe you can rectify your mistake by acknowledging the mistake you have made and try to redeem yourself by asking for forgiveness of all the blood you have on your hands, naa they wont because they are mentally ill -

LIBERALS you have nothing to be proud off!!!

Hamba said...

It's not just 'liberals'. Those so-called conservatives have given us all the shaft too!

I was once Rhodesian and had to leave in 1980 after I was warned that I was on an arrest list set up by Mugsy's boys. Trust me, there were enough sell-outs in the RF that made tonnes of money ... you know 'conservatives'. At least I was smart and didn't join up with 32 Bat. I would have been in the same mess as before (1980).

All I can suggest to SAFFAS is to OM KEER! Remember that you are not Boere, Cape Dutch or Kahkis ... you are SOUTH AFRICANS with a right to what you accomplished. We believed the lies spread by ZANU-PF and gave up ... you still have a chance!