Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers who have moved on, either because of time constraints, they got "gatvol" (fed up) or just ran out of steam..."Ons mis julle!"

Disclaimer: This article was posted about three years ago on the 2nd incarnation of SAS. It does not represent the views of ILUVSA or any of its contributors. I saved it at the time because it is a fantastic piece of prose, lush with "Serfrican" inflections that struck a chord deep within me. There is no link to it, sadly it has been deleted, along with a wealth of other fantastic, gut-busting articles. This one on ILSA will be the only surviving copy, as far as I know. I don't intend resurrecting anything from SAS other than this article, so the trigger-happy lib-tards can ease off on the abuse button. Relax arseholes.

The author is Dark Raven, who (ironically) is also no longer online as a blogger. Therefore I have been unable to obtain consent to reproduce it here, but I love it so much, I'm taking the liberty. If anyone knows where I can email DR for belated permission, please supply me with an email addy.

So much has changed in the last three years. Many bloggers have moved on for their own personal reasons. The problems in ZA remain though, and as you will see, the same shit you are facing today is the same shit as three years ago, only worse. And, as always, the same choice still faces you: To stay or to leave?

...nog 'n dag, nog 'n Pond...every day I get home from work, and I log in, check my mail, check the blog and check out all the post about what the smelly korrelkoppe are up to, and then read all the comments...but ag jirre *sigh*.. swaer...what can I say?
You know it all...we've said it all.

The show goes on in the Unlucky Cuntry and I find myself fuming and seething mostly, and I want to post up a hate filled post to really scream it from the rooftops...but where do I start...and most of all... WTF for?

I really just want to chill with a cold frosty one and read my book, it's really good, but I know yeall are hanging for a post...ja, ja I saw the bitchin comments...

Where are all the bloggers warra warra..."
Put a sock in it ou, some of us have money making and self indulgence as our first priority in life...

But anyway...I do sort of have things on my mind that I may as well just say...I was going to email Doodler or UG and bitch at them a bit, but I may as well bitch at all of here goes..

No matter how bad the situation is for all back in Arsezania, and as much as we wail and cry that whities must either leave (which has always been my advice), or stick together, move to the Cape and defend it, an old friend of ours said to me once, "the FACT remains there are still a majority of liberal dumbshits and fuckwits that still laud the miracle of the 'democratic' NEW SA even as the sound of the country flushing down the shitter gurgles around their ears".

Unfortunately these fookers have the destiny of the country in their hands alongside every second random filthy stinky boon with a gun in his paw. So I dunno so much about getting excited about a solution and how to get rid of the invasion of the Cape in the first place, and then still worrying that liberal whites (and lets face it there are more liberal dimshit whites in SA than right minded people) and they are all on a positive vibe and want to hug it out with Sipho and Precious, so why give a shit if they get iced by the tsotsies or marry into black tribes and breed out a new rainbow race of goffels. I really don't care much for all that, and that's why I left.

It's a terrible murder of Riaana Henning, really shit, much like all the others reported on the different news sites, but I have read and posted on this blog of many such cases, it is nothing new, and I always wonder myself why are these people still there, building a beautiful 'Christian' retreat when they could be starting new lives elsewhere.

Eight years ago, when everything, from politics, to social problems, money, economy, tourism, not to forget the escalation of crime and corruption..when it all started getting out of hand I decided to cut my losses and piss off out of the place. Since then things have got drastically worse. Surely if I could see what was cooking 8 years ago, others could too? Now look at what you will get for your Rand...hells bells bruthus...and I was worried I never sold my spot in Glencairn Heights for enough...jussus...looking back, I made a deal of a lifetime, and had a lucky escape, and took a fat container full of goodies with!

I know people with just a matric who made a plan...real cunning plans, just short of floating over on a lilo or marrying for a passport. But even my own brother has no intention of leaving, he is determined to stay, and people who believe leaving is the best bet for YT have to get over it and accept that there are many white Saffas that do not want to leave. So don't worry about them, or try and make them see the light...they make their bed..klaar. Help and encourage those who do want to go.

I was there over a year ago, and just seeing how different it is, very changed, I knew it was no longer a place I want to be...just squatter camps and low cost housing all over the place. Security villages and security estates..all very fancy yes...all very high walled. Gawd awful Joburg was a sight, urban sprawl all the way to Pretoria, and black heads like an ant invasion...and the traffic...too dreadful.

Go into Edgars, Woolies, Pick n Pay..just AA staff, salespeople and cashiers...hawkers at traffic lights and car gaurds everywhere. Just about the only whites you see in the large stores are the customers. I noticed even restaurants had less young white students then there were in the past. It all looked and felt very different...and it was so dry and dusty..! For regular readers of this blog, who I know share pretty much the same views and have the same memories as I have, especially the expats who have been away for a while, all I can say is, it's not a lekker plek anymore....and there is no reverse gear, because as time marches on, everything keeps changing. I would much rather crawl under a pine tree in the Swartwoud than share my space and time on this earth living in kak with kak...

As for crying a river for poor whitey's still stuck in the gat end of the incontinant of Africa...why should I..? No one would ever thank me for it. I realise that just maybe, for some people it isn't worth the time and effort to leave, and they will rather just sit it out and grow old in their comfort zone with a high wall and electric fencing, and suffer there come what may. But I can't change anything for them, only they or their kids can. Then there are young people who are all starry eyed and bushy tailed about the multi culti society. They have welcomed their fellow black countrymen into their lives and party with them, date them...whatever...these people are the future of the country. These voters like Luke Puke whatshisface detest anything reminiscent of the 'old order' of things, so where is the white consciousness and the struggle for whites rights going to come from in the future? Most certainly not out of the former white universities, schools and colleges.

Then the poor whites...listen up you fookers who commented on my post about living in cob dwellings instead of in shacks, asking what the fook I know about the poor whites...I know a fooking lot, which I'm not going to go into now. Have you ever been into a shelter where outties can pull in for the night, have a wash, get a meal and sleep over, get a piece of bread in the morning? It isn't only coloured and black goggas and drunk hobo's that go there, plenty poor whites with little kids do too, and I have known some of them.

The truth about these people is that they do not have the brains or the drive to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and make a plan even when do-gooders try to give them a hand. Most didn't want to be bothered to work to pull themselves up out of Shit Street because they are too bone idle and think the world owes them. People who end up in shelters and living off charity of others, tend to be the lowest of the low. Given a monthly welfare check, like some of the Hartz4 poephols in Germany, they would be permanently on welfare...and when they do get their arses into gear, they only work for a few months, then cock it a rock so they can take a rest and chill at home. These people are not your usual working class, productive tax payers, and back in the ol heimat they tended to be employed as blompotte on the railways and onsetters on the mines throwing their weight around with the coons and trading on their white skin that is all they have to trade on back in the old SA.

Now they are the parasites who drag down the already struggling productive sector of the population. Orania was inundated with low life down and outs, who the Orania community tried to help, but many of these ungrateful, lazy fookers left Orania, and still gave interviews to the press telling of what abuse they suffered working at menial low paid jobs for whites in the settlement. Bugger that. It's only sad for innocent little children born to unambitious parents who condemn them to follow in their footsteps. But then isn't it also a case of genetics..? Without ambition, very little of importance can be accomplished. So why should the ambitious and hard working have to carry the burden of the poor fuckwits.

So be it in "die" Rainbow Cuntry...I don't really give a hoot, and reading about Zuma or man, it's zum kotzen...and..speaking of simian bipeds...

Ja boetas..what did I tell ye...

..the booshie is back...and wants his turn at the feeding trough of South Afriboon, and isn't that just a sweet piccy of his 'First Lady' in waiting, looking all so the part, LWB chic with a vatniekaknie Madonna look standing by her man...Now where is Mr Toup Rajbanjee...we just need him to resurrect himself and it will be just like the good old bad old days..

Ja..lekker Suid Afrika...ek is so bly ek het gewaai Meraai...!

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Angulus Calx said...

Nice Boeta....he, he and with a prentjie out of the lanbouweekblad nogals....

Exzanian said...

glad you like it AC!

FreeThinker said...

Like you said, we don't necessarily agree with the statements or sentiment, but I can sure as hell agree with the statement about liberals.

But, as you know, the psychopaths would have us believe we are the brain dead for not waiting on the porch for our throats to be slit.

These liberals make me think of the Darwin Award candidates - you sometimes cringe at the behaviour, but in the end you just have to chuckle and realise that nature is taking care of the gene pool. Pity about the unfortunate souls lost in the process, but our screaming and shouting will only do so much...

Anonymous said...

lekker gelag!