Sunday, June 26, 2011

TRP rips Michelle Obama apart on SA comments

american_flag-971804.jpegNot even FLOTUS gets a “get of out jail free” card.  Vintage Frank from The Right Perspective demolishes her comments on the “liberation movement” made whilst visiting South Africa.  He wants to know how a movement could be referred to as liberation when they were given refuge by the country responsible for the worst human atrocities known.  He calls her terminology a “communist technique”.

The ANC is described as what they really are – Bolshevik armed guerrillas.  He even mentions the ANC death camps, where the communists beat and killed their own kind when they didn’t want to execute terrorist attacks.

I don’t want to elaborate further – rather listen to reason and real knowledge of world affairs in action.  Pity we don’t have more of their kind in the west.


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