Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SA's Chances Are Now Only 50/50 Says Former President De Klerk

"The country is balanced between success and failure and the fulcrum on which South Africa's future will pivot is our Constitution. If the forces of history come down on the side of constitutional values we can all look forward to a positive future. However, if the balance tips in the other direction, the consequences for all South Africans could be very dire."

Not the most re-assuring words one would wish to hear from a former president of SA...50/50?....Is that our best bet?

If you were in SA in the late eighties and nineties, this rhetoric will be very familiar...We have always been poised on a fulcrum...Codesa 1 - Codesa 2 - Chris Hani assassinated - Referendum 1992 Yes or No -

De Klerk promised the white minority that if we gave him a mandate YES in 1992, he would ensure that protection of minority white rights would be built into the new constitution...He talked then of "Checks and Balances"

We believed him.

It was a landslide result, whites overwhelmingly voted YES....

We were ready to move on....We were ready to end the chapter of apartheid, and start a new one...


It was a lie.

This chapter is one that is probably where 99% of whites are still stuck at today, frustrated and unable to move on...

You see, we were negotiating with the ANC. Blacks were not ready in the same way we were to say goodbye to the past...For them, the General Election that followed in 1994 was little more than a beach-head...Important ground to claim in the way forward to a much bigger prize. The National Democratic Revolution.

It is my opinion that following the gains of 1994 the ANC has been perpetuating a war of attrition against whites, not necessarily based on race, but on demography. It's a Class War and takes the form of the following:

- Laisses-faire attitude to low grade genocide against rural whites (soft target farmers) and rampant crime in general (jokingly referred to as "affirmative shopping")
- State sanctioned affirmative action (BEE)
- Punitive taxing of the predominantly white middle class (new National health scheme, toll road taxes etc)
- ANC Cadre employment in all spheres of public enterprise
- Diversion of legitimate funds into failed enterprises (Crony "investment and development")
- Beyond Laisses-faire - A "Devil-may-care" attitude to corruption at Presidential level
- Corruption of rule of law
- Actively enabling corrosion of the prosecuting authority
- Glorification of left lunatic fringe elements
- Protection of information bill and censoring of media (Media Tribunal)
- Add your own here....

Whites may still kindle some hope for the future in ZA, having been duped into agreement to abandon race based policies. They thought the blacks had acceded to that. We thought we had a contract in place. Perhaps we were fools, the real revolution, the NDR is now only beginning.

De Klerk got it wrong then, he's getting it wrong now. It's not a 50/50 chance, it's a dead certainty...

The NDR will triumph. Time to dust off your passport.


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Anonymous said...

sorry, but is it really like that for whites? all of us? every month I'm more worried to make meets end...so how must I dust off a pasport that I don;t have??? even if I did have one it is green like the RSA ID book, worthless! fore which port? it will not get me from here to there...thanks for crap advise, we'll stay here in SA while you play on your computer...

Drastic Spastic said...

Exzanian, while much of what you say (here and elsewhere) makes sense, are you possibly over-egging it a bit?

Could your comments possibly be ascribed to someone who has left SA and is determined to justify it?

Those leaving for greener pastures are welcome to do so - and might well be making the right choice (probably have, quite frankly), but MOST whites have stayed.

BTW, having lived for many years in the UK, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.

I have few illusions about Black rule, sad to say, but can't help feeling you have an emigrant axe to grind.

FreeThinker said...

@ Drastic Spastic: All I know is this:

The only regret I have about emigration, is that I didn't do it when I had my first opportunity. I thought finishing post graduate studies would be more lucrative than packing it in half-way and continuing overseas.

I have friends from South Africa who also emigrated many years ago. Many won't even go back to SA for holidays. Visiting family is the major reason for those going to SA on occasion. It sure as hell isn't a cheap holiday anymore and hasn't been for years. Some friends are moving on from Europe, but it isn't back to SA.

The majority of "expats" with kids would not consider moving back to SA for a moment.

Furthermore I can tell you that the mentality of the average South African (and I am not including people of colour here) pissed me off to such an extent that I almost cut my last "holiday" short. Such disregard for fellow citizens and abismal behaviour I haven't witnessed in any civilised country in the past 10 years. The horrific crime stats and total government corruption have truly resulted in people only caring about themselves and their immediate families, if that. The exceptions are few and far between.

Many youngsters on working holiday visas only came here to coin it for a couple of years, get pissed out of their brackets every second night and make arses of themselves. I couldn't have been happier when the govt finally gave them the middle finger. A real pity for those who intended to contribute to society while coining it, but that is the result of such mentality displayed by your fellow countrymen while being guests in another country - the same mentality I see in SA today.

You're not saddling up a dead horse with your "expat with axe to grind" theory, you're digging for dinosaur bones to ride into the non-existent sunset...

chris said...

There is a second option: OASE.za.net

Willem said...

And think: English white South Africans don't need to lose their language, it's the ANC's pick against Afrikaans.

Afrikaners the real all-round losers.

Willem said...

"BTW, having lived for many years in the UK, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side."

The UK. What a strange choice.

Drastic Spastic said...

@Islandshark, there's much of what you've said that I agree with (rip-off prices and greed and, yes, not just the kleptocrats in power, but Whitey as well).

I also think I made it clear in my last comment that emigrating out of SA is a perfectly valid choice, and is probably best for those who do it.

Maybe I should point out that I live in Cape Town - between here and the end of the Garden Route is the only area I'm interested in living in. If the choice was Jo'burg or the UK, I'd go back to the UK.

However, without trying to sound corny about it, SA (certainly the W Cape) is in my blood. As well, most family by far still reside in SA, and the "ties that bind" are not easily set aside. Not for me anyway, and I'm no youngster.

As anon at top has said, for many Whites, especially Afrikaners, emigrating is neither desirable or do-able. It is our country too, when all is said and done.

Everyone who can choose must do so - I wouldn't say that's always to emigrate, despite a far from certain future for SA. After all, there are very many who can emigrate, but who choose not to. Undoubtedly though, keeping one's options open makes a lot of sense. Therefore, I keep my British passport up to date, just in case.

@Willem: the UK a strange choice? More expat Whites have gone to the UK than than any other country, so hardly a strange choice. Possibly not the best choice, but certainly not a strange one.

FreeThinker said...

@ Drastic: Agree. I understand the ties that bind. Also the CT bit.

Exzanian said...

@drastic spastic.
Your views are well balanced and certainly welcome on this forum. I just cannot figure out though why I should not have an axe to grind by virtue of the fact that I chose to leave, like that should cut off my tongue somehow. Like why?

I see a lot of moaning by people who still live in ZA (read any comments section on any Julius Malema article) yet they do nothing to change the status quo...Perhaps there is nothing to be done, after all your vote in ZA as a white means pretty much nothing. No matter where you live, you are a passenger on the National Democratic Revolution bus, and you will just have to go wherever that takes you. Why accept that?

I'm hoping to get people to think about leaving ZA as a concrete and actual reality. Something they can accomplish if they put their minds to it. Not just to deprive the parasite from the tax that keeps it's melanomic head alive, but just for the sheer hell of it! It's the only real way to actually control and change your own destiny.

It's a Carpe Diem Nike thing...Just seize it, do it and fuck the rest! My personal blog is crammed with "greener grass" stories that have made it all worthwhile for me and my family.

@Willem, not strange at all if your granfather was born in Cornwall...

@anon 20:57 and Chris - I feel your anguish in some measure, I really do. It hurts me to see so many afrikaners stuck there still seeking genuine solutions. I hope somehow your leaders can work something out...As for the Mulders of the world, fuck them, sorry, I doubt that you can place much reliance there...

Anonymous said...

I laugh at all the dumb fools who voted "yes" in the referendum. The suckers got what they wanted, and now they are stuck there with their option they voted for.

At least I could get out, many of them don't have the education or qualifications to do so.

See how sorry I now feel for them...NOT!

Anonymous said...

De Klerk took a gamble and lost.

Simple as that.

But the fat lady hasn't sung yet.