Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rainbow that never was

deklerk-mandela-1FW de Klerk, who sold out his own people to communist terrorists in 1994, suddenly seems worried about the state of the “Rainbow Nation”.  Now he wants to attack Zuma for openly supporting that excuse for an animal capable of walking on its hind legs aka Julius Malema and his “Kill the Boer” songs sung at political gatherings.

De Klerk and Meyer, along with the rest of the sorry bunch of Afrikanerbond traitors, enriched themselves in the deals struck with the ANC long before the 1994 elections.  They all made sure they are well looked after, so I guess South Africa turning into a cesspool of criminal thugs and corrupt government officials is not that much of an issue to them.  It just happens to be bad news for those sold out.

Here follows an article from The Windsor Star where de Klerk expresses his concern.  However, I want to focus your attention to the sound clip after that.  A sound clip of Dave Stewart of the FW de Klerk foundation as guest of The Right Perspective.  Now listen carefully how this man attempts to bullshit his hosts.  He must have thought these Americans couldn’t possibly know anything about South African history.  And if they knew anything, it was probably the propaganda sold to them either before or after 1994.  Before 1994 by the communist ANC thugs and their useful liberal idiots.  Or after 1994 by the media and Afrikanerbond cohorts about a “Rainbow Nation” and how they averted a blood bath in 1994.  De Klerk and his buddies seem to forget about the most horrific crime statistics in the world bar a few Southern American drug lord run countries.

F.W. de Klerk, the former South African president who negotiated the end of apartheid with Nelson Mandela, has accused President Jacob Zuma of fomenting racial divisions.

The last leader of white South Africa launched an unprecedented attack on the conduct and policies of his successors in a speech that reflected deepening divisions in the so-called rainbow nation.

Mr de Klerk, 75, said there was no justification for Mr Zuma's outspoken acolyte Julius Malema, the ANC's Youth League president, to sing Shoot the Boer. Mr Malema calls the song "a legitimate struggle" anthem but is facing a hate speech charge for singing it. "The historical context is irrelevant," Mr de Klerk said. "It would be equally unacceptable for Afrikaners to sing Boer War songs calling on people to shoot the English - or for Americans to sing World War Two songs about killing Japanese people."

He said Mr Malema's claim that white farmers were criminals who stole land was also unacceptable and it was even more unacceptable for Mr Zuma to share a stage with him but not condemn his "racist" comments.

"Malema's behaviour is irreconcilable with the constitution that the president has sworn an oath to uphold," said Mr de Klerk. He warned South Africans that the consequences would be "dire" if they ignored such pronouncements. Mr Malema's comments about whites stealing land has provoked fear among farmers of Zimbabwean-style land invasions. Mr Zuma did not contradict Mr Malema, although other officials said the remarks did not represent government policy.

Mr de Klerk also accused the ANC of seeking to enforce black domination over the racial minorities and erode South Africa's liberal constitution. Cronyism, corruption and "divisive racial politics" were rife in government, he added.

"I believe that we are approaching a pivotal point in our history where all South Africans of goodwill, regardless of their race, circumstances or political affiliation will have to rally around the constitutional rights, values and vision upon which our new non-racial democracy has been established," he said.

Mr de Klerk said the ANC was seeking "massive and forced redistribution of property and wealth from the white minority to the black majority".

"Whites, Coloureds and Asians would be corralled into demographic pens in all aspects of their economic and professional lives according to the percentage of the population they represent," he said. "The prospects of South African citizens would once again be determined by the colour of their skins - and not by their skills, their contribution."

Dave Stewart, the executive director of Mr de Klerk's foundation, said he had taken a necessary risk in his speech. "He is an elder statesman and feels he has a duty to uphold the values he and Mr Mandela worked towards," he said.

Zizi Kodwa, a spokesman for Mr Zuma, said Mr de Klerk had been misled by headlines. "Mr Zuma takes former president de Klerk very seriously but for him to just respond to headlines without checking the facts is very unfortunate."

Rainbow NationNow listen to Dave Stewart.  He laughs when John of Staten Island calls the ANC government a bunch of communists.  He then says South Africa isn’t run by communists.  NewsGuy then mentions the ANC tripartite alliance with the South African Communist Party (and COSATU).  Now Stewart suddenly changes his tune.  His FW de Klerk foundation now suddenly wrote articles to warn South Africans of this threat.  The same threat which didn’t exist 15 seconds ago.

John mentions an article from The New York Times from 2002, stresses how even a liberal paper writes about nostalgia for Apartheid amongst all race groups.  Poor Dave returns to the only retort he knows, which is laughing.  But we know this from liberals, don’t we.  They’ll either laugh, interrupt you or start calling you names.

Dr Lets Pretorius from Boerevryheid then cites some statistics of the “New South Africa”, or the “Rainbow Nation” as it is often referred to.

The Rainbow that never was.

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Exzanian said...

I love articles like this because it exposes the Ostrich Syndrome so many moderates in ZA have...Now you have to either say (as De Klerk believes) that the constitution will come to the rescue and by doing so you admit SA is deep in the shtook stuck up shit creek, or, you dismiss De Klerk as a "verkrampte" old doos, a negative fearmongering old twat and thereby lose all credibility...Which will it be?

BTW, love the Madam & Eve cartoon...Hey, I suppose that artist is also a "verkrampte" old doos...hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Justice would be if FW de Klerk would get killed from some darkies in a drawn out and painful manner.
I am ready to piss on his grave.

Anonymous said...

Fw de Klerk and Mandela holding hands. I am sure they said: " Yipee, we F*%ed South Africa up!"